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Stepping In The Footprints Of Jesus

Updated on April 23, 2013

Step In The Foot Prints Of Jesus

How can I ever find my way to Heaven?

Step in the Foot Prints of Jesus all the way.

If I stay in the prints that Jesus makes

I know that I will reach Heaven someday.

It may turn out to be a long Journey

For Jesus is always going everywhere.

We must not tarry ,be ever vigilant ,

We will find a Love beyond compare.

Jesus doesn't rest or take a vacation,

His eyes are always on Heaven's goal.

The Salvation of many lost ones there,

The teaching and redeeming their soul.

Be one of the multitude following Jesus,

Stepping in His footprints every day.

Be one of the millions following Him,

Many will be following Him all the way.

Don't let the devil make you think a lie

That He has everyone in the world today.

Jesus will find many who suffered for Him

They followed in His footprints all the way.

Don't look at others and what they do

For your own fate is now in your own hand.

Be faithful in your life and you will find

God's Word Is the Truth that will stand !

Oh,come to Him now while Jesus tarries

Patiently waiting while people decide,

A great Home in the Hereafter forever,

Heaven or Hell, where will you abide?

If we will just follow in His footsteps

And we will never think to hesitate,

The path that Jesus has us follow

Will lead us right to Heaven's Gate.

The gate will swing open so easily

As if by a sweet little baby's touch,

And inside we see gathered around

Loved ones we had missed so much.

And Jesus the One we had followed

Was standing side by side with us all.

We will praise Him forever and ever,

Thankful we had answered His last call!

Clara kish


Did you ever wonder where you can find

Jesus ,He is not hard to find ,if you really

want to you just have to breath a prayer .

God will hear you , in fact He has probably

been listening for you to call His name.

Don't be surprised about that ,He already

knows about you the good and the bad ,

so He will not be surprised at anything that

you have to say to Him,He has such sweet

peace that He will give you ,it is better

than anything you have had before, Go

to Him now .you will be so glad you did !


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    • vagabond mystic profile image

      Tim Sutterby 4 years ago from missouri

      Amen ! I Do Not believe it could have been said any better by Jesus himself !

      God Bless ,

      Peace , Love and Light ,

      Vagabond Mystic

    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 4 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hello Blossom,

      Thank you for your comment on this poem, I think I am going to have to change the name of it, this was not the title I was going to put on it . Sometimes I put one on and they tell me that has already been taken and I figured that is what they would tell me if I put my first thought on here , Just for that idea in mind I think I will try the other one when I get time . One thing I know I am never sure how any of them will go over with people, just have to try to do my best with the Lord's poems

      and hope that they hit some hearts. Love,Clara

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      This reminds me of the book, "In His Footsteps." The road there may be rough, but when we actually reach the time to enter it is so smooth and welcoming. A good poem about an important topic. God bless you.