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How Important Are You? Really?

Updated on January 24, 2012

How Important Are You? Really.

I’ve been thinking, and thus, not writing. I’ve discovered that for 17 years, easily, and probably ever since my abuse, 44 years ago, I have lived in the State of Fear. Town of Trepidation. County of Concern. If you can call leprosy ‘Sweetheart’, you can appreciate what a close friend I have in Fear. My darling stays with me 24-7-365. That got me to cipherin’. What if I multiplied all the time I spent with my friend? Wow! 365 days a year and 44 years.

For the math majors reading this, that product equals 16,060 days. For teachers out there, worrying about problem solving, Core Standards and what time the faculty meeting starts, try this one. How many seconds has the Abundant Old Soul lived in fear? 60 minutes per hour times 24 hours in a day = 1440 minutes. Per day. Sixty seconds in each minute. 60 seconds per minute multiplied by 1440 minutes in a day = 86,400 seconds. Per day. Multiply that by 16,060 days (remember 44 years?). 1,387,584,000! If I had a dollar for every second I have lived in fear, I’d be voting Tea Party, too.

I am really good at some things. You know what I’m really good at? Besides living in Fear? I’m good at wasting seconds. I’m great at worrying that there are people in the universe who hate me; who have time for anger. So, because I want to offer you some hope, here’s a quiz.

Section A:

  • How big is the visible universe? About 15 000 million light years.

o Could there be a person or two in the universe who hates me?

o Who hates you?

Section B:

· How fast does light travel in a vacuum? The speed or velocity of light is approximately 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 km.

· Do you have enough time to fear someone who hates you?

· Is your career long enough to worry that a boss’ meeting is more important than your sanity?

· How important is it, really, that you are ‘right’?

· Can you keep pace with Light?

· How many years does an average American live? 75? 80?


Section C:

  • How big is the visible universe? About 15 000 million light years.
  • Observe the Photos I provided with this hub.
  • Can you see yourself? Literally.
  • Can you see your mistakes?
  • Can you see the bill collectors?
  • Can you see any politicians?

Section D:

· How many galaxies are there? Astronomers think that there are hundreds of billions galaxies in the universe, however the exact number is not known.

· Is it possible that there is something bigger than your divorce, your abuse, your compulsion, your job?

· Could there be more to your life than surviving till the next page check?

· If there really is a God, Abundance, Law of Creation ( fill in the blank), could he, she or it be looking at you right now and asking these questions:

· What are you afraid of?

· Have I not gotten you this far?

· Who will remember that you missed your all important appointment over the course of 1 light year?

· Why can’t I stop laughing?

Section E: Extra Credit

How important are you? Really?

images from hubble. see yourself?


Tell me, how important are you? How important is any of this life?

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    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 5 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      This Hub made me both sad and happy, Aos. I waste all those worrisome seconds, too, but I am've made me aware of that.

      Thank you for enlightening this Laurel!

      BTW, Laurel was my mother's name, too.

      Take great care!!