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How To Take Care Of Your Runes and Futharks

Updated on October 15, 2012

There are many books about Norse Runes out there, but often, books never mention that you should take care about your Futhark - you should keep it safe, and clean - of course, I'm talking about energetic level. In this article I've complied all the important things that you should know as runemaster.

The Psychic And The Runes

I'm psychic sensitive - this means I have some level of psychic sensitivity and I can distinct between negative and positive energies. I've noticed that my Elder Futhark became filled with negative energies over time. It was the time when I was learning how to use runes, so I didn't really know that because of the negativity stored within the stones I was using, the answers I was seeking, might not reach me - rather, the misleading answers would come up.

But after reading over some source books, I quickly learn how to cleanse my Futhark - and when I did, it begun to work again.

How The Runes Pick Up Negative Energies

Runes as physical objects are subjects to the energies that flows around us all over the time. This means, that no matter what, they will collect negative energies from their surroundings, and this means that they need to be cleansed from time to time. When do runes collect negative energies?

  • When they're used for bad deeds - for example, in black magick, because then the runes owner generates negative emotions, that are passed onto the runes themselves.
  • When they're placed in negative place - negative place might be a room, in which people shout and argue. Again, negative emotions generates negative energies, which act like a dust, covering everything at its range.
  • When other people touch them - do not allow others to touch your runes, because their energies leave a trail on the runes, a trail that makes them impossible to be used by you. If someone touches your runes, the symbols need to be cleansed before they can be used.

And cleansing of the whole Futhark is quite simple:

  • You can use water sprinkled with salt and place the Futhark in such mixture for 24 hours. If your Futhark is made of wood, just sprinkle it with salt water. You can also use candle flames and incense smoke to cleanse the runes, by simple hovering the symbols above the flame, or within the smoke. These are the simplest techniques of cleansing the runes through elemental energies.
  • I also know people who are Reiki practitioners, who do use Reiki energies to cleanse all their magical objects, including the runes. If you're Reiki practitioner, you should try it.

But often, after few years, or even few months, the Futhark might stop working for you - and it might not be really filled with negative energies, but it simple run out of fuel. In such case it needs to be destroyed - I know people who simple give it away to someone else, but I stick to the opinion that magical symbols used by us can be used to make harm to us, thus - they should be destroyed.

  • Runes can be destroyed either by burning them, or burying them far away in the ground.

To summarize - keep your Futhark away from others and cleanse it from time to time. This will keep your Futhark "healthy" and you will be able to use it for long time.

Recommended book for beginners

Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick
Introduction To Norse Runes & Runic Magick

A simplified guidebook for those who wish to make first steps on the path of runic divination & magick.


How Many Futharks Should You Own?

I've met many runes users who were using more than just one Futhark in their daily practice. As it appears, it's not really a rare practice, but quite a common one to have multiple sets of runes to perform different tasks. The reasons for this can be found in the history of the Europe.

Hundreds of years ago, when runes were used in classical way, a Witch called "Seidr" used to own many sets of the runes - she was using them for different purposes each. And when a warrior or a king visited her, seeking advices regarding great matter, she was not even using the runes she already had, but she was heading to the forest, looking for the right tree, cutting the branch and making completely new set of runes, prepared solely for this occasion. After divination, that freshset of runes was burned. Truly, a great ritual.

The Tradition Continues Today

Although personally, I'm using only one set of the runes (as I'm using it only for self-divination, and nothing else), there are many runes practitioners, who are using multiple sets for different purposes. If you feel it's right, you might want to create your own collection of different runic sets. For example:

  • Education set - such set might be used as demonstration version to newbies, interested in learning the runes. It could be touched by everyone, and there's no need to cleanse the Futhark after demonstration. Quite useful, isn't it?
  • Divination set - in order to perform divination for others, you might want to use special Futhark, meant only for this purpose.
  • Self-divination set - while for your own runic divination, you will have completely different set of the runes.
  • Meditation set - and if you like to meditate, you can create another set, that will be used only for meditation purposes.

Why Should You Have Multiple Sets

There are few reasons why you should at least consider using multiple sets:

  • Special cases - when you need to perform a divination for a special occasion, like a wedding or great business decision, it's good to have unique set of runes meant only for these purposes. It won't be charged with simple questions and tasks like "what will happen to me today". This of course leads to:
  • Less cleansing - a set that is used once a year, or once a few years doesn't need to be cleansed each month, but it can be cleansed just before being used.
  • Emotional value - a set that is used for special occasion only adds an emotional layer to the ritual. The divination or other ritual related to runes becomes almost sacred. And of course, the greater your emotions are, the better results you will get from the ritual.

For some people, having so many sets might be wicked, for others - quite useful, and of course, there are these occult geeks who simple like to have so many cool stuff in their room.


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      Very interesting topic I enjoyed learning about runes and how to use and clean them thanks for the info; I had a crystal that I got in Brazil and I was told not to let anyone else touch my crystal and to clean it in warm water using sea salt. take care pam.