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How Puttaparthy came into existence?

Updated on September 22, 2011

The hollowed name "Puttaparthy"

Long ago, Puttaparthy was called "Gollapalli". Cattle flourished in the village. One day, the in charge of cattle had found that one of his cow has no milk in the udder. He was suspicious of some foul play. Hence he stealthily followed the cow in the grazing field. He found that the cow was silently heading towards a secluded place and it halted at a place where there was a snake hill. The cow positioned itself with her udder portion exactly over the opening in the snake hill. A snake issued forth from the snake hill and it managed to suck the milk from the udder without hurting the cow. The cattle in charge become angry to find that precious milk is drunk by the snake. He wanted to teach a lesson to the snake. He lifted a huge stone and hurled it aiming the snake! Alas, the snake succumbed to the stone but while dying, it pronounced a curse on the village that snake hills will come up crowding the village. Exactly as per the curse, many snake hills came up(Putta means snake hill and parthi means the place)and the cattle too dwindled. The villagers surmised that all the catastrophe was due to the curse of the snake. Hence they brought the very stone which hit the snake, they washed it and placed it in a center place and erected a temple over it. They sincerely worshiped the stone. Soon, cattle flourished once again. When Saibaba announced his incarnation, he started renovating the temples of Puttaparthi. He asked the villagers to apply sandal paste to the stone and mysteriously, the form of Krishna was seen on the stone! Rest in next hub.

Young Sai at Puttaparthi


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