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How Krishna saved Arjuna?

Updated on January 6, 2012

Sri Krishna, Abhimanyu inside chakra vyuha!

How Krishna prepared Arjuna?

Once Krishna asked his aunt Kunti who is the mother of Pandavas, “What she wants from him”. Kunti politely replied, “Lord! grant me only troubles so that I may remember you ever. My sons were exiled into forest by Kauravas. We had to spend thirteen years in forest and one year more inconspicuously as per the terms of the dice game. My sons lived by eating the fruits and tubers. Since we were passing through such testing times, every now and then, you have shown yourself in the forest rescuing us from many mishaps. Only when we are confronted with troubles and miseries you make your presence felt by us. If we are living in luxury in the palace, we won’t have the chance to enjoy your Divine Presence!

Mother Kunti was steeped in wisdom and hence she was asking Krishna for troubles and not for comforts. If we are asked the same question, we will give him a list of our immediate needs which are worldly and hence do not last. This is the very reason behind Kunti’s passing away, the moment she heard about Krishna’s departure from the world! Arjuna could not weild his bow after Krishna’s departure. He could not save the women, elderly persons and children from the barbarian tribes. Hence Krishna is the Life breath of Pandava brothers and Kunti.

I will narrate a small episode about Abhimanyu, the valiant son of Arjuna. Even while he was in the womb, he heard about ”Chakra Vyuham”(A defense formation which will not let the enemy in. If he enters surruptiously, the formation will close around him and he won’t be let out and ultimately he will be killed. He heard about the ways one should adopt to enter the formation. Unfortunately he could not hear how to come out? After his birth, he was taught in warfare and archery. In the great Mahabaratha war, one day Arjuna was away and Abhimanyu entered the war. Being young, he advanced into the enemy’s area in the “Chakra Vyuham”. Since he knew how to enter, he advanced into enemy’s field. He fought valiantly. But the Kauravas adopted foul means and attacked him from many sides. In the war, it is the rule that there should be only single combat. But the Kauravas had flouted the rules and attacked him from all sides. Abhimanyu fought till the end but was killed by others and he attained martyrdom. Krishna knew about this and he wanted to save Arjuna.

Hence he enacted a drama. On the way when Arjuna was returning, he found that one Brahmin has lit fire and he was circumbulating the fire to immolate him. Arjuna got down from his chariot and enquired him the reason. He said, “My only son has perished! How I can live in this world bereft of him. Hence I want to end my life. Arjuna told him many morals. “Your son has attained as per his fate. Why should you lose your life? The world is impermanent and everything is ephemeral. Do not grieve. Likewise he was addressing the Brahmin. The father asked Arjuna, “If you find yourself in the same situation, would you live? Arjuna promised him, “He will not end his life if his son is killed”.

Arjuna was approaching the tent where he used to stay. He found something is missing. Immediately he came to know that his only son Abhimanyu was killed in the battle. He could not contain his grief. He told Krishna, “There is no point in living”, I will immolate myself this moment”. Then Krishna cautioned him, “Just now you promised the Brahmin father that you won’t end your life if your son is killed? How can you go back on the promise? Many people have perished in the battle. Do not grieve for Abhimanyu. He has attained heaven! This is how Krishna anticipates each calamity that is about to fall on the Pandavas and rescued them!



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