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How Can We be the Best in 2017?

Updated on January 16, 2017

Goal Setting

In order to be the best we need to set gaols. What better time to do so than at the beginning of the year. I don't mean setting a new year's resolution which one intends to break or is likely to forget easily. Are we going to fall into the trap of setting unrealistic goals such as walking on the moon or becoming the President of the United States when that process is already set in stone? Even though our country has no space program I know woman are from Venus and men are martians, lol. It is critical to set small as well as large goals.

First we need to set our goals. How about aiming for 5 or 10? They can be small, big goals or both. They can even be inter-related as you look at the big picture.

Goals can be health related such as exercising daily, but if that means exercising outdoors you will need to have a Plan B up your sleeve if for example it rains when you are planning to run. If your goal is to lose weight then smarten up and stop eating so much junk food and commit to exercise.

Friends to Keep You at the Top of Your Game

An essential part of goal setting is to be accountable. I don't mean counting the goals or the weight lost, lol. It is vital you tell someone your goals and keep them updated regularly with your progress. Therefore you need a friend who is willing to chase you up if you slacken off. Someone you are prepared to let them influence you as you have agreed to be accountable to them.

My Goals for 2017

As mentioned in the summary of this article, my gorgeous wife challenged me and herself to write down my 2017 goals. While pondering on them what came to mind were goals relating to myself, others and even God. They were:

  • Wifey to feel New Zealand is her home. In order to make this a reality I need to help her feel relaxed as well as keeping in touch with loved ones at home. I will also show her around my beautiful country and introduce her to my friends. I really enjoy surprising my wife. Last night we farewelled 2016 with a Holy Mass and afterwards we gazed up into the sky as fireworks exploded to herald the beginning of 2017.
  • Next on my list was to start work. This is a work in progress. A prayer from you my reader will help greatly in this goal.
  • Speak internationally at least at one event. The plan to achieve this is greater exposure and greater sales of our books internationally.
  • Replace our old car. My plan is to keep an eye on what is available and purchase a 2nd hand car which we both like.
  • Have a baby. To make this happen will involve prayers and you can guess what, lol. You have heard the story of the birds and the bees haven't you. Google it if you don't know what I mean.
  • Secure a foreign language publisher, especially Poland. We had the largest publisher in Poland say "not yet" to publishing our books last year. Regular communications and prayers can bring this about.
  • Secure radio station interviews. We need to contact more radio stations this year.
  • Be the best employee that I can be. One can never stop learning. So I will keep researching ways, technical as well as processes that help me to be the best. It is also essential to go the extra mile.
  • Love wifey with all my heart. This involves self-sacrifice, being more patient and biting my lip when I'm tempted to say the wrong thing. It's also related to helping her love my country.
  • Write our next book, "The Thrill of the Chase". It will be our sequel to "Worth the Chase" and will include how we as co-authors were totally surprised by God and fell in love with each other. It will also include several break-ups lasting on average 24 hours. Then finally how God led us to make an eternal covenant to Him before the altar in the same Church we met in the year before.
  • Love God with all my heart. This means continuing to put God no.1 in my life, having a daily prayer time and continuing to go to adoration weekly.
  • Write more books. I have a few in mind which I have already started. To achieve this I need to write daily. My wife and I desire to inspire others through our writing. As long as God is our inspiration then that will enable us to set our goals and to achieve them.

In order to be your best accept that you are not perfect, surrender ALL to Christ, commit to continual change. When you do that I have no doubt that He WILL surprise you!

Brendan Roberts is married to Elly Roberts and is the author of six books, available on Amazon. Their latest book, "Worth the Chase: Finding Love God's Way" is their most popular book and is featured on this blog site of how they met miraculously.

Goal Setting

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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      22 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Principles to live by

      Set a high Ideal before setting goals.

      Do to others as if they were a part of you, because they are.

      Do not criticize, for as you criticize you hurt yourself.

      Forgive others to remove your on hurt.

      Positive thoughts bring about positive physical effects.

      Realize everyone projects themselves onto others.

      It is necessary to set your Ideal Before you set your Goals to provide proper guidance. Raise your opinion of God and understand God does not condemn... ever. God does not have negative human emotions. God is not a warrior. No violence ever comes from God. All Violence is a projection of Man, and is not of God.


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