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How To Change Your Life - Gratitude To Latitude

Updated on August 31, 2011

Gratitude Is Latitude

Dedicated to Mother Hale who started the Hale House in 1969 at the age of 64, for babys and toddlers with addictions and aids.By 1991 The Hale House has cared for 1,000 children. Mother Hale died Dec.18.1992...God Is Love. The Hale House Is Still
Dedicated to Mother Hale who started the Hale House in 1969 at the age of 64, for babys and toddlers with addictions and aids.By 1991 The Hale House has cared for 1,000 children. Mother Hale died Dec.18.1992...God Is Love. The Hale House Is Still | Source

How To Change Your Life With Gratitude

The ones that make it through tragedies are taught to love, care and share more with our wonderful family and friends. It seems every terrible crisis has a silver lining somewhere. I don't know why we must loose people or survive chaos to come closer together,

Why can't we show gratitude because we should? The world will be a better place if we can just be more excepting and appreciative. When we have gratitude for what we do have we receive more. The more we give is returned in favor, kindness and care only someone else with gratitude can give so deeply.

A grateful boss will have grateful and hard workers. We say our children are changing, but we are changing. We stop showing our children how grateful we are for them when they are not cute and small anymore. We stop calling our best friends when we excel in life.

What happens on the week-end does your phone ring with friends or people that want something from you? Are you dating and partying to fill in the void of real companionship and emotions?

Have gratitude for what you do have and you may find that your void could have been filled with something real and long term.

Gratitude will elevate you into the life you are meant to live in. The life you do live in may be distorted. If you don't have gratitude you are experiencing incredible loneliness when it can be replaced with peace and incredible satisfaction.

Money Can't Buy You Love

So you have money. What does it really matter in the end? Do you respect other people, friends and you spouse? What about the precious children that didn't ask to be here? Showing gratitude for what we have can turn your live into an incredible adventure.

Just imagine how wonderful people are treated versus the arrogant, money hungry,ego driven. We work because it takes money to live. But money is not what we should be chasing. It is the ties to people that can give us true joy and wealth money can never buy.

How does a man fill that can travel the globe when he has no true friends? How does a woman feel that has her MBA six figures and her dream job without friends? Lonely is the correct answer. What good is money when your old and all alone?

That is where you will be if you don't show gratitude for the people that you think are suppose to be there for you.

Right now I have precious people that were in my life that I haven't called because life has me all caught up. All it will take is one phone call to express how I feel to put joy into my heart and theirs. Make your list as will I and begin storing up the wealth of love and joy. A simple gesture will make more of a difference you may never know.

When you are climbing that ladder too success, the first thing you are told is to walk away from people that are not of your caliber. What trait distinguishes what caliber person you should be dealing with anyway?

  • educated
  • arrogant
  • ambitious

After the vacation, party and seminars are over you will want to spend time filling wanted and needed. Have you invested some gratitude in that bank? What is your interest? If you do not see any returns you must invest more for great performance.

Spend time with your spouse, children,family and friends. Show them that you care and that they are the most important in your life. Leave the work and internet world when you are showing gratitude for what you have because your world will have just become better.

  • caregiver
  • ear to cry to
  • shoulder to cry on
  • arms to hug you

Your true assets come with people that do not care about your position or possession. Choose your friends by the way they treat you and not by the size of their bank account and no matter how your situation changes they will still be there. Change your life today by giving back gratitude, you deserve it.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comments! We have seemingly small blessings to be grateful for that we over look everday.

    • Scribenet profile image

      Scribenet 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great Hub, I wholeheartedly agree. Voted up useful and awesome!

    • Jorge87 profile image

      Jorge87 6 years ago

      good post...