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Horoscope Review: Priscilla, "Shocking" Numerologist

Updated on April 11, 2017
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Professional astrologer Sylvia Sky is a widely published author of books and articles about astrology and occult and spiritual matters.

They say your numbers equal Destiny.
They say your numbers equal Destiny. | Source

Will You Pay $75 to Know the Real You?

The address for "" (2550 East Desert Inn Rd. #943, Las Vegas NV 89121) is a UPS Store in a Las Vegas strip mall. This isn't very promising for those wanting to consult a real "horoscope authority." But the name was new to me, so I entered my name and birth date on the Horoscope Authority homepage at 12:08 p.m.. After confirming my email address at 12:12 p.m., "Priscilla" sent me a link to my online "reading" at 12:14, not bothering to pretend, like some online "psychics" who make you wait 48 hours, to take a bit of time to consider me personally.

After I sent my info, "Priscilla" promised "to deliver the most shocking horoscope you will ever read — you will truly be amazed at how accurate my readings are." I received not a horoscope but a numerology reading. Its instant arrival meant it was totally computerized. I googled chunks of my reading and found that recycles numerology text that's been floating around the Internet since at least 2007.

My reading? It's true 7 is my Destiny Number and my Life Path number, but there was no shock. Every free reading has told me the same: I am a strong woman, have latent psychic powers, and so on. Signs and planets weren't mentioned so it wasn't a horoscope. Submitting another name and birth date netted new numbers and a different reading, but this didn't sway me to pay to learn "more about the real you." Both texts ended with "Priscilla" offering multiple readings, e-books and a deal: "You've caught me at a good time and in a generous mood, so I will make you this special offer if you act today. I will charge you a one-time payment of $75.00 for everything! This is so necessary for you to change your life that I'm giving you over $600.00 off! Pay only $75.00."

Pay $75 to a computer with a P.O. box in Las Vegas and its server in Ohio? Did you know you can do your own online numerology just as well as "Priscilla" can, for free and without sharing your email address? Here's one of the many websites for that.

Numerology is a New Wave in online-psychic scams. Diana-Numerologist is new, and's scandalous "Norah" now hosts There are two likely reasons: First, numerology is straightforward. Readings are based on vibrations from 11 numbers calculated from names and birth dates. The 11 meanings are established, fixed and well known. By contrast, astrology is complicated: The business running "astral adviser" bot "Jenna" made elementary mistakes about planets and transits that real astrologers ratted "her" out for. No chance of that in numerology. Second, with only 11 variables, it's easy to program a computer for numerology so that everyone gets a different free reading, unlike "Jenna" and "Norah" who got caught sending everyone the same reading.

The idea behind numerology is that your birthday and name numbers are a kind of "spiritual DNA" given at birth that does not change even if you change. It's an art when practiced by humans, but when a computer does it, it's a game. HoroscopeAuthority itself says on its Privacy page, "The information and data contained on the Web site is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only." So if you go there, have fun. Don't spend any money. And ignore the ads for "mind-blowing" numerology -- because their readings are identical!

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors online horoscope and psychic sites for quality and accuracy. Copyright 2012 by Sylvia Sky. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads appearing on her pages.


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