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How Many Frogs Are In Your Life?

Updated on April 23, 2016

Why wait?

Exodus 8:9-10 Moses said to Pharaoh, “Make the choice rather than me when I should ask for you, your officials, and your people, that the frogs be taken away from you and your houses, and remain only in the Nile.”

I can just hear Pharaoh laughing as Moses leaves his court. “My magicians have been able to do everything you can do; turn their staffs into snakes, turn water to blood. Do you really think your God can scare the almighty Pharaoh?” Moses returned the next day and proclaimed, “Let God’s people go or your land will be plagued with frogs. Of course, we all know Pharaoh refused and you know the rest.

Pharaoh’s magicians were able to bring the frogs, too. But, nowhere does it say they could get rid of them. I can see it now. Frogs all in their houses, wives would open their oven doors and there would be about 100 frogs just daring her to cook them. The kneading bowls (flour for things like bread, etc.) jam packed. Now the grain or flour is contaminated and no longer any good for human consumption. Stepping on frogs becomes a common occurrence. Instead of bed bugs, you now have bed frogs.

This is the part I don’t understand. Pharaoh calls Moses and agrees to let the people go if Moses would get rid of the frogs. Moses agrees, but asks the question as to when? Pharaoh could have pleaded to remove the frogs NOW…but, instead he said tomorrow. Tomorrow!? I can hear it now, “…Please, let me stay awake one more night.” “Don’t let my mamas sleep, don’t let my kids sleep.” “I know the frogs are dangerous and poisonous to my family and kingdom, but they are so cute, let them stay one more day.” Yeah…right.

Talk about procrastination! Why would he want to wait one more day to get rid of this nuisance? What is there to think about? Did he need another day to think about it and harden his heart again? Just think of the cleaning process. Every Egyptian home will have to be cleaned. Remember the grain, it has to be replaced. It may have been a job he just didn’t really look forward to. Maybe he wasn’t in the mood to deal with it that day and wanted to wait. Who knows…

How often do you put off a problem you really don’t want to deal with, or maybe a job you’re just not in the mood to do? The real issue is the problem is still there the next day. The job still needs to be done, whether or not you’re in the mood. In my experience, I’ve always found that dealing with the most difficult job or problem first is best. Why wait? Get it out of the way.

But here is the ultimate in procrastination. The Lord taps you on the shoulder and says, “Come to Me, let Me give you a wonderful gift.” Or maybe He says, “Come and serve.” People always make the mistake of telling God, “Not right now, I’ll do it tomorrow.” The problem is God is working on His time schedule and wants to bless you right now, not tomorrow. If you won’t, He will find someone else. Another thing is, why anyone would delay receiving God’s salvation. The bible tells us “The time is now.” Tomorrow never comes. Once today ends it is today again. God doesn’t guarantee tomorrow and tomorrow may be too late.

How many times have you missed out by telling God, “Not now, I’m too busy?” How many times has God tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to come to Him? Why are you waiting for tomorrow to come when God wants to bless you today? God wants us now. If you are reluctant because you think you might fail, remember this: God will never give you a task you can’t handle – without HIS help.

Why not take care of tomorrow today. Death or the rapture (whichever comes first) is right around the corner. You don’t want to leave things unfinished. Live like Jesus is coming today and work like He is never coming back.

Have you gotten rid of the frogs in your life?


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