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How Satan Took on The Form of "The Beast": Pagan Roots of Satan's Appearance

Updated on March 23, 2017
Image of Baphomet, often used by Christians to represent Satan.
Image of Baphomet, often used by Christians to represent Satan. | Source

How did Lucifer come to be depicted as half man and half goat? Firstly, we need to look into the story of Lucifer.

Lucifer started off as an angel and many state that he acted as Gods right hand man. After spending his whole life in the service of God, Lucifer eventually turned away from his original role and became the first fallen angel.

A few different versions about how Lucifer became the Fallen Angel.

● The first says that Lucifer asked God if he could have his own kingdom to rule. Angry at this request, God threw Lucifer from heaven and into Hell.

● The second states Lucifer was asked to be the protector of mankind but he refused as he saw humans as unworthy and evil creatures. Lucifer's refusal lead to God throwing him out of heaven.

● The third says that Lucifer grew hungry for power and planned to overthrow God. Again, leading to him being thrown out of heaven.

Lucifer falling from heaven. The fallen angel.
Lucifer falling from heaven. The fallen angel. | Source

So with what we know about the story of Satan so far, we can already tell what his appearance would have been like. He wouldn't have looked the same as he is often depicted but rather would have looked like any other angel. And the only time the Bible mentions the appearance of Lucifer is as a snake in the Garden of Eden (which many people have argued is Christianity demonising paganism by using a common pagan symbol to represent something evil).

So where does the idea of a pitchfork wielding goat-man come from? To find out, we need to look at different beings from around the world that have that appearance. The image of a deity that is part man and part goat or a horned man is seen across multiple religions and all that do, show said deity with a minimum of one role that it has in common with the others. Let's take a look at two of them.


Pan is the Greek God of of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature and rustic music. He is the son of Hermes.



Cernunnos is the Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld.

Celtic God Cernunnos
Celtic God Cernunnos | Source

Why use the image of a being who is half man and half animal?

So why use the image of a God that is half man and half goat or a man with horns that in multiple religions represents nature? Again, this could have been Christianity trying the demonise paganism but might have been just because it is easy to tell Lucifer apart from the angels when he takes that form. Another theory I have come across is that it was an attempt to get people to leave the comforts of nature and embrace a more artificial life style.


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    • Seeza profile image

      Seeza Golban 10 months ago from Tampa, FL

      In my opinion, I really liked the bullet points in your section "A few different versions about how Lucifer became the Fallen Angel," but I would definitely take the "The first says," and so on, out, because there really is no first or second theory. I would use something like "one of them states this" "the other one that," and so on. I do agree with Luke Holm in regards to the length of your titles. I would make them shorter, and would probably use your titles as an entry to your paragraphs.

    • Hellenic Pagan1 profile image

      Hellenic Pagan1 11 months ago

      Thanks Nicole. I am brand new to this and am still learning the ropes. Any and all honest criticism on anything I post is most welcome :). I did put a comment on the picture mentioning why I chose it but I would agree that I didn't put much info on it or much else. Thanks :)

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 11 months ago from the Ether

      You use the image of Baphomet as the main photo in your hub...but you don't include the concept of this deity or how it relates to "Satan" or "Lucifer". Just a suggestion, but I would include this as a part of your hub to be more concise and pull in more traffic.

    • Hellenic Pagan1 profile image

      Hellenic Pagan1 11 months ago

      Thank you Luke. Making some changes now :)

    • Luke Holm profile image

      JourneyHolm 11 months ago

      Hey there, I would argue that your titles are too long. Can you make them more concise? In your first text box, "Gods" should be made possessive. In your second text box, I would get rid of the hyphens as bullet points. Space out ideas by hitting enter (do this for all breaks in between paragraphs). Also, expand upon ideas. What do you think about these stories? There is almost no information about Pan, expand upon your ideas (same goes for Cernunnos). Furthermore, the picture of Pan is pixelated. Either make it smaller or find a better resolution picture.

      Overall, it seems like you present ideas and then fail to go into detail about them. Do some research, and really share some new information with your audience. Many people already know these things about the Morning Star. What is something new you can add? There is tons of information about Lucifer on the internet. You've barely skimmed the surface.

      Finally, add a video that correlates to the information you are providing. Good luck.