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Methods of Casting The Runes For Divination

Updated on October 3, 2012

There is one technique which I never mentioned in any of my articles about runic divination. It's very advanced technique, that is similar to ancient methods of runes divination when the runes were casted.

Actually, the only difference between ancient and modern casting is that you might have simple question, and purchased runes set :). I don't recommend this technique for newbies, because it requires good knowledge of the runes, and proper interpretation skills.

Talking with runes

I decided to switch to this technique (and only this technique for divination) one day, when I was meditating with entire Futhark. It just came to me, that it is finally time to stop placing the runes according to specific spreads, and start casting them like in the old days. Since that day, I cast runes - in the full meaning of the word "cast". Casting is the same thing as throwing.

Recommended book for beginners

Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick
Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick

A simplified guidebook for those who wish to make first steps on the path of runic divination & magick.


How To Cast The Runes For Divination

Well, first of all you need a set of runes that can be casted - for example a set made of stone or wood, or crystals. Then you need a question, and we can begin.

  • Prepare your space - if you're like me, you might not require a special area for casting. But even I decide to light few candles, and choose the evening for the ritual of casting, and I accept no one in close proximity. This is whenrunes speaks to me. But often, things are different and we can't control our environment - so you might want just to get rid of witnesses. After all, everything is your choice - if you accept people in proximity, it's OK. If you don't care about evening time, it's OK as well. Just remember - you need to feel comfortable if you want to cast the runes.
  • Decide for sub-technique - based on my intuition, I decide to grab as many runes as possible in my grip, or to grab all the runes. I just know which method will do the job in the particular case. If you want to know this, justclose your eyes, take few deep breaths and relax - observe images, sounds and thoughts that come up to your mind. They will have the answer for you.
  • Cast the runes - now when you're ready, ask the question and set the intention (for example - that you want to get advices regarding particular matter), and grab the runes from your runes bag, then cast them onto the ground in front of you and let them fall down freely. Now remember - do not move any of the runes, let them stay where they fell.
  • Get rid of inverted runes - some runes will land inverted, meaning the symbols will face the ground, instead of the air. Since you don't see the symbols, they have no meaning for you. Take all these runes back to the bag, they will not interest you any more.
  • Begin interpretation - all the other runes, of which you can see the symbols, store the answer for you, so it is time to start your interpretation.

This completes the primary casting process. Correct interpretation requires many different elements:

  • The base meaning of the rune - how do you understand the rune, what does it mean, how does it translates, etc. Knowing this is your first step in correct interpretation.
  • The distance between runes - if two runes are in close proximity to each other, it means close interaction between these runes. If one rune have landed on the another, it means that the top rune dominates over the bottom rune. If the distance between two runes is great, it means that these two runes represents ideas that are far from each other, with no correspondence, or maybe the problem is caused because these two things are so separated?
  • Geometrical shapes - do some runes groups create geometrical shapes? Can you visualize these shapes? What do you think these shapes mean?
  • Intuition - basically, all the interpretation process is based on your intuition, you need to pay close attention to all the elements of that random spread, and interpret it as you feel it. Act on your instinct.

Now you've learned an advanced method of casting the runes. Perhaps you will feel it's OK for you, or maybe you will recognize that you wish to stick with more classical modern divination spreads. The choice is yours.


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