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How Does God Talk To You?

Updated on May 18, 2009

I know the feeling.
Praying hard.
Searching for an answer.
Can’t find it.
Almost giving up

and suddenly, losing faith to a God who actually cares for you more than you ever know. But wait, maybe you’re forgetting something: He actually talks to you in many ways, more than you could imagine. You just don’t have to force Him to answer you the way you wanted it to be answered because I know from experience that God would always give what’s best for us.
You know, whenever I am stuck with a load of burdens or trials, I would always think of two things: first, everything happens for a reason and second, trials exist because I need to have faith. So whenever I am confronted by a worst situation, I would always say to myself that maybe things happen this way because God wanted to teach me some lesson out of it, and I just have to trust Him with that.

But actually, the first step in knowing God’s answers to your utmost prayers starts this way: forgiveness.



“…forgive us on our sins, as we forgive those who sinned against us”

Being an incest victim was hard for me, since it happened when I was very young and didn’t knew at all that it was actually immoral. As I grew up and knew more, the frightful scene stuck into my mind, which made me resent my cousin for doing it against me. All my life I have always believed that this worst experience made me feel inferior and unexpressive as a person. I would always dread family reunions because I will feel uncomfortable again, especially with his presence.

However, as we grow old and family gatherings have been inevitable, this angst against my cousin just keeps getting heavier. I have thoughts on forgiving him, but I don’t know how and where to start. I would always think that he should make the first move to say sorry because in the first place it was all his fault, but each time I see him happy with his life right now, as if he doesn’t even care at all with what happened, my unforgiving heart just keeps getting heavier because I haven’t even learned to move on all these years.
Then I came to a point when I realized that we’re not getting any younger, and thus, we have to learn to forgive, accept and move on with our lives. As simple as that. Blaming him for everything doesn’t really solve the problem. All these years I realized I’ve been missing opportunities to learn from my worst experience and accept that life is really like that and there’s a reason behind it.

What I am trying to say is that forgiveness doesn’t really have to start with a fake conversation. I’m sure God doesn’t want it either. Forgiveness simply means moving on, seeing things differently no matter how bad it had caused you.


Next Rule: Let God take charge of it :-)

You see, things aren’t really that great between me and my cousin. But the good thing is that we’re trying to talk once in a while (just a casual conversation), accepting that what he did to me was just a mistake, and in fact I have to thank God that nothing actually happened. It is not easy to forgive, I know. I’ve been there. It really requires a HEART to do it. But to make things easier, you should let God be your partner throughout all the process. Tell Him your honest feelings and ask for His guidance through all of it. What’s important is that you’re trying your best despite your human weaknesses, and I’m sure God understands that and would gladly want to help you through this whole moving-on process.

Sin is actually what separates us from God. But forgiveness is the first step to be friends with Him again. Indeed it’s hard, but you should learn to FORGIVE. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive others and allow God to heal you on your way to a new life.

Speaking of moving on, here’s the next step.



Do you believe in the saying: “Prayer is the way to speak to God, and meditation lets God speak to you”? You know at first, I thought that you still have to literally hear a manly voice from heaven to know that God has indeed spoken to you, just like what is usually seen in the movies. But the truth is, God speaks to you in many ways… you just have to hold Him in your heart and be sensible on what He has to say. Believe me; God even speaks through the flowers, the weather or even through a stranger or a song. You really just have to figure out what He meant when he says things.



Rick Warren said that the Bible is our manual on how to run our lives. While Bo Sanchez said that the Bible is God’s love letter to us. But either way, it is God’s word to us. Pondering on the Bible stories, relating Jesus’ life to your own, memorizing the Scriptures are just some of the many ways to hold God’s word in your heart through the Bible. So whenever we read it, it is as if God is speaking about his great love, and the only thing we have to do is to read between the lines and understand what does it says about our lives.
The fresh way to start is to attend a mass and be cautious to what the priest has to say during a sermon. You might as well take down notes because you don’t want to miss God’s word in your life. You can also read a parable and write down the relation of the story in your own life. Another suggestion is that you can flesh out your favorite Scriptures and post it in your desk, in your phone’s welcome note, hang it in the fridge, write it down in your tickler as long as you will make yourself reminded of it. You can also memorize some words in the Bible so that whenever confronted by pain, you can ponder on it and make use of it as an armor against all the distress.

Back in the old days, a hunter got lost in the Michigan woods, several
times. He was rather young. So a friend bought him a compass. But despite that,
the young hunter got lost again. When found, he was asked if he had his compass
with him. He did. Why didn’t he use it? He answered that he did not dare to. He wanted to go south and he tried to make the thing point south, but it would not work. As he said, “I would shake and shake right around and point the north every time.”

Many people want the Bible to point the direction they want to go, rather than the direction the Bible wants them to go.

- Tonne



A pearl is formed by a grain of sand getting into a mussel shell. It irritates and causes pain. The inner part of the mussel shell sends tears which congeal around the grain of the sand and make a beautiful pearl. So our sufferings and tears and irritations make pearls. “The kingdom of heaven is like unto a pearl”

In Purpose Driven Life, Warren clearly stated why we encounter pain: it is simply because earth is not our home; we are just tenants in it. In his example, he said that a fish would not be comfortable living on land because it is not its natural habitat. So do humans—we belong to God and we are made by God, so we normally experience pain because we do not belong in this world.

Another reason why we experience pain is that it serves as a wake-up call from God. He allows us to experience pain because we have to have a lot of faith. You see, the utmost essence of God’s goodness is when we realize that we have no other option but to trust Him, that we have no one to run to but to Him. Pain allows healing, which is indeed a good start to renew our perspective.

Another great reason why we experience pain is that it allows us to see God’s greatness in us. Through the process of pain, we learn to be humble and we entirely depend on God’s greatness. Sometimes, we learn to count our blessings and think that we might be even more blessed than others. The fact that we are called upon to endure a trial proves that the Lord Jesus sees in us something very precious, which He desires to develop.


"The will of the Lord is in our deepest desires"

You know ever since I was a child, I really wanted to become a writer.
But situations’ just keep pushing me away from that dream.

Sometimes, I find it impractical to pursue that dream because situations just don’t call for it. But you see, whenever I would write stories and articles that teach people lessons, I would be inspired to write more with just a simple compliment telling me of how they have been touched by my stories.

Right now, I’m not really a professional writer, and the profession I am pursuing is something I also love but is far from writing. But that doesn’t stop me from it, because I believe God does want me to become a writer so that I would also become his instrument in speaking to others about God. He wanted to use us, based on our capabilities so that we become witnesses of His greatness.


Sometimes whenever I would hear a religious song accidentally, I would think of it as God’s message.

Whenever I would see a poor little girl in slums, I would think of God speaking to me about how much He loves me and how I should use myself to spread His love.

Each time I would read a passage from the Bible written somewhere; I would use it and ponder about what it has to say in my life.

Whenever I am given the chance to experience new things, I would think of God telling me what life has to offer.

Each time I would see a rainbow after a rain, I would think about hope—and how colorful life is.

Each time I wake up in the morning witnessing the sunrise and friendly neighbors passing by, I would think of God speaking to me, as if giving me a new life and a new chance to correct my mistakes and live it up to the fullest.

Whenever I would meet new people, I would think of God giving me the challenge to introduce Him to them.

Each time I experience fear, I would think of God telling me about his love—of the truth that He is always there to guide me all the days of my life.

You see, God speaks to us in many ways. The truth is, our mind’s just the limit of it. The secret to hear God’s word is to always open your senses around you… because you’ll never know, that person who had just annoyed you actually holds God’s message for you :-)

“Be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions. Do not seek answers, which cannot be given by now, rather, live the questions. All good things come to those who wait. Patience is the companion of wisdom. It is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”

Your friend in God,

Cecille Carmela


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I tell few people this - well actually now that I am a half century old and see that what he told me is turning out to be true. When I was a teenager and into my 20's I would often "hear" or "feel" I really can't explain it but KNOW what "it" was saying and even speak back. This told me that I would not live and or die in the State (as of country) I was born in. I would respond by asking what that meant and why would I move away from my family? I had a difficult time fitting in with my family and always felt like an outside and was often depressed. But I never though of moving away. But when this "voice" came to me I would feel warm inside, safe, and a nice anticipation. But I never looked to move or actively tried to, in fact I would put it out of my mind. But I would ask - where will I go - CA - why would I go there - earthquakes, etc. Then Florida - no its to hot there - why would I leave my family at all? Well, needless to say, I met and married a foreignor and moved to another country. Once I thought about it and said OK this is it this is was it met. Now I DID NOT LOOK for this man my husband. Well, after over 14 years I got divorced, tried to stay there did for another 5 years, but I eventually said ok I give up I am not happy here I am going home and try to make my life there. I did. But ended up working with the airlines - travel again! I didn't like it so I quit and said now I am going to stay and be an admin. Well I was working as a Temp when I got an email from a friend that I met at the airline job. It was for a job overseas - far overseas! I applied so did my girlfriend - and then put it out of my mind. I got the job she got pregnant! I am still here over 3 years now. I fell in love with this country and it is not an easy country. But I don't know yet why I am here. I do not I went back to church - left it when I was 12! Stopped drinking, stopped smoking (kinda) am alone but not lonely. I have a forgiving heart and feel free. Was that God or just intiution? Love to hear your thoughts. But please don't say I'm crazy cause I'm not.

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Cecila, this is a well written hub. You are an inspiration to me, you really understands the principles of forgiveness, which is one of the tenors of Christ's teachings.

      I agree God speaks to us in many ways; we have to be still and listen for His words...


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