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How To Organize Professional Rune Reading

Updated on July 12, 2012

Personally, I do not perform rune readings for people, I used to but I don't do this anymore. Yet, I know few people who cast runes for others, and a lot of people who would like to learn how to organize a reading session so it will look professional. This article will give you some ideas.

When I was giving my first rune readings (well, I didn't have too much knowledge back then) I just used tarot spreads with no props or mystical environment prepared. In my case there wasn't any gentle transition from modern divination to magical ritual like the one I described in my article about casting runes. But you should turn your divination session into slightly magical rite.

The Reasons For Magical Session

Most people will just pick up the runes and lay them down according to popular tarot cards spreads. But you cannot be like everyone else. There are some reasons you should perform more magical session. Here they are:

  • Better focus - props like candle or canvas create environment, in which it's easier to focus on the magical task, and divination is a magical task after all.
  • Respect towards runes - preparing such environment takes time, and it makes you respect the whole process more. Norse runes are sacred symbols, and they should be considered as such, not as toys.
  • Safety - using open fire and incenses to clear the room of negative energies makes your divination session safer. People fill the room with many energies during a reading, it's wise to cleanse the room after each customer.
  • Better effects - finally, customers trust you more if you prepare all this fancy stuff. It has something to do with their materialistic point of view or something :).

Are you persuaded? If so, let's start a nice reading session.

Recommended book for beginners

Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick
Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick

A simplified guidebook for those who wish to make first steps on the path of runic divination & magick.


How To Organize Professional Rune Reading

Let's skip the advertisement part, there are many tutorial books out there if you're interested in full time business. Let's focus on the essential. The person to which you're going to give a reading will be referred in this article as 'customer'.

  • Prepare the room - place some canvas on the "altar", light some candles, dim the lights.
  • Prepare the runes - remember to use different runes set if you're consulting the runes for others. Keep one set of runes for yourself, and one for others.
  • Cleanse the room - use the candles and incenses (or other magical methods of cleansing the room) to cleanse it of negative energies. Cleanse it again after each and every customer or visitor. This is your sacred space, and you need to keep it clean. But a slight tip here, ask the customer if he's not allergic to your incenses - if so, set the appointment to another day, and remember to air the room, and cleanse it with incenses to which your customer isn't allergic. Just to be safe.
  • Ask the question - talk with the customer, see what he wants. Ask him what answers do he seeks, and let him ask the question.
  • Cast the runes - use your favorite method of consulting the runic oracle. Personally I cast runes, but you might prefer to use modern tarot spreads to get the answers. Then interpret the runes and if you have to, repeat the process again (for example, if your customer have more questions).
  • When you're done, and your customer have left, cleanse the room, and also - cleanse the entire Elder Futhark set, either with candle flame or incense smoke. Do this after each customer. After whole day of such work, you might want to take a ritual bath (or ritual shower), imagining that water is cleansing all the negative energies from your skin. You never know...

That's it - you can follow the guidelines above, or you can design your own rune reading session. Just remember - respect the runes, cleanse the room and the Futhark, wash yourself and most important - always have a fire burning, like a candle, to deal with negative energies that might be generated in the room.

Some additional protection symbols might be useful as well - you never know if the customer is somehow connected to some disembodied negative entities.


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