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How to Get a Head in Life

Updated on January 3, 2019
Robert Coello profile image

Robert is a father, husband, chef, life coach recording artist, sculptor and would love to add "Author" to his list of dreams fulfilled.

She looks at her reflection in the mirror as she spins and swirls about, wondering who the new guests tonight might be? Certainly hoping that cute lieutenant will be there! Always ready and eager to dazzle the Kings chosen audience. After all, these are the moments a girl lives for right? All the painstaking rehearsals and sore bruised feet, pirouettes and step ball chains were certainly not in vain.

"Oh that my daddy loves for me to dance and entertain. I must be the luckiest girl this side of Damascus".

"Today is the day. Let me just give this sling a good strong tug to make sure its not frayed and ends up costing me my own life. Dang, I know that Saul is going to insist that I put on his clunky armor and I'll also have to explain to my brothers what I've really been doing to protect our families sheep while they are eating the fat of the land. They have no idea nor do they probably care? I'm more like their little red headed stepchild at best. But today will be different! I'll show them all! I didn't waste that time fending off and killing those wild beasts for nothing. At the end of the day I know that at least Papa will be proud of me and I'll get the Kings daughter to boot. Ha, it's going to be great day. Little do they know that I got the memo too. Good thing I'm the "errand boy".

A young boy and girl worlds apart. Both trained in their "craft". Each of them aspiring to becoming more. One of them acutely aware of what awaits him and is very eager to get a-head. But neither of them are seated high enough on the balcony to get a full view and are clueless of the eternal benefits of what their individual actions will produce that day.

This beautiful young ballerina had no clue that the wickedness in her mothers heart would result in her being the very catalyst that would cost a decent, innocent mans head to be served to "her", on a platter. Her innocence and beauty hijacked by another's evil intent. And yet in spite of the brutality of this act, both women were delightfully served their hearts desire and the scriptures fulfilled.

It's a daunting task for my little finite mind to grasp, but getting ahead in life for Herodius that particular day was more than anyone in that room could have possibly imagined.The heavens cheered as the day grew near for the ultimate sacrifice that was to take place.

"The baby" , as some might refer to him. This unsuspected ruddy boy. The youngest of eight bright and shiny polished denarius. But unlike Joseph, his brothers were not out to kill and destroy him. But nonetheless, in many ways he was relegated to the scrap heap.

Although not written, as a young lad, David could have easily penned some fantastic self development books that might make "Think and Grow Rich", pale in comparison.

By all accounts David did indeed get the memo and he purposed to take down this "giant". As he stood on the back of this ogre, who for forty days now had taunted and intimidated all within earshot was no longer. His head held high clutched tightly in David's hand became the signpost for freedom, to mention only one of the advertisements.

Humans from every tongue, tribe and nation define getting ahead in life in their own way based on a laundry list of different factors. One thing that we may all share in common is that we can get ahead solely for our own selfish gain, stepping on and using others, manipulating and deceiving and snickering as we move further towards what is seemingly the front of the line.

The opposite is also true. Getting ahead can be achieved by leading from the rear, by selflessly encouraging, promoting, provoking and cheerleading others on to the front of the line. By continually evaluating our motives and referring to and intentionally adding value to the lives of those around us by serving, sincerely serving, with no strings attached.

Where are you trying to get ahead in life? Have you taken inventory of your motives and agenda? Does it matter to you if innocent decent people are "beheaded" so that you can advance to the next rung on the ladder and receive your accolades and attaboys? Or, are you mindful of the actions and steps you are taking to obtain your goals and fulfill your life mission?

I hope, that we can evolve as a civilization that prefer others. That our greatest aim is to see those next to us arrive first. Whatever price we have to pay, we write the check, we make the deposit. In the end, what will truly truly matter is how we loved, how we laid our own lives down for our friends. Sure, we can all most likely agree that David had some ulterior motives. I mean who wouldn't want the Kings daughter and all the riches that come with it? But David was after way more than earthly treasures from the get go.

Examine the carrot you're chasing carefully for it's authenticity. Be sure that it is, "the real McCoy".One that when obtained can be put on display, exemplary for those that aspire to get a-head in life. Be on guard for Goliath's four other brothers. Who knows, maybe you might be the one to hold their heads high?

© 2019 Robert Coello


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