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Hope of Gain

Updated on May 17, 2012

I often hear of money and power. Money equals power and power equals money. The cycle of money and power continue to turn. The truth of money is that it corrupts, and when there is corruption there is more money involved. We strive for peace in our world. We strive for unity in our churches. We strive for harmony in our lives and to live well to be healthy, but the plain simple truth is—if all of that happened many would lose out on millions upon millions of dollars—I dare say probably more.

This week’s reading from the Book of Acts got me thinking. There was a woman who had an evil spirit that gave her the power of divination, she worked for some men who controlled her ability and made it into a business in which they increased their revenue. They were making money off of the evil that lived within her and I dare say they probably made a lot of money off of her. Why do I say this? In Acts, it states that when they saw their hope of gain was gone they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the market place before the rulers. They accused them of using customs that were not accepted or practiced. They were angry that they lost their revenue stream—they did not care about the customs or what was right. And in turn, Paul and Silas were put in jail.

War and Money

So what does this have to do with us today? The same situations happen today on a daily basis. War is a very good situation of people making money on wickedness. We tell the people that war is inevitable, and it is, especially with the world in its present condition. And do not get me wrong, I would be one of people that would grab a gun and fight back. War sometimes is the only way to bring peace. However, I also believe that war is something that could always be avoided if money were not in the picture.

The time a country is in best shape is during war time. War cost lives, but also war brings in revenue. Jobs are created and workers are needed. Certain metal prices increase, arms and munitions are built. Hospitals are in greater demand. Caskets are filled, mortuaries are filled, and families make money. War lines people’s pockets. The deaths that happen during war bring in revenue for the country. Peace is not profitable.

Profitable Crime

How about crime? Do we really want no crime? If there was no crime what would happen to our society? Peace among people would cause a collapse in the structure of our government. Sure, it would be nice, but what would happen to all the jobs and revenue that is made off of crime. No crime equals no police departments. Many, many police officers would be out of a job, not to mention the few corrupt cops out there that are making money off of the very crime they are supposed to be fighting against.

No crime also equals fewer lawyers. How much money do law firms make off of crime? How many thousands of dollars are made during a murder trial? How much money would be lost if all of our prisons were empty? Crime is a very profitable business for any country; especially a corrupt country that is corrupt at its core. Without evil the amount of money that is made takes a large loss.

The Sick, the Broken and the Poor

I have heard of conspiracies that scientists have found the cure for cancer, and that cure was bought by a large corporation and locked away out of reach. Why? The truth is that cancer, along with all the other sicknesses we struggle with makes money. Hospitals make money. Doctors make money. Schools that train those doctors make money. No sickness equals a loss of money. Without sickness, there would no longer be a need for pharmacies. No sickness takes away money from the government. We do not want cures, we want to control the population with illness and misery and the fear of those things. How about the multi-million dollar market on people who are depressed? Overweight? Bi-polar? Stressed? The list goes on and on and on. Sickness makes money—a lot of money, whether you are really sick or not, you will be told you need this drug or that drug to make your life better.

Divided we are Weak, but Profitable

Another organization that thrives on the misery of people are our churches. Sure, we say we want unity, but in truth if there was one church, with one leader, there would be many, many people out of jobs. There would be publishers, and companies out of work. Division brings in revenue. Division keeps the rich, rich. Look at the churches that have hierarchy. The priest answers to the bishops, who answer to metropolitans, who answer to the archbishops, who answer to patriarchs (of course that is all theory). But the truth is, they are all divided. They do what they want to do and none of them truly answer to God. All of them have an agenda, all of them have the desire to put their names up in lights and line their pockets with money. The only way that happens is if we continue to be divided. Strife and disharmony always brings a need, and that need is money.

Death Brings Hope

Referring back to the Book of Acts, we read again: When they saw that their hope of gain was gone, they seized Paul and Silas. Do you not think that the same would happen today? And, does it not still happen today? It all began from the beginning of time, but really hinges on the single act of unity. Jesus’ crucifixion was the beginning of the rebellion against the world and all its evil. With that single act of self sacrifice we were brought to a new place of peace and a new place of hope. Only a small amount of people would be saved throughout time. Only a handful of people would learn the true message of salvation.

But as quickly as Jesus came into the world to bring the message of unity, He was quickly found guilty. The Pharisees' and Sadducees' hope of gain was being threatened. Someone came into the picture that threatened them and their livelihood. They were going to lose money, power and their standing in the community. They could not allow someone to come into the picture and bring such blasphemy! So, they did what they did best. They allowed Satan to take over and they put the Prince of Peace to death!—which I am thankful for being saved!

I am not going to continue with examples of how profitable division is; I think we all get the point. Whenever the hope of gain is gone, we feel threatened. Satan feels threatened, and he is like a wounded lion—dangerous, very, very dangerous. Satan wants to keep us divided. Satan wants to keep us under his power, because division keeps us divided from God.

One World Order, One World Church

It is true, there are prophesies of the one world order and one world church. I believe it will happen, because we are warned about it in scripture. My belief is, that those who take their place within the one world order and one world church because of the next two reasons. First, the people who push for these things to happen will have a lot to gain—monetarily. The people at the top will be disturbingly — filthy rich. It is always about money! Second, it will cause division. We as Christians will become the true enemy of the world. We will threaten their hope of gain. We will threaten their livelihoods. We are going to become the proverbial thorn in the paw of power.

We, the true believers, the people who follow after the self-sacrificial and loving Christ, will become the true enemy of the world as Christ was and is. We cannot exist in the world; we are aliens and strangers to this world. We do not belong. And, just as aliens and strangers of today, we will be ridiculed, imprisoned, beaten, looked down upon, threatened and finally put to death. We will be punished for our beliefs from our governments and our churches. They will become our true enemies. They will hate us for threatening their gain.

We as Christians no longer have the majority of the votes in elections. We no longer have the market on faith. If anything, look at how divided we are amongst the people of God. How many churches out there preach that they have the truth, when the truth is united with Christ and the whole believing world?

The only Hope we have, will return for us one day. He will bring us to a place of no more tears and suffering. He will bring us to a place of unity with the Father. He will bring us home! We need to be vigilant in our faith and keep on the narrow road. We need to look to Him for all the answers. Without Christ we cannot do anything. There is only one hope of gain: For to me To Live is Christ, and to Die is to Gain!


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