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How To Protect Yourself From Evil

Updated on March 30, 2019
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Protect Yourself From Evil
Protect Yourself From Evil

What is Evil?

How can you protect yourself from something if you have no idea what it is? You must first truly understand and have an appreciation for evil before any protection can work. Evil itself is not an individual being, nor is it a monster with red horns or fangs holding pitch fork. Evil is an energy which goes against the light of God. So now that we know what evil really is, we can ascertain that evil can come in many shapes and forms. Evil comes in any individual from any race. Evil comes looking like an angel and evil can come looking like the filthiest beast. What makes the pform evil is the negative energy against God's light or God's energy.

1. Command Positive Energy Within

One thing about evil energy is that it hates or tries to avoid anything or anyone which emits strong positive energy within. A strong positive energy is self surety. Self Awareness and genuine kindness to oneself and to others. commanding a positive energy within begins with conditioning your mind. Creating high energy mental state which flows with a wonderful outlook on life. Command positive energy by speaking goodness in your life and disallow doubtful thoughts to hinder your progress. Once you have that positive energy you will see that even nature begins to bend your way and anything evil will stay as far as possible from you.

2. Forgive Others

One way to block evil energy is to practice forgiveness. People who do not forgive have bottled up hatred and anger inside that fuels the energy of evil. Hatred and anger releases a negative enzyme within the body which allows one to disassociate himself from conscious and rational thoughts. Conscious and rational thoughts are part of the God energy your body needs to block evil. Once anger and hatred build up to a point where one begins to commit the very act of immorality, then the evil energy has taken over. Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do when very bad things have been meted out to you or people you love, but never become consumed in hatred, it will leave you swallowed up in evil.

Save Your Soul
Save Your Soul

3. Stay Away From Evil energy

You simply cannot prevent evil if you keep on meddling with this kind of energy. Stay away from anyone dealing with unclean spirits or any object which carries the energy of evil attached to it. Evil energy can exist in homes where tragedy occurred, such as a past slave house or an execution chamber. Evil energy can live in a classroom where students meddle in the occult for joke and have no idea what they are capable of creating a portal which can allow unclean spirits to enter their own bodies. Stay clear of people who speak hatred towards any race, type or individual person. Chances are these people are containers of evil.

4. Save Your Soul

When we all hear about selling of ones soul to the devil, most of us believe that a redskin man with horns promise you riches and fame but he wants to buy your soul by making you sign a contract in blood. Well, that is exactly how it is, except that the redskin man is just a man in nicely dressed in suite. Don't draw evil to you by worshiping the things of this world. When you get caught up in the achievements of mankind, you end up loosing that self consciousness and self awareness barrier that helps protect you from evil. Don't commit your life to attaining riches or simply making money. This is a literal deter from the God light and hence drive the evil force to become much more attached to you easily. The material life we live now has no bearing, no match to the weight of a clean heart and an enlightened soul in the next realm.

5. Pray To The Right Source

if you are praying to the wrong source, it is obvious that those prayers will never be answered and any protection prayed for from evil will never reach you if you are sending those thoughts to the wrong source. The Source is the energy that gave you life. Some people call that source God. Some say creator, but whatever the source is, you must know the right source and make your request to that source. It is quite easy to know the source of life. All you have to do is to have a genuine need to know the real source and it will be revealed to you.


Evil energy is everywhere, just like all other energy which exist within the air. Yes, the air you breath is the breath of life and consist of infinite frequencies which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Because all these energies exist within the air, there will be good energy and the bad energy (energy of opposite frequency) The energy you choose to harness is fully up to you.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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