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How To Witness To A Jehovah's Witness - Part 1

Updated on July 17, 2010

Allow me to start off by saying that I'm not claiming that my approach to reaching Jehovah's Witnesses is "the best", but I have been able to rescue some from their organization. I just thought I'd share some of the various experiences I've had with them. This discourse in actuality is written with the real time face to face encounter in mind, but it can also be used for internet witnessing. However, due to certain dynamics via the internet, there are other methods that I employ just a little differently, and from another approach.

When one is contemplating witnessing to a Witness, they must keep their patience level high, to a maximum. I see reoccurring mistakes that Christians make when conversing with JW's. Let me clarify by what I mean by mistakes. In the truest sense when evangelizing, it's my position that God uses all things we say for a purpose, despite ourselves and "shortcomings". So in that, nothing is truly vain or a mistake. However, with wisdom, experience, and training we can learn how to be more proficient in our evangelizing that will help us get to the point in love, and away from the rabbit trails, weeds, and circular arguments that may arise.

It does one well when they put in the effort to learn the various doctrines of the JW's and cite their publications, to see where they're coming from. I know many Christians that go into a debate thinking that since they have studied the Bible inside and out, they have the upper hand and they'll win the argument. A Bible "proof texting" debate is often engaged which leads to the typical Bible "ping pong". We must realize a key point here. JW's are trained to teach whereas listening or considering what their opponent is saying is not a priority. If you were ever to attend their Theocratic Ministry School, you'll see that they are taught to appear to listen but wait for an opening to respond. I'll expound on this school in a further post.

Approach is key here. As Christians, it's not all about trying to win an argument, it's about sharing. If you have a "theological chip on your shoulder", this will stifle your efforts, lesson your effect, and make you appear as disingenuous. Throw the axe away, there's nothing to grind. Rather than being the drill sergeant that demands a response, be the journalist that is taking in mere information. Instead of telling the answer, ask for it. For example, instead of saying something point blank like "Jesus is God, the Bible says so", try this instead. "I understand that you guys believe that Jesus is not God, but how do you get your exegesis on this"? Make them think on why they believe why they do, and along their way of explanation, ask them about certain scriptures that seem to affirm that Jesus is indeed God. Ask for the harmonization of the apparent contradictions. To stress it again we must keep this in mind at all times, simply put, they are there to teach you and not the other way around. Once they feel they are no longer teaching, they usually get uninterested and decline further dialogue. Take your time and be willing to listen yourself.

To be continued...


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    • PlanosLie profile image

      PlanosLie 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      "Some JW need witness to you and help save your soul cause your clearly dont know what your talking about"


      Would you like to clarify? You have no idea what I know about the JW's, but guess away if you like :-)

      I'm tempted to show you my "Theocratic Library" that would make some Kingdom Halls jealous lol.

    • profile image

      Nikko 7 years ago

      Some JW need witness to you and help save your soul cause your clearly dont know what your talking about

    • PlanosLie profile image

      PlanosLie 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      "...and to focus on who they say Jesus is."


      Even that can be one of the main "taboos" when talking to a JW. But if God has told you to do this, then I won't butt in lol. I don't usually start off debating Jesus' deity for various reasons that I'll explain later. I'll give you a hint though, until a JW has doubts about his organization and what they teach, they won't be as willing to consider our Bible hermeneutics, no matter how sound they may be.

      Also to note, when Thomas and Peter truly learned who Jesus is, it was by revelation. IMHO, no exegesis on Christ will ever be suffice to the personal revelation he gives us as who is. Yes it's all "in there" (the Bible) but that needs to get "in here" (our heart) which only his revealing power can do. Blessings...

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Yes, when I met with JW's, I asked the Lord what to focus on ~ who the 144,000 are; is there a hell; etc. The Lord showed me all of that is pointless, and to focus on who they say Jesus is. That is the crux of our salvation, for all who will see and believe. I look forward to your sequel!