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How Sathya Sai Baba revealed His identity to the world?

Updated on September 7, 2011

Saibaba reveals Himself

The parents and family in which Saibaba was born were thinking him as an ordinary child but with some rare insight. His brother once took him to a temple in a distant place. However Saibaba excused himself from entering inside the temple. He just stayed outside. His brother and other people who accompanied Saibaba to the place went inside the sanctum. What they found was an astonishing sight. Yes, when the priest who worship the Deity started waving camphor lights, all of them found the boy Saibaba standing in place of the deity and he was accepting the camphor light worship. None could believe their eyes. Immediately his brother asked somebody to go out and find whether Saibaba is outside? Some of them went outside and found Saibaba below a tree, absorbed in himself. They immediately went inside the temple and found him there also. This was the first miracle he performed publicly. His fame started spreading in the circle of the people who visited the temple on the historic day.

We were seeing that Sai as a boy was attending school. One day during 1940, he came back from the school earlier and thrown his school bag inside the house. He was telling to his sister in law. "I am leaving, My work is calling Me. His sister in law was in a state of confusion to hear these words from the young Sai. His brother was summoned from the school immediately. He witnessed a glowing hollow behind Baba's head. The neighbour, a priest came outside hearing the commotion. He was aghast to see the glowing hollow behind Sai's head. He immediately fell down prostrating to the boy.

Saibaba went straight to a garden of a bungalow belonging to a Officer in Excise department. There he sat on a stone. Immediately people from the town rushed to the garden. Some were prostrating, some were chanting the name of God. There Saibaba taught the people, the first ever Bhajan song which is being sung all over the world by Sai devotees. The song means, "Worship the feet of Guru who will transport you across the miserable ocean of Life". A photographer came to take the first click. He found that a boulder was obstructing the view which was lying at the bottom of rock where Sai was seated. He requested Saibaba to get it removed. But Saibaba said, Let it remain". The photo was taken and when it was developed it contained the beautiful form of Shirdi Saibaba sitting in his usual posture. Rest in the next post.


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