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How I can be closer to God! Get close to Him!

Updated on September 6, 2012

Let me start off by saying how valuable it feels for a Christian to be close to God. Probably the closest moments I've felt to God were when I was begging with tears in my eyes on my knees for help and then feeling a consolation come over me, I don't believe these are imagined...and the little signs we see and notice when our prayers are answered (not all prayers are) but the things others call FATE or coincidence...the special feeling of being a child of God, of knowing that God loves us, that He created us out of nothing, that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us that we may have life in us, be worthy of heaven. Our basic belief is that since we are imperfect and sinned and needed grace, Jesus died and by his blood we are redeemed...perhaps it's a mystery to some, but not to one who has accepted Christ as their saviour.

It's comforting to know God is always there 24/7 to talk to, to pray to....It's comforting to know I am going to heaven when I die..that I have a special purpose and that I can make a difference, but as a Christian in a unique way, by striving to LOVE love others with a holy love/ be as patient as possible, to STRIVe for goodness...let this be your goal.

My life used to be full of intense anguish. I’m a 19 year sufferer of bipolar, a survivor of a life long illness. Yes, there were many times I asked God to take me, that I didn't want to live, but I've always believed that there was a good reason for my pain, that somehow it could be used for good, and that God brings good out of bad.

Since I’ve been doing better through taking Lamictal which is a great mood stabilizer for bipolar or manic depression, I feel I need to draw my attention to other things. I haven’t been feeling close to God, which is a great feeling, since my intense pain let up and since I’ve sort of ignored God. What I need to do, is focus on the other things in my life, besides mental and emotional pain, to stay close to God. What are these things?

  • I need to stay away from people and places that bring me away from the cherished relationship I have with God, these include anything that takes away my peace, whether it be overly loud and obnoxious music, violent movies or television shows, and even the Religion and Belief forum on Hubpages. (Why do I need to constantly read about atheists who constatntly say there is no God when I’ve decided with my mind and heart that there is and that I want to foster a loving relationship with him?)
  • Take advantage of what’s in front of me. I want to be more patient and ask God to help me deal with my mother and/or anyone in my life who challenges me as well as not to complain about what I don’t have like a newer car and be grateful for what I do have (loving family and friends, a “car”, things to do, etc.)
  • Trust in God and pray at any time of the day, wherever I am and for whatever I feel, and pray for my loved ones and even you on hubpages! (Whoever I feel like praying for.) There is no limit to who or how many people I can pray for.

These three things are plenty to help keep me close to God....I believe it's the things in our lives that are already there that are the tools we are given to better ourselves and to be blessed by...this is simple but I never really got a chance to grasp it until my major pain left, I know that God has helped me overcome some huge obstacles in the past year and that many things He has planned for my future...all kinds of things...blessings and challenges. But in order to benefit from them, I need to notice them. I’m grateful I don’t feel such extreme mental anguish anymore but in a sweet way I sometimes miss it, for suffering makes me closer to God. If you’ve ever experienced a supreme closeness to God, you are blessed. It may be hard to understand but I believe that the closest we are to God is when we suffer the most.

No one’s perfect

As hard as we try, we can’t always feel close to God every moment, sometimes He allows us to feel separated to test us,,,yes He tests our love just like He tested JOB in the bible, He is the creator. And we are not always going to be able to maintain the kind of “discipline” we wish, as in always be patient or even stay away from lust or any of the things we Christians try to stay away from.

Embracing your humanity

This is part of being a Christian, is to accept that we are weak and we need Jesus Christ. For by grace are ye saved not by works lest any man should boast.

So this is my little hub on my ideas on how I myself can be close to God and I know I’m not going to succeed all the time, maybe only half the time, but my will is interested in knowing God more closely.

One Day At A Time

I also want to note that sometimes we take things one day at a time, yes like al anon goes and AA members, LOL. When times get rough, one day at a time.


As God in the bible says that he provides for the birds and the little creatures so more does he provide for us and that every hair on our head is a believer I always know I'm going to be okay, because "God isn't finished with me yet!"


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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Thank you Mours, you've been a great help in your insightful and positive comments. Praise the Lord for followers such as you!

    • profile image

      mours sshields 6 years ago from Elwood, Indiana

      How great to know that we can never be too close to God!

      It's also great to know that we can pray any time for any

      one! Praise the Lord!!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago


      I definitely appreciate your comment and your read.

      I can only agree with everything you said and I thankyou. It (is) amazing how God works, I could not say that enough either. Funny thing is, is until I was really saved- you know what I mean- even though I've been spiritual all my life as Catholic, I DID NOT receive the aid I've been getting. It's nothing short of a miracle in my mind and vision.

      It's been over a year now, I was 33 in the end of December before turning 34, I'm now 35..... I love -to tell you the truth- that it happened at age 33, the same age Jesus was when he died, that was and is very special and exciting for me!!!

      But since then, I've found the best medicine ever, which over the past 9 months has made me feel so much better than in years...things are still hard but for the first time I am really seeing clearly and able to overcome my irritability and other things.

      As I have said before I am immensely grateful for each and every accomplishment.

      One day I really hope to publish a self help book with my experience and encouragement and you think I could?


    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      So glad to come across this hub! I have wanted to learn about the struggles of someone who is a Believer and who struggles with the difficulties that come from a bi-polar disorder.

      But most importantly I was blessed by your desire to know God better and draw closer to Him. Reading His Word and asking Him to help you know and understand will always result in a closer relationship with Him. As you get to the point of being able to pray what He says back to Him over the situations you face, on behalf of your needs as well as on behalf of the needs that your loved ones and friends have, your relationship with Him will grow. As you pray according to His Word you will be strengthened in your faith. It's a wonderful mystery that we can't explain, but which we can enjoy in all circumstances no matter how difficult. A simple prayer for help to know how to pray is a wonderful beginning.

      This hub has generated some wonderful comments and I'm looking forward to following it, as well as taking a look at your other hubs.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Thankyou. I will keep an eye out as I am now following you

      Feel free to contact me via hubpages and we'll go from there. thx

    • GrowingDeeper profile image

      GrowingDeeper 6 years ago

      Keep an eye out! Alot of hubs are in my heart just not published yet. Currently, I am teaching on bitterness, and God has shown me in my own life this was a huge reason for alot of my emotional discord and depression. Certainly, there are hormonal biochemical reasons that can play apart along with many other co-factors. But, forgiveness is helping a great deal in my own life.

      And, should I contact you through Hub pages or another account?

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Growing Deeper,

      :) yes, I am aware of what you said that I"m not alone. You are the first one to mention it!! I know many of the 'greats' had this experience and I know it's not any of my doing. Thankyou for clarifying. As some may say in their opinion that I'm not saved or spiritual enough. I think it's the opposite and due to my depression.

      Yes I would like to train myself to seek HIm more...of course there are days we wake up and don't really feel like it, days especially when things are good, though I've trained myself to thank God on those days also. If I can improve my relationship with HIm, as I'd like to, I certainly would. Perhaps you have a hub with info or please email me.

      Thanks! :)

    • GrowingDeeper profile image

      GrowingDeeper 6 years ago

      Lol, to the demonic forums. They are indeed and I need to avoid them more than I do. But, schoolgirl, you aren't alone. Many of the best Christians and even men like David and Job have felt that separation between themselves and God. And, the "spiritual" sounding answer is yes he indwells us and yes he is always with us. But, there are times when there isn't that "connection" for whatever reason. We must seek Him. We must out of love and a desire to fellowship with Him nurture and cultivate our relationship through spending time with Him, especially alone. But, this doesn't negate the need for corporate worship as well. Id love to talk to you further about this because it an area of great passion of mine to see people Grow Deeper int their relationship with Christ. Please feel free to contact me and God bless you!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      @James A Watkins,

      Hi, It's always a pleasure to see you, as I know you are quite the busy hubber!

      Thankyou, and yes, I try to stay out unless I'm really bored!! ha ha!

      Thanks so much James for stopping by, I'm very happy and grateful you liked's encouraging:)

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      Yours is a truly wonderful testimony. Thank you for your faithful witness. And yes, I would stay out of those demonic forums. I do.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago


      You are very welcome, it makes me happy to know this. I wish you every blessing.


    • amberrae profile image

      amberrae 6 years ago from WA

      For some reason I couldnt stop crying while I continued reading this article.... thank you for you have touched me and I hope very much to obtain a closer relationsip with God, my savior and my maker! Thank you!!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 6 years ago


      There is nothing like a prayer to our Heavenly Father spoken from your own heart to HIM! Just talk to HIM knowing that He is near and be totally transparent!

      I just recommend start off THANKING HIM...

      I would like to share a prayer with you:


    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Thankyou LCGreen, I appreciate you comment and feedback :)

      Thankyou very much DeBorrah, that means alot, any hubs that teach someone how to pray? Thankyou

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 6 years ago


      The Lord knows your heart. He knows right where you are and what you are struggling with… He hears your unspoken prayers. Notice how some of them have already been answered! You do not have to have a scripted prayer to talk to Him. All the written prayers you have learned have not been in vain. They can serve to NOW help you acquire more discipline. You can still pray at those times but instead in your own words! No doubt you can communicate well your hub Is wonderful! A simple “Praise God!” in place of a hail Mary is a good place to start! God wants some up close, intimate and personal time with you! This is how you get closer to HIM!

      Again, Thank you for sharing this wonderful hub! God Bless You!

    • LCGreen profile image

      LCGreen 6 years ago from South Carolina

      This was absolutely wonderful to read! Thank you for putting this up!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Thankyou DeBorrah,

      but perhaps it's because I'm newly born again, a little over a year, I don't know, that I have trouble remembering to pray to God, especially using my own words...It was easier as a Catholic to have prepared prayers that I could say at a set schedule, like the Morning Offering, or Angel of God prayer in the morning, the Angelus at Noon, Three Hail Mary's anytime I felt I needed help, and small prayers I could say anytime like "Jesus I love thee save souls" or "My Jesus My Confidence" so...I'm not against bible believing born again..but I'm confused because I'm missing some Catholic things. My pastor says there are born again Catholics and I believe that...but I've tried to stay in the bible believing church- I don't like the word babtist for some reason, mine is Evangelical...I feel it HAS helped me in ways...but my prayer life is not up to par. I'm so used to the prepared prayers that now it's alot of effort to say my own words ...all the time.

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 6 years ago

      Schoolgirlforreal, You have such beautiful insight! There is a definite comfort knowing that the LORD is EVER PRESENT! Everyday we can ask for a fresh anointing of His Precious Holy Spirit to fall fresh upon us! God is as close as we allow Him to be… He is everywhere we are! One just needs to sincerely welcome His infilling Presence!

      It is so Amazing how the Lord has created us all uniquely with varying temperaments! Yet HE is there 24/7 for us all! His Word reassures us that it is by HIS GRACE we are Saved when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts! Thank God for HIS Holy Spirit!

      Thank You for sharing, In HIS Love, Grace, Joy, Peace & Blessings! Go Bless YOU!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Oh, well I still don't understand. As for many of the people who said Jesus is always with us, yes, but like I said I don't feel it all the time, neither did St. Therese of Lisieux, Job in the bible, and many of us humans who have bad days.

      Also there's this thing called depression which God allows because He created us and that is just and awful feeling but He permits it just like He permits cancer, people close to you dying, etc etc Please don't tell me you all feel wonderful and close to God all the time!

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

      The Yahshua (Jesus) doctrine is what he taught. The Pauline doctrine is what Paul (or Apostle Paul to most) taught.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago


      I have no idea what the Pauline doctrine or the Yahshua's doctrine is. I can't look it up because my computer is really slow, can you enlighten me?

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

      Although I know this hub was written from he heart and in kindness, you hold the Pauline doctrine. You maybe should compare it to Yahshua's doctrine (Yahshua is Jesus to you)

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      sin seperates us from God and we need to ask for forgiveness when we sin. No one is blissful 24/ is hard. It takes work, and so do relationships, including ours with God.

      That was a nice hub btw, thanks daryl2007

    • daryl2007 profile image

      daryl2007 6 years ago

      Keep praying and always do something good in life...

      read this:

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Thanks kashmir, that's very reassuring...

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Rose, God is always near us no matter where we are, even if we don't feel His presents He is there with us .

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago


      good question. All saved people have God dwelling within them, but we don't always FEEL it, so it's necessary to cultivate it, right?

      thanks for the comment, ttys

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Schoolgirl: How much closer can we possibly get than to have God, His Holy Spirit dwelling within us? A more closer relationship is not possible.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago

      Hi Becky,

      Thanks for commenting...Somehow if it's meant to be that I am useful by writing this hub, then I'm glad...I am surprised myself at what I write about sometimes..

      I wasn't sure if this was a good hub or anyone would comment!

      "you have came through the fire like purified gold and landed on the winning side of life and eternity. "

      Thankyou for that my friend, I'm intent on writing hubs of recovery and positivity as much as possible.

    • Becky Puetz profile image

      Becky 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about your personal relationship with the Lord. I know this will reach and help many other young people like yourself. It sounds as though you've been through a lot of trials and tribulations to be so young and yet because you chose to trust in God, you have came through the fire like purified gold and landed on the winning side of life and eternity. God bless you.


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