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How To Hook A Pisces | Dating Astrology

Updated on July 4, 2010

Some people say that star signs are a load of old bunkum propagated by people unwilling to deal with the real world. I say that those people's chakras are clogged and they're probably due for a nice remote meditational massage and perhaps a little crystal chanting to polish the chip off their shoulders.

Dating by star sign is just as valid as any other means of dating. We make arbitrary and often misleading judgments about people based on their clothing, their cars, their jobs and their hairstyles all the time, why not use the ancient power of Astrology to divine methods of getting closer to a potentially desirable mate?

If you have a Pisces in your romantic sights, you should be one of the following signs: Leo, Scorpio, or a Pisces yourself. If you're one of the other nine signs, then your relationship is astrologically unsound, but may work anyway. Fortunately for us all, being astrologically unsound is not actually grounds for divorce (yet.)

Pisceans are rumored to be deep dreamers and thinkers. Some of them have red hair, others are blondes. Still others buck the trend by going with a mousy brown color. What unites all Pisceans is their underlying structure, namely, they are all carbon based bipeds who seek social validation and material success.

You can please a Pisces by offering to pay for dinner. Like the fisherman (or woman) with the well baited hook, a person who is willing to provide food is considered a most excellent human being by most Pisceans. Pisceans can be cheap, (except when they're feeling generous.)

Don't be surprised if your Pisces regularly seeks mind altering experiences. If at all possible, you should try and be a mind altering experience for your Piscean partner. Entertain them with strange and unusual antics. Fire-eating is popular amongst Pisceans, though being able to hula dance will also be viewed positively.

Remember, a Piscean likes to feel that he or she is free to swim the oceans and waterways of the world without being cruelly netted, so if you must take a Piscean home and keep him or her in a tank, make sure that you do regular water changes, and provide a mirror for him or her to flare at from time to time.

All in all, Pisceans make pleasant, if somewhat erratic mates, and as long as you refrain from banging on their glass too often, should live long and happy lives in a domestic environment.


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