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How Do You Know When Your Chakras Are Open?

Updated on May 11, 2017

How Do You Know When Your Chakras Are Open?

How do you know when your chakras are open? For a simple answer, it is when you can feel them. You will feel them in your spine, and in your skull.

How do I know this? Because most of mine have opened, and I feel them.

(I have written another article on this experience of the last two months, and as to whether or not what I have been experiencing is real or psychosis.)

It started two months ago when I did a specific mudra. Almost immediately, I went into a altered state of consciousness. I experienced the blue/purple light I have experienced before. This lasted for about five minutes before it started to fade away. It was so powerful I went through a while of shaking and anxiety.

Then I started feeling energy at night. It would come in rushes up through my body. Then it started going up my spine. I would feel this cool flow of energy slowly going up my spine. It stopped when it reached my throat.

Next, I started feeling bursts of energy in specific places in my spine. I knew these places were my chakras. I felt the second through the fifth chakras. Occasionally, I will feel some movement around where I think the first and sixth chakras are, but I can't be sure of exactly where.

The latest addition is feeling electric shock feelings on the top of my head. This has to be the seventh chakra, although I am still unsure about exactly where it is.

I have been struggling against this, because the energy is too powerful for me. But so far, my first, sixth and seventh haven't opened. I am not ready for those experiences. Maybe I will be ready someday, but not now.


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