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Horse Animal Totem

Updated on October 1, 2015
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points


Horse as your 'Animal Totem'

When it comes to horses they are loved by most everyone. Horses are among some of the most beautiful, strongest and most powerful animals. Having them as an Animal Totems is a precious gift. In Native American Spiritually their medicine is known as strength, courage, freedom and drive.

If you have ever ridden on a horse, feeling the power underneath you is one of the most fascinating things to feel. Riding free watching the horses mane blowing in the breeze, you feel the air brushing across your skin is one of the most magical experiences to feel. All of the feelings you experience riding a horse is very similar to riding a motorcycle. It is hard to put into words, but you are flooded with this feeling of pure raw freedom.

On this page I will be writing about the 'medicines' that horse carry. As I have mentioned before when I refer to 'medicine' I am not speaking of modern medicine pills or operations, I am talking about spiritual healing medicine. If you should be lucky enough to have a horse as your animal totem, this is something you will fully enjoy researching.


Horse Medicine

Horse totems symbolize many different things. Often it is related to personal drive, and a deep desire for freedom. The horse spirit medicine will vary depending on the horse if it wild, moving freely or is constrained.

Each time a spirit animal totem comes into our life it is for a specific reason. When a horse shows up in your life, it could be representing a need for physical strength or a need for emotional freedom to go on in life. Without a doubt the one thing you will know for sure (if you trust in your institution) is why the animal has decided to be with you at this time. The answer may not be laid out for you, but if you study their medicine and look at the different things happening in your own life, the reason will become clear to you.

In Ted Andrews book "Animal Speaks" he talks about 'Horse Medicine' being a symbol of freedom. We are fascinated by them, riding a horse raises us above the mundane life, and renews our sense of power. More than one legend speaks of the clairvoyance of horses and their ability to recognize those involved in magic. The symbolism of the horse is complex. It can represent movement and travel and has been a symbol of desires. Horse brings with it new journeys. It will teach you how to ride into a new direction to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.

I know that "Horse Medicine" also gives us courage and freedom to be our authentic self. Spiritual freedom is a state of mind that links from your heart and soul. It is almost like horses are the gatekeepers to our higher selves. Many times "Spirit Horses" are riding into different realms when you are doing "Shamanism" work.

Horses can sense the energy fields around others, and it will respond to what it feels. This sensitivity is associated with psychic powers and being clairvoyant. When a Horse shows up as a totem for you, you are being given a sign that it is safe to move forward and have a clear passage. Sometimes, we are faced with indecision's about major moves in our lives, often we hate to leave familiar grounds and travel into new territory. "Horse Medicine" will guide you when the time is right and safe.


Physically carrying your animal medicine

At one Pow-Wow I attended, this vendor came up to me and asked if I carried coyote medicine. I explained to her according to a "Cherokee Good Medicine" class I took, I learned that coyote was the animal medicine I was born with. Not knowing this lady at all-she placed a piece of coyote bone in my hand. Now, that was really strange for me but somehow I understood. Some of my customers would come into my shop "Earth Crafts" and bring me turtle shells, or small pieces of turtle bones that they found in the woods. (Yes, everything was cleaned before they gave it to me). I suppose that is because I believe that having something, a feather, a piece of fur, bone or shell of an animal that has "crossed-over" is showing respect and honor to that animal. In turn, it gives you a part of their spiritual medicine. The customers that did this also knew how I felt about seeing animals who had died so they always carried blue cornmeal with them when they walked in the woods. I always explained to them that by placing cornmeal or sage around the animal is showing the animal respect and offering blessings for a safe journey.

When people would groom their horses manes and tales they always kept me well supplied. I used this hair as decoration for different items I made such as rattles, dream-catchers and baskets. Often people would come to me just wanting some of the hair for their medicine bag. Just as the Native American lady gave the coyote bone, I would give horses hair to those who were in need of strength.

"In the steady gaze of the horse, shines the eloquence that speaks of love, loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart" ~L.McGuire~

Wild Horses-The Rolling Stones

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