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Horoscope Review: Zoradamus Exploits the Dead Astrologer Madame Soliel

Updated on August 27, 2012
SylviaSky profile image

Sylvia Sky, M.A. is an astrologer, tarot professional, and author of "Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of All 12 Zodiac Signs."

Zoradamus is "N. Zora" Now and Stealing a Dead Woman's Name

France's most famous astrologer, who died in 1996, sent me emails from beyond the grave. Was I surprised! Of course the emails were not actually from the late Germaine Soliel (1913-1996), advisor to French politicians and movie stars. An impostor is using her name, slightly misspelled -- and the email is really from "Zoradamus," a fake online astrologer-clairvoyant based in France and exposed by Horoscope Review in August 2011.

Knowing we all laughed at "her" name, Zoradamus Medium has renamed herself in these emails "Zora, Personal Astral Adviser" but uses text identical to the usual set of emails, with the same bad grammar and misspellings. "She" says she located me with psychic power and begged me to accept her "free clairvoyance" offer. When I did not respond, "Germaine Solliel" sent a second email from Zora, who wrote, "I don't understand the people who refuse to open their door to a woman like me who can serve them luck on a plate!" She continued with a threat: "There are happy days for those who trust me and very sad days for the others!" Of course I did not reply.

The next email's subject line reads, "I hope your computer has not broken down Sylvia" and tells me my "astral energies" were "irresistible" to her. Just as before, "Zora," who is still "Zoradamus" on her website, foresees a big lottery win for me. I'm still waiting for the win she promised in August. As proof that she is a "bot," a totally computerized entity, and not a woman or even a person, I simply clicked on a link that exposed the URL "" I suppose "Zora" hopes you don't notice she calls herself a machine or posts "webcopy" instead of the very personal readings she claims, and "bots" emails that gush to everyone on her mailing list, "Just being in touch with you is such a pleasure and honor." If you don't answer her emails, you'll eventually get one saying, "One day everyone will abandon you and you won't understand why."

I've investigated and reviewed Zoradamus and am finished with "her," but I want to express outrage at the shameful way the site's owner, Millennium Institute, Inc., registered in Panama, exploited a dead astrologer's name in hopes of making a Euro or two by misleading a mostly European target audience who may have heard of Soleil. Soliel (her real name) was so prominent that even French President Georges Pompidou publicly joked about not being able to predict events as she did. And "Germaine's" return address is, a dot-com based in France and created on Oct. 21, 2011, about eight weeks after Horoscope Review exposed "Zoradamus" as a robot and told the whole Internet not to take her bait.

What's an "oxalis"? It's the botanical name for the shamrock, traditionally a lucky token. If you get emails from "Germaine Solliel," or "N. Zora," delete them before opening.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, monitors horoscope and psychic sites for quality and integrity. Posted on 16 December 2011. Sylvia does not necessarily endorse the ads appearing on her pages. Copyright 2011 by Sylvia Sky.


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  • profile image

    Vera Australia 4 years ago

    Still waiting for so many promises not a single one is working or true. Calvin you are right those were her usual sentences in her email. Then ending by writing " Thanks to myself for helping you ......"

    Thanks everyone for sharing. Your researches.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Thank you, Calvin. Let us know when you win the $235,000!

  • profile image

    Calvin 4 years ago

    Latest email I got. Wondering if anyone else got it.

    Dear Calvin,


    Today, I announce the beginning of the race towards beautiful and happy days. Indeed, I am pleased to write to you with 3 good news to tell you:


    1 - THE FIRST : You are one of the 10 people (in the world) who can share with me the LEGACY OF NOSTRADAMUS.


    2 - THE SECOND : I know that you will soon win the sum of $235,000 if you make the right decision.


    3 - THE THIRD : I will help you win this money so that you do not miss out on this opportunity!


    It is not every day that I come to you with 3 good news, so I am really happy today to be by your side, and I hope you will take the time to READ HERE to discover all that I have to reveal about my illustrious ancestor Nostradamus !


    Yes Calvin, I advise you to accept my help because I really want to support you and share with you the LEGACY Nostradamus left me across the centuries !






    I’m counting on you to take advantage of this good fortune you now have by your side ... it looks like things are finally about to change so please, act without further delay !

    Your Astral Adviser

    Funny how it has US dollars but going to the link it is in EURO.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Below is the above comment translated from Spanish with Google Translate. It appears to be Zora's email appeal to a client named Maria. Which ever language you receive the letter in, Zora says the same and tells you that you have a personal archangel protector.

    My dear Maria ,

    Is your name Mary sjdjcnddsjcn and was born on Wednesday July 22 1987 ?

    If the person I seek, then I invite you into my website without delay, and I would like to offer your free astrology .

    I have personal and confidential revelations make .

    Discover here to receive your free astrology

    Did you know Maria?

    You wonder , no doubt , " is a scam, do not answer ... " . However, it is a sincere proposal . Think , how do you think you 've met ?

    Simply because I had a revelation about you and your name has appeared to me in a dream . The hardest thing has been to find , and so I have used many means of search ... On the other hand , I've known that has used psychics mediums and other professionals who call and felt disappointed ...

    Do not mess with them, since I'm here only to provide a better life. I want to be your personal astral advisor I swear I will put all my power at its disposal to get what you expect from a long time ago ...

    I see his current isolation , doubt and big questions about astrology . But , trust me , because you know more than you think , and above all I have confidential information that will change his life ... trust me , you lose nothing . Make your request free astrology .

    Why should you contact me?

    It is part of the rare individuals who are on my list and I must imperatively contact you to announce the great changes that are prepared for you and that inevitably will manifest soon.

    Maria , even if you believe in it , walk a little way with me and ask me for your free confidential astrology .

    I promise you will discover things that affect you and change your life completely .

    Do not do like a friend who saw fit to delete my email alert and we could have avoided major event in your life.

    Do not do as another friend who saw fit to delete my email alert and has missed an incredible opportunity to report you could have a number of 5 digits. Discover here to receive your free astrology .

    I received a mission, to help all people at a specific time of your life come to a crossroads to make decisions. This time has come.

    In 24 years , if you want to take advantage of a golden opportunity to change your life and not resubmitted or next year or in the next two years or ever, to discover the hidden side of your destination .

    Read here to find your free astrology .

    PS: did you know that your personal archangel archangel protector?

    Your astral advices staff

    Important : I recommend careful to add my email address : to your contacts to prevent our emails end up in Spam . If your computer has wrongly classified this mail in the file "junk mail" or "spam " just press the button " Not Spam " or " Junk " .

  • profile image

    maria 4 years ago

    Si usted no puede ver este mensaje, gracias ver la versión en línea.

    Mi querida Maria,

    ¿Usted se llama Maria sjdjcnddsjcn y nació el miércoles 22 julio en 1987?

    Si es la persona que busco, entonces les invito a entrar en mi página web sin demora, ya que me gustaría ofrecerle su astrologia gratuita.

    Tengo revelaciones personales y confidenciales que hacerle.

    Descubra aquí para recibir su astrologia gratuita

    ¿De que le conozco Maria ?

    Usted se pregunta, sin duda, "es una estafa, no respondo...". No obstante, es una propuesta sincera. Reflexione bien, ¿cómo cree que le he conocido?

    Sencillamente, porque he tenido una revelación sobre usted y su nombre se me ha aparecido como en un sueño. Lo más difícil ha sido encontrarlo, y por ello he utilizado numerosos medios de búsqueda... Por otra parte, he sabido que ha recurrido a videntes médiums y otros que se llaman profesionales y se ha sentido decepcionada...

    No me confunda con ellos, ya que estoy aquí únicamente para facilitarle una vida mejor. Quiero ser su consejera astral personal y le juro que pondré todo mi poder a su disposición para que obtenga lo que espera desde hace mucho tiempo...

    Veo su aislamiento actual, tiene dudas y grandes interrogantes sobre la astrologia. Pero, confíe en mi, ya que sé más de usted de lo que se imagina y sobre todo tengo información confidencial que cambiará toda su vida... confíe en mi, no pierde nada. Haga su petición de astrologia gratuita.

    ¿Por qué debe entrar en contacto conmigo?

    Forma parte de las raras personas que figuren en mi lista y debo imperativamente entrar en contacto con usted para anunciarle los grandes cambios que se preparan para usted y que se manifestarán inevitablemente en poco tiempo.

    Maria, incluso si no cree en ello, recorra una parte del camino conmigo y pídame su astrologia confidencial y gratuita.

    Le prometo que descubrirá cosas que le afectan y que cambiará su vida completamente.

    No haga como una amiga que consideró oportuno borrar mi correo electrónico de alerta y que habría podido evitar un acontecimiento grave en su vida.

    No haga como otra amiga que consideró oportuno borrar mi correo electrónico de alerta y que ha dejado pasar una oportunidad increíble que habría podido reportarle una cantidad de 5 cifras. Descubra aquí para recibir su astrologia gratuita.

    He recibido una misión, la de ayudar a todas las personas que en un momento preciso de su vida llegan a un cruce de caminos para tomar decisiones. Este momento ha llegado.

    A 24 año, si quiere aprovechar una ocasión de oro que cambiará su vida y que no se volverá a presentar ni el año que viene ni en los dos próximos años ni nunca, debe descubrir la cara oculta de su destino.

    Lea aquí para descubrir su astrologia gratuita.

    Postdata: ¿sabías que el arcángel perso es tu arcángel protector?

    Su conseja astral personal

    Importante : Recomiendo cuidado de añadir mi dirección de correo electrónico: a vuestros contactos para evitar que nuestros correos electrónicos terminan en Spam. Si vuestro ordenador tiene erróneamente clasificado este correo en el archivo "correo basura" o "Spam" sólo tiene que pulsar el botón de "No Spam" o "No deseado".

  • profile image 4 years ago


    please stop your mails! I sign up now.

    Thank you


  • profile image

    yapstick 5 years ago

    I`m getting junk email from Zora and i live in England.

    I started receiving her emails telling me she "just doesn`t understand me for not responding dack to her", ive so far received around 6 emails, her next reply was to lower it from 139.00 pounds to 79.00.

  • profile image

    Hibbiscus 5 years ago

    I'd decided to look into this "Zora" after noticing the signature was an address being in Panama. Not wrong with that, just thought it slightly odd. The email itself looks cheap and as some else mentioned it has bad grammer. I am grateful for looking this information up as I was tempted to click on the link. The word free is like a large "Do Not Touch" sign. You know it's bad but you just have to go for it anyway.

  • profile image

    Susan 5 years ago

    I'm also getting stuff from her. she is stating that if I don't send her $19.95 soon, my luck and fortune will have moved on to someone else.

    She said that on Friday, July 13th, 2012 is when I would become a millionaire, maybe even a Billionaire, but if I don't pay for the spells,ect. I will no longer be full of luck ect.

  • profile image

    Cassie Moore 5 years ago

    I'm getting junk email from Zoradamus as well, and I live in the U.S.A. Apparently, Zora is feeling emboldened. One problem? She obviously thinks I'm a rich gal who can drop everything for her! I can barely squeak by right now, and what little free spending money I get is going towards art pencils and markers. Not some shifty psychic scam. I've never once opened one of 'her' emails, and after reading this, it makes me feel glad I haven't.

    If she was so brilliant, why couldn't 'she' use some of that psychic energy to find out that 'she' was trying to scam someone who can barely scrape two dollar bills together?

    Nice try, Zora scam. Nice try.

    I thank you for sharing this, and for putting me on my guard about Zoradamus.

  • profile image

    laiza 5 years ago


  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    "Massimo" posted a comment to my article in the Italian language. I do not read Italian so I put it through online software that translated it into English. It seems Massimo was very dissatisfied with what he received from Zoradamus, calling that bot's operators "IMBROGLIONI" or, in English, "CHEATERS." If you are satisfied with what you received from Zoradamus, I am glad for you. It is people such as yourself who keep this "bot" in business. However, a quick Google of "Zoradamus" will reveal hundreds of complaints.

  • profile image

    Mark Boulton 5 years ago

    sorry i haven't registed yet i will when someone replys with 'Answers' i left my name though yes and im real im no bot god lol, this aint no robot and god it would take more than any software on this planet to do this so that's why i wana know why you say 'Software translation of the Italian' i need to know well i would like to know i thought man made the robot if shes a robot well shes much quicker and more on it than the human mind and if people are knowleged enough to know as obviously some of us are and i am one i know the fastest thing on this planet oh yes its 'The Human Mind' so how can this possibly be a robot? who ever has the answer to this one? oh you're beyond good ? ? ?

  • profile image

    Mark Boulton 5 years ago

    'Software translation of the Italian' what exactly is this? untracible zora seems to be as use are saying it's a scam then who really has the answer to that? no one? its like shes just popped up on the world wide web and no one has a clue that is strange an its even stanger how shes know everythin about me even things that i obviously i have secret to myself that are more than personal to me but she knew she didn't scam my money she sent what she promised surley am not the only one

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Software translation of the Italian: "I have been swindled [like] you too, I but for once I sent 15 euros hopeful for a response but it is clearly a fraud beautiful and good for the unbelievers like me. I got nothing for 14 15 euro. Always the same, but who does this and even more petty money...CHEATERS"

  • profile image

    massimo 5 years ago

    Sono rimasto fregato anch,io ma per una volta ho mandato15 euro speranzoso in una risposta ma evidentemente è una frode bella e buona per gli increduloni come me . Fa niente io per 14 15 euro sono sempre lo stesso ma chi fa questo e ancora piu meschino dei soldi ....... IMBROGLIONI

  • profile image

    Christine 5 years ago

    I started receiving her emails too, telling me she "just doesn't understand me"!!! I laugh at how frustrated she is with me for not responding back to her by ordering my free confidential clairvoyance!!!

  • profile image

    Caroline 5 years ago

    I've so far received around 5, maybe more, e-mails from 'Zora'. Her latest one was my favourite yet as she states

    "Last night I was watching a report on television about children who work at the bottom of mines. I said to myself that in 2010 it’s very unfortunate to still see such practices due to destitution".

    She must be speaking to me from the past as I see no other explanation to why she thinks it's still 2010 :P As always, I keep ignoring her, but it is starting to get irritating just how mean she's becoming :/

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Do not open Zoradamus' emails. That lets "her" know you're a live person and curious. When you see them in your inbox, delete them. Or mark them as spam. Use the block function of your email to block emails coming from her

  • profile image

    lola 5 years ago

    will her emails soon go away???

    there really starting to look bad from the comments i read and i dont really want to reply back!!!


  • profile image

    Cecil baptiste 5 years ago

    This is the email she sent me for corrisponance !

    I sent an email to tell her I wasn't money solven , her next reply was to lower it from £139:00 to £79:00. This should be stop because the email get nasty if you don't reply !

  • profile image

    Cecil baptiste 5 years ago

    She sent me a posting saying she knew so much about me ! And she wanted to help me , but now the emails she sends are turning nasty . I get emails from her every other day ; I told her I wasn't money solven . So she's lowered it to £ 79:00 .

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Thank you. I agree the scam should be shut down.

  • profile image

    rusty4665 5 years ago

    Sylvia, This woman seems to be scamming worldwide. The best thing to do is for somebody to report her to INTERPOL for fraud and identidy theft. She needs to be stopped now.

  • profile image

    B92 5 years ago

    My email came from "Zora", no "N", saying the same things, my full name and date of birth. This is the first and i guess there ll be more of them.

  • profile image

    Lorna 6 years ago

    Just thought I would let you know that I'm located in Canada and these emails are being sent here as well. I have been receiving them for some time and am not fooled by these types of solicitation.

    Always be wary of someone contacting you online to offer you something "free"

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    Genuine psychics are extremely rare, one in a hundred million, and do not advertise on the Net -- or anywhere else. Think: How could one individual carefully and responsibly handle hundreds of requests for readings every day, 24/7/365? It is not humanly possible! Even a dozen a day would be pushing it. If you call a psychic hotline the readings are legally "for entertainment only," and only you can decide whether it's entertainment that you want. However, there are genuine astrologers who have websites or write columns, and will do personal, customized readings, and I list some in an article titled "Get Real Answers from Real Astrologers for $10 and Up."

    That's not a complete list either, but it's a start. Customized personal readings are like customized anything: They don't come cheap. Good astrologers are trained, experienced professionals and are worth what they charge.

  • profile image

    older-wiser 6 years ago

    Hi Sylvia, I'm new to your Hub and it makes for interesting reading. In the past I have also received emails from these fakes, so obvious that I have just deleted them, but they must make millions from those who are desperate. Can you recommend some genuine psychic's or astrologer's for us?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    Yes, it is the same robot, now calling itself N. Zora because the above article exposed the misuse of a dead astrologer's name, and I also personally emailed the company expressing outrage.

  • profile image

    Hannah_Peace 6 years ago

    i've just received a email from a lady called, N.Zora from the email . saying: your (my name and birthday)..

    If you're indeed the person I'm looking for then I invite you to visit my website without delay as I'd like to give you your free clairvoyance.

    I have personal and confidential revelations for you.

    it goes on saying. why i should etc. now if she could actually say something to me that no one else could know then i might believe her. something that isn't on a profile etc. anyway i guessing this may be the same lady? maybe.????

  • profile image

    max 6 years ago

    hi im from bs as argentina the same mail to my!!!

    other think is many thinks are happen to my and i don't now why ... spiritual thinks

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    Oh, xass....the people paying Zoradamus are paying for what they hope are psychic readings, not paying nice boys working hard on servers. If you work on "her" servers let "her" pay you.

  • profile image

    xass 6 years ago

    But believe me, obtaining nice letter with words of sympathy, is sometimes very inspiring and helpful if U are desperate in life. So do not hesitate to pay nice boys who are working hard making that server with helpful scripts, sent to U.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    Always, before buying services, Google the name of any psychic or astrologer and look for complaints, reviews, or recommendations.

  • profile image

    Onlyjohn81 6 years ago

    And to think i was minutes away from giving her my money. I thought it was too good to be true. I had my doubts. So then everything is a fake.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    Thank you, Ms. Zen. Zoradamus must be getting very desperate for customers.

  • Hillbilly Zen profile image

    Hillbilly Zen 6 years ago from Kentucky

    It never ceases to disgust me what some people will do to make money. How do they sleep at night? Thanks for exposing this, Ms. Sylvia.

    Voted up, useful and interesting.