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Horoscope Review: Astrology for Seniors and Retirees at

Updated on January 11, 2014

Entertainment for Older Readers and Retirees

Texan Da Juana Byrd, Professional Psychic and Medium, claims that a near-death experience in 1980 let her see and hear ghosts and angels and talk with her dead brother. I don't believe in mediums. But her site is called, so I went there and checked out her astrology. I've visited many times between 1998 and now.

Byrd's daily and weekly horoscopes often seemed geared toward retirees or seniors: "Later this afternoon, you enjoy a little work in the yard; it may be time to plant or prepare for a fall garden." "Perhaps you and your friends can enjoy a little bicycle trip through the park or around the neighborhood." "You enjoy the sunset, or an evening walk with a loved one." Less mawkish now, it's still mild and encouraging, and if that is your cup of tea you have found your forecaster.

I wouldn't call Byrd an astrologer and she doesn't call herself one either. She began her business as a phone psychic and as a psychic medium now charges $87.50 for a 15-minute phone reading or $350 an hour. Byrd's biography doesn't mention astrology, and her forecasts never mention planets or aspects, so I think they're made up. But they are well-written, and if they encourage or entertain you, fine.

DaJuana's site has always had one huge advantage: It posts forecasts for up to 30 days in the future. Until the recent site redesign, visitors had to scroll through a long list of links in small, hard-to-read typeface to get to the desired forecast. The new website lets you select one Zodiac sign from the "Daily and Weekly Horoscopes" tab and click on arrows to choose the date. But even with the redesign, if it is May 23 and you've chosen to look ahead at June 23, the boxes with the dates still say "May"--quite confusing.

Under the tab "DaJuana's Network" are gadgets for runes, numerology, color personality and so on. These are toys, pure computerized entertainment, not to be taken seriously. Having such frippery on her site inevitably reflects on the site's forecasts and predictions. DaJuana's corporate website, C&D Byrd Enterprises, says Byrd's astrologers are "psychic astrologers." That too is unpromising as an indicator of authenticity. Real astrology is never done "psychically." Many people profit from the public's belief that astrologers and psychics are alike. They're not.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors online horoscope and psychic sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2010-2013 by Sylvia Sky. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing on her pages.


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