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How To Pray To Aliens, Appease Aliens And Become Their Friends

Updated on April 23, 2015

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Praying To Aliens

How do you pray to aliens and how does praying to aliens exactly work? Why should you pray to aliens and what should you expect when you pray to aliens? These questions may seem easy enough to answer, but there is a lot of information that can be provided as an answer to each of these questions. Let's answer these three questions about praying to aliens.

1. Why Pray To Aliens
.Aliens May Have Created Us- There are plenty of reasons why you should pray aliens, with one of them being that if there is no God, and aliens, then praying may do some good. In matter of fact, what if aliens created humans and somewhere down the line people started to create the image that there is a God, one true God, and this doesn't make the aliens, who very well could have created us or played a role in how humans evolved, very happy? In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry. Aliens may have always wanted us to pray to them.

2. What To Expect When You Pray To Aliens
What should you exactly expect when you pray to aliens? As mentioned previously, if humans were created by aliens, then you can expect them to like it when we pray to them. It is kind of like paying homage to them. Think about it, almost every ancient civilization had Gods they believed in, and these Gods were likely aliens. Many civilizations didn't even know about one another, but they all believed in Gods and paid homage to them in some way, shape or form. Is this just a sheer coincidence or were they all visited by aliens. Yes, in other words, maybe the Gods that ancient civilizations were praying to were actually aliens. What I am really trying to say here is that you can expect good things to happen if aliens do in fact exist. Ancient humans worshiped their Gods in hopes of being rewarded, and if these Gods were actually aliens, then you too might want to be doing the same thing. You don't need to worship them, but praying to them shouldn't do any harm.

Let's sum it up like this, you shouldn't expect much, but you should expect aliens to like it when you do pray to them, just as previously mentioned.

3. How To Pray To Aliens
How do you pray to aliens? Well, each letter in aliens (opinion) stands for something, and that is how you pray. A is for acknowledge, L for love, I for imitate, E for evolve, N for never and S for silence. Let's go over each letter in more depth, and this will give you a better understanding on how to go about praying to aliens.

  • Acknowledge- Acknowledge that aliens exist. They want you to know that they are out there, but not necessarily want you to see them. They may not want to meet humans, as of now, but it doesn't mean they don't want you to acknowledge them.
  • Love Them- Love them. They don't want you to harm them, as is the case with anybody! Nobody wants to be harmed and everyone wants to be loved. At least most people do, therefore the same logic can be used when it comes to aliens. Love aliens and you could be doing yourself a world of favors.
  • Imitate- Imitate aliens, as in be calm, patient, caring and hard working. This is how aliens are, and this is how you should be too.
  • Evolve (to be better)- Aliens have evolved quite a bit and humans should always continue to evolve to, which means always strive to do better. This is what aliens want, as they seem to always want to evolve themselves, so emulate that and they will be happy.
  • Never (stop believing)- Never stop believe in aliens, as this is another aspect/area/form of praying to aliens
  • Silence- Aliens are still quite silent, therefore you should be too. Stay calm, do good thing in life and don't gloat and just remain silent. Get the drift?! Do this, and you will be doing your part in praying to aliens.


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How To Appease Aliens

1. Why Appease Aliens

Why should you appease aliens? There are many reasons why you should do this. However, we will take a look at three of the main reasons why you should try to appease aliens.

  • Just In Case They Do Exist- One of the reasons why you should try to appease aliens is because you want to be on the safe side, just in case they 100% exist. If aliens are appeased by your actions, then you will probably be on their good side.
  • Taken To A Better Place- If you appease aliens, then there is a chance you could be taken to a better place. If aliens have a special place for humans to go to in an afterlife, then there is a good chance that they need to be appeased before humans are taken there. Heck, you might even be abducted by a space alien, taken to another planet and live in Utopia for infinite, if aliens feel extremely appeased.
  • Protection- Another reason why you should appease aliens is for protection. Many people believe in God because they want protection from God, among other reasons. Well, the same applies in the case of appeasing space aliens. If you want space aliens to protect you, then you should do your best to appease them.

2. How To Appease Them

How do you appease aliens? Easy, as all you do is pray to aliens, which was discussed previously. When you pray to space aliens, then they will likely feel appeased. Perhaps the best thing you can do is just believe that aliens exist. It is as simple as that, pray to aliens in the way previously described and this should leave them feeling appeased.

3. What Happens When Aliens Are Appeased

So, what happens when aliens are appeased? The truth is, nobody is for certain what happens when aliens are appeased. However, you can expect that you will be in good hands if you ever encounter a space alien. You may actually be looked over in a way that a guardian angel is thought to look over people. In other words, there is a possibility that space aliens look over those who try their best to appease them, so bear that in mind.


How To Become Aliens' Friends

Can you become friends with aliens? Do you want to become friends with aliens? Why would you want to become friends with aliens? Let's go over these questions below and provide you with more information.

1. Can You Become Friends With Aliens

Nobody can really answer the above question, but in today's world, anything is possible, therefore the chances are you could very well become friends with aliens. Many aliens are said to take the shape of humans, therefore there is even a chance you have already befriended an alien, but you just don't know it because they look just like you. But the short answer is yes, you can probably become friends with aliens.

2. Why Would You Want To Become Friends With Aliens

There are many reasons why you would want to become friends with aliens. For starters, when you are friends with an alien, then it means you have probably done something to appease them and they have decided to be friends with you in order to keep an eye on you. On the other hand, a space alien may be friends with you because they think you may be on the verge of exposing a secret of theirs, so they have decided to befriend you and talk you out of your beliefs in them or persuade you to believe differently and things of that nature.

3. How Do You Become Friends With Aliens

By now, you are probably wondering how do you become friends with an alien, and that is a difficult question to answer, but if you want to become friends with one, then you should be praying to aliens (in the way previously described) and appease them, which was also previously discussed. The truth is that it is hard to tell if aliens walk among us and whether or not you are already friends with one or even a few of them.

And that folks is how to pray to aliens, appease them and become their friends. Good luck.


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