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How Manifestation Works

Updated on February 10, 2011
Goddess Abundia
Goddess Abundia

Multidimensional Manifestation


Manifestation is actually the manipulation of energy-the transformation of its vibrational pattern into yet another vibrational pattern.  Energy is never destroyed; it is simply transformed into another pattern than can do seemingly miraculous things like change a book into a glacier.  Although a glacier takes a more concentrated amount of energy, lesser amounts of energy in another pattern form a book.

Manifestation for humans must be multi-dimentional just as we are.  Relying on just one facet of our being won’t bring the results we seek.   We must apply mental, visualization and physical energy to manifest our desires.

We must see what is it we hope to create and bring into our lives.  That may mean literally going to the car lot every Saturday and really looking at all the red sport cars.  It may mean buying a car magazine featuring red sport cars but to give it dimensionality, you should see it physically and visualize it in your head. 

Adding another layer brings in our emotional side.  In order to manifest, we must invest emotional energy. Don’t sit around thinking I want a red sport car, I want a red sport ca. I gotta have it. Etc.  Rather anticipate the car coming into your life.  It’s much like waiting for a package in the mail.  You’ve picked it out, you know it’s coming and you are filled with anticipation and joy at the expectation of its arrival.

Expectation and visualization must also have some grounding for manifestation to happen.  Without the third (Three is the magical number of creation.) element, what we hope to create will either not arrive or be delayed as there isn’t sufficient energy to bring it into existence.  You can see your red car in the lot and in your head.  You can anticipate its arrival, but if you never actually write out the check it’s unlikely to end up in your garage.

Even if you apply all three elements to something your desire, it may not come into fruition if you unconsciously block your desires.  You must we willing to receive what you are asking for-fully and completely.  If you want a red sport car, but negate the idea with fears about payments, insurance, will I get more tickets with a red car etc., you aren’t actually willing to receive that car.  Another way to block your manifestation is to reject the steps between desire and obtaining something.  After you decide on a red sports car, you may find people saying, wow, you look good in red accept that compliment graciously and know that you car has started forming.  Don’t shun these little signs for they are gifts of energy to help you increase your anticipation.  It begins a magnetic resonance that will pull the manifestation process to you.

By turning your desires into a multi-dimensional practice, you will be able to create anything you desire.  Just be careful what you ask for!



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