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How To Survive and Live A Happy Life

Updated on December 25, 2009



Dear Friends,

Mary, the mother of Jesus who is the GOD SON, has a special relationship with the HOLY TRINITY:

-Mary is called the beloved daughter of The Most God Almighty Father since she was chosen to become the mother of Jesus from the long time ago in the God’s plan.

-Mary the mother of Jesus, the God Son, has the strong relationship with Jesus in both spiritually and physically; even some Catholic’s scholars called her as another Jesus.

-Mary is called the Temple and the best friend of the God Holy Spirit. The God Holy Spirit has created Baby Jesus in Her womb.

So, please pray through Mary and with Mary, your prayer and your request will absolutely accepted by the Holy Trinity One God; Moreover, since Mary is the mother of Jesus, the beloved God Son, she has lived with Jesus 30 years before Jesus went out to preach the Good news, so she know how to transfer your prayer efficiently and powerfully to The God Trinity


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    • profile image

      Joseph T 8 years ago

      Sweetest,sweetest, Star of the sky,

      My mother,also,Mother of Christ.

      Oh Mary! the Mother of God,

      On the Calvary hill, your heart got shot.

      Sweetest, sweetest, Guide of travellers,

      In the Bethleem, who came to visit Her...

      All of Her life, closeness with Christ

      But she also saved us with Her Child.

      Sweetest,sweetest, Princess of Heaven,

      Among all Angles, she stands with high...

      I surprised, She always sastified,

      With God the Son,She delivered with pride

      Her Love is a Treasurer,

      Inside Her womb, God's shelter,

      Pray for us, Mother of Christ,

      With your prayers, our troubles become fine...