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What to do after a Psychic and Tarot reading?

Updated on July 14, 2014

After your Reading

After the Reading

What are you going to do with this information given to you?

I have had friends, family members and clients ask me how I proceed with my life after a reading, I have always seen this as a good and valid question, and decided to share my method here in this hub. I do hope it will benefit you, as it does me.

You went to a psychic tarot reader, or perhaps just called them, and they gave you information on your current situation. Hopefully your reading has helped you to slow down those wheels in your mind, which was on overdrive. You might find yourself doing the proverbial ‘happy dance’, because your crises is going to get better. Either way, at this point, you are feeling hopeful with your life, because you received positive feedback from your tarot reader. This is all good, however what are you going to do with this information given to you? In writing this hub, I have decided to only represent a reading, with a positive outcome.

Preparing to Follow Your Reading

Filling in the Next Chapters of Your Book

First step: Preparing the Slate

A tarot reader or psychic give you the possibilities of events, which will occur as you turn to the next page of your book. Those pages have gone from being blank to now containing a few tidbits of your future. It stops here, and the rest is up to you. This means you are the sole person who is responsible in writing the upcoming pages of your book. Your tarot reader, family or friends cannot write your book, only you can. Having a little insight into one’s future can be helpful or deadly, depending on how the person uses it. How will you utilize it?

This is the first step. We need to clean our slate. What in your book of life needs to be cleaned out, before the new can enter? When we begin to wipe our slate clean, we need to let go of old behaviors that have produced conflict in our life. If a past lover is coming back, for example, you will wish to clean the slate of harmful energies, which are accumulated by our actions. An example of this is a jealous nature. If we do not clear this space-jealousy, we will carry it forward into the possibilities we are waiting for to occur. This is vital, because, as a psychic, I am privy to receiving messages from my spirit guides regarding my future. I am aware that this shared glimpse into my future is never a solid fact. It is only possibilities. If my slate is not wiped clean, these possibilities cannot develop as given. If I continue to react to situations, then I am aware my slate is still cluttered with stagnant energy.

We are all familiar with free will. Often our free will is subjected by our own actions and reactions. An action is a planned out activity that does not stem from old behaviors, while reactions always spring from our ego talk. We often react to life around us because of the ego is running the show. By letting our ego continue in its normal way, we are proceeding our reading in the wrong way. This first step is critical.

Success or Failure

Step Two: Is time

The biggest area where I see my clients falter has been in romantic relationships. Throughout my forty + years as a tarot and psychic reader, this has been consistent. These clients go right into automatic self-sabotage. It is always around this time element. They would go on autopilot, as they took the insight and crammed it into the timing of their choice. My favorite saying to my clients, as well as myself is that we have to finish those chapters we are on now. We cannot jump to the last page, because we will be missing valuable experiences. They would nod at my point, and often stated how it made sense, but within a short period of time, a call would come telling me things didn’t work out. After listening to them, it was evident that they jumped to the last chapter. Their outcome could have been avoided, if only they would have followed my advice.

The second two is as valuable as the first, and seeking a short-cut is the worst possible thing you can do. It is vital you keep clearing your slate, and allowed time to happen on its own accord.

Dreaming in Patience


Step three-The puzzle of insight

Insight is to be used wisely. Often, when receiving a message, I am aware that it is only a clue. It is not the whole picture. You have been given just a piece of the puzzle. You do not possess the whole puzzle. It is not time to receive the other pieces, because they are not available at this present moment. You will accumulate the other pieces, which usually represents events, at the proper time. It is a possibility that a few more puzzle pieces could fall into place shortly after your reading, but you still do not have the complete picture.

Patience is a must. If you do not possess this, then it is a sign that you are not sitting in ‘clear-thinking’. Instead, you are rooted in the realm of obsession. If I discover this in me, then I am aware that I am in trouble. Though I often hate to admit it, but I am well aware that obsession is a drug. A drug is not healthy for you. I am sure you might have experienced this at least once in your life. When obsession and impatience rules your life, it is clue that your puzzle of insight is screaming at you to go back and cleanse your slate. This is a huge, and one that you cannot ignore. You cannot go over this area quickly, or try to cover it up. The puzzle of insight has just offered you the reason why your complete puzzle cannot get finished. These pieces are informing you that you have lessons to learn. These most likely are learning to overcome your behaviors of being erratically needy and throwing temper tantrums. The calm spirit does not give out ultimatums to people. This spirit knows it is us who must face our demons and make changes, not another. If you feel compel to tell someone this or that, it is telling you to look within. What are you afraid of, that you must make this person save you? This is exactly what you are doing, when you indulge in conditions.

This step is the hardest, and it will often send you back to work more on the prior two steps. Eventually you will arrive at enjoying sticking to your present day page in your book, instead of trying to hurry it up. You will discover what you need and utilize it to help you to clean that slate, not rush time, and using the wisdom of the puzzle pieces wisely. The interesting factor here is often the reading you received will have time to play out in a proper way, which will make it more successful

Take the time needed


Success versus Failure

You might be wondering if these steps really work. I am sure you can tell they demand hard work from you. Is it worth putting the effort in it? All I can say is that these three steps have aided me tremendously. It was these steps that helped me to experience the fruition of those readings that presented a possible wonderful outcome. No, they by no means are easy. I have had many clients, who decided to break each of these steps or one or two of them, and they all reached unsuccessful conclusion. I rather work the steps and have a successful ending, since success is what matters to me.


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