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How Can All Knowing, Powerful God's Creation Be Hijacked By Satan So Quickly

Updated on December 10, 2013

Did God Create Us To Fall In The Hands Of Satan?

I always wondered what was the intention of God while creating humans. God knows everything as mentioned in Bible he knows about us even before we were conceived in our mothers womb, so it will not be right for me to say that God was not aware of Adams sin before creation. If this is true then what was the intention of God for creating us. I mean how many years must it have been from creation of Adam to fall of Adam, 100 years, 500 years or thousands of years.

Whatever may be the number of years, but Adam fell to sin within one generation or may be it was not God's plan for Adam and Eve to have children's and the generation going forward. God knows everything yet he created us to fall into the hands of satan, is this statement true?.

I don't know why I am getting these question but as I tried to find answers from knowledgeable people i was not getting satisfied answers. Please provide your own opinions to these question in comments. I was also suggested to just have blind faith like Abraham, but if I need to have blind faith then why only Bible, it could be any other religious book.

So I started contemplating on this questions and get the answer to why God's creation fell into the hands of satan so quickly and did God knowingly put us into the hands of satan. So as I express my opinion on this topic I want to clarify that it's my personnel opinion and need not be true, please take responsibility of your own faith and understanding.

Moses Who Wrote About God's Creation

It is believed that Moses has authored the first five books of Bible which also includes Genesis.This book of Genesis is the foundation of the major religions of the world that is Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So the entire creation of the world is seen through the writing of Moses but what if it was half truth, the foundation of all these religions will be shaken. I know it is not right to doubt as it is believed that Moses wrote by the influence of Holy Spirit (more about Holy Spirit in future post).

It is important to know what was the mindset of Moses while giving the law, Jews wanted a god to worship so obviously they wanted to have a powerful god, also maximum of their doubts and queries about creation and everything in the world to be satisfied. It is also important to keep in mind what relevant knowledge Moses had, like knowledge of Egyptian God's may be he also used to worship from childhood, knowledge of Jewish forefathers, Samaritan religion and may be some others religions also.

In Mark 10:5, Jesus speaks about Moses and says that it was because of hardness of Jewish peoples heart that Moses wrote about law for divorce. As spoken by Jesus about Moses it implies that the writings of Moses was also influenced by needs and mindset of those people. This also implies that the writing of Moses need not be considered 100 percent by Holy Spirit. So the understanding and knowledge of Moses plays a important role in the books written by him. So there is a possibility that God's creation written Genesis can be half truth.

Creation of New Heaven and Earth

Please read my post on How can Eternal God have Begining and End?. So as I have mentioned in my previous post about the cycle of creation of heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 21:1) it is important to have clarity about heaven. How is the heaven, will it be a place where you will have a royal treatment, valuable jewelries, crown, beautiful dresses, a table full of varieties of food, Angels, singing and praising God, no death, no pain, no sorrow etc. Please take time and think how will be your heaven, if required take someones guidance but have clear cut idea about heaven. Also is heaven above earth or on earth.

As mentioned in Revelation 21:2 the promised holy city came down from heaven into the earth and God lived with people. This implies that after judgement if selected to be in the kingdom of God then we will be living on this earth with God and this is the heaven for us where there will be no pain, no sorrow, no death etc.

The chosen people for kingdom of God are the once who forsake worldly desires, greed, lust, anger etc, so these people will have no interest in excellent clothing or shelter, they live happily in any situation without even thinking about it and be happy in remembrance of God.

So can we not consider garden of Edan as heaven for the Gods children. There is no pain, no suffering, no death and also God is with them. This is how God created men in his image, that is after judgement choosing men having his kind of characters and then placing them in garden of Edan where you never hunger, always enjoying and be happy.

This means that the heaven is on the earth. As we have day and night, so for half the cycle of earth we have heaven on earth and remaining half the cycle of earth is hell. As we always remember and start recording when bad things happen, similarly Moses started his writing from the end of heaven period and beginning of hell part of earth that is fall of men to sin.

God has not created us and put into the hands of satan, God never created satan, he has created us pure and holy in his image, it is fall of our own virtue that we are trying to hide in the name of satan. As mention in my previous post How can Eternal God have Begining and End? Everything happens as per God's plan, he has made this eternal drama. God gives equal opportunity to every soul as nobody knows who is going to be in heaven or hell, it is individuals efforts to imbibe Gods nature or character and live by it till physical death.


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    • Povetheman profile image

      John L. Povey 

      5 years ago from Olney Buckinghamshire England

      There is no such person as Satan!! the evil that people do in his name is really our own free will. When we deviate from our chosen path through the use of free will it is then that we commit our sins, some people will choose this path as they do not believe in the afterlife or spiritual development, other will brush along side this path and commit minor sins. Satanism as a religion is no different to conventional beliefs and is perpetrated by individuals seeking to dominate others to their free will, much as most religions have at various times.


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