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How Ramadan Is Misunderstood And How To Understand Ramadan Rightly!

Updated on June 16, 2017

Hail Ramadan!

The month of Ramadan is on-the-clock, and the believers are ready to live a life different from the other months.
The entire system of 'The Muslim World' changes to gratify the requirements of the month.
Muslims take great pleasure in both fasting as well as devoting themselves to the will of their God Allah especially in the month of Ramadan.
They consider themselves blessed for the opportunity - at least that's what they confirm from the outside. (Only the person and Allah know how he feels from inside. People, even if Muslims might observe Ramadan as merely a showing) - More information below.

Let's start by looking at attributes unique to Ramadan only:

  1. Mandatory fasting (one of the five pillars of Islam)
  2. Special prayers at night (Taraawih)
  3. In the last ten days of the month, a spiritual night that's better than 1000 nights (Lailatul Qadr)

These attributes keep Muslims extremely busy throughout the month.

Below are some extraordinary credits of Ramadan over the other months:

  • The reward of an obligatory prayer is seventy times higher.
  • Optional prayers measure as same as compulsory.
  • Deeds reap greater benefits.
  • The purity of soul and wealth ensues.
  • Optional pilgrimage (umrah) renders consideration as same as Hajj (Mandatory Pilgrimage)

These are the merits extended in Ramadan to the usual events of the Islamic life to encourage a regular flow of good deeds and, more importantly, to become a 'True Muslim.'
They are a reiteration for the faith to remain as strong as ever.

But they are mistakenly considered as the only significance of Ramadan and the real message is overlooked.


Muslim population counts around 1.8 billion - That's 24% of the world’s population; still, it's only in Ramadan you will find the practice of Islamic faith, rituals, and processes majoritively.

How Ramadan Is Misunderstood.


What goes wrong?
Muslims intercept the message/significance/purpose of Ramadan limitedly.

You might want to know how?

Let's us first grasp the real message of the holy month.

1) What is the message of Ramadan?
To rectify the wrong actions with the right ones which should continue then onwards. (more explanation coming up)

2) How it is understood:
To retain wrong actions only for a month and then continue with the old patterns.

3) What is missing that it goes wrong?
The power of restoration and persistence.

4) Why is it missing?
As the accomplishment of faith is timed to a month's length.

5) What happens when Ramadan ends?
Muslims become as casual as before.

6) What should have happened alternatively?
Enhancement of efforts to do right practices for the lifetime.

Faith, unlike a month, is permanent. It is to be pursued endlessly. It doesn't run seasonally, so it cannot be restricted for a period.

The foundation of Islam Is on faith and belief in Allah as the only GOD, and on the instructions on how to live life as demonstrated by Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)

All this holds the same truth before the beginning of Ramadan as it holds during as well as afterward.

The month of Ramadan is a stimulus to renew, recollect, and redeem that it takes to be a 'True Muslim.' The method to achieve that is to implement the correct module of 'how to live life' for the lifetime as shown by Allah's messenger. It is not a mandate of righteousness valid only for a month.

How Muslims Limit their Potential!

In ordinary days of the other months, why is it that we see Mosques not as crowded as that of any prayer of Ramadan?

Why is it that we refrain from committing sins in Ramadan and resume doing them as soon as Ramadan finishes?

The answer fixes on three very crucial factors:
1) We believe in obeying for only a month.
2) We prepare and convince our mind and body for a month of sincere worship.
3) We strengthen ourselves through practice:

  • Not missing a single prayer for any reason.
  • Reading and comprehending Quran.
  • Refraining from other sinful activities for only a month.

Another real time example to relate:

Mosques are extremely crowded with worshippers for Friday noon prayers whereas prayers of other days, as well as other times, have worshippers comparatively lesser.

Why it works in Ramadan and on Friday noon prayer positively?

What happens is:

  • You have belief (faith) to comply/change/rectify.
  • You push yourself for it.
  • You exercise control and self-discipline.

Muslim faith must have lifelong willpower and determination. Ramadan comes once a year to enhance such fate. As it works fantastically for a month, it means that Muslims make it happen because they try and implement righteousness. But what misses is attempts of progression and persistence.

If the belief of continuation is psyched up, the start for change will evolve.

How To Understand Ramadan Rightly!

The Message of Ramadan:
The purpose of Ramadan is to rejuvenate and reinforce the corroded faith and to indemnify the wrong actions and habits by practicing change for 30 days at length so as to develop proper habits


Every believer sufficiently knows how essential Ramadan is, but knowing doesn't mean following. If your belief is inadequate and you can't feel connected and so can't relate, it means there is a hollow - a block, a misunderstanding that first needs to resolve. Read next!

Simple Two-Step Solution:
Follow the solutions below and upgrade your faith modestly.

Step 1:

Spot the causes of disunion, mistake, and misunderstanding:
Many factors may be the reason for disconnection.
To unquestionably understand the point of Ramadan, You must first find the obstacle.

Below might be some of the reasons:

  • Casualty: You are too relaxed about the religion and its guidelines. You must give serious thoughts for solving issues.
  • Laziness: You are lazy to adhere and execute set of religious instructions as it requires effort and energy.
  • Choice: You choose to live your life your way, if not entirely, to the extent of your convenience.
  • Rebellion: Your concerns never improve. Your views clash and solutions are pending for clarification.
  • Unclear vision: You have doubts that haven't surfaced yet. Your understanding faces obstacles preventing the emergence of a clear picture.

That's what I had meant at the beginning of the article when I said 'the acceptance of Ramadan' might be a mere showing by few.

Step 2:

After you spot the error, work to fix doubts.
Below is how Ramadan will help you bring the change:

  • The diabolic Satan is imprisoned for a month to help you think clearly - without evil control.
  • As you fast your soul becomes disinterested and is too weak to do most of the deviating tasks.
  • You get time to think and assess yourself and your life and everything related.
  • Soul-searching and self-realization update you with your weaknesses, wrongdoings, and sins.
  • You push and encourage yourself to do acts that make you a better and obliging Muslim.
  • You feel motivated as you see the surrounding around you follow the Islamic rituals.
  • You contribute and join your society to do deeds of goodness to one another and to enhance faith and suspend disbelief.
  • You strengthen your existing good habits
  • You increase your knowledge, learn new good habits through the practice of 30 days
  • you reinforce the implementation of rituals that you used to do but were unable to do it in recent times.
  • You improvise.

Ramadan is the time to touch severe issues, misdeeds, and wrongdoings and work on it to get rid of them through belief, prayer, and forming of habits in the course of thirty days.

So the message of Ramadan is simple:
Learning of 30 days must continue as a routine and become automatic.

The core of this depends on two factors:

  • Belief.
  • Willpower.

Both will also grow powerful as you fast and reassure yourself the whole month.

With these, and with prayers all will be able to reap the true benefits of Ramadan throughout the life In Sha Allah.

Read below for a super tip!!!


100% Success Tip

Salah alone can help understand Islam and everything related accurately.

Never leave the Basic: Offering Prayers

  • Salah is the second pillar of Islam, first being the Faith (There is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammed is Allah's messenger.)
  • Offering Salah consistently, makes us closer to Islam and God for a minimum five times a day
  • It also forms a powerful habit that only paves a solid way to build and expand more of life-improving practices.

When Ramadan ends, It promises redemption and happiness.
Salah helps you achieve that.
Salah plays the role of the catalyst as it remains prominently intact before and after Ramadan, In fact, until the end of life.
May Allah Bless all!


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