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How We May Benefit from Having Foresight

Updated on March 17, 2016

The dictionary defines foresight as the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or what will be needed in the future, seeing things or events before they materialize. Kind of like charting the trajectory of a rocket from its launch position and knowing exactly where it will land. It is a tool which I hope to fully develop because in my opinion it will allow me to gain an edge in many situations concerning my own life. There is a procedure that should be practiced in order to be able to accurately use foresight.

The process involves looking back to define what has occurred, while gaining a better understanding of why, knowing why something occurred makes it easier to recognize when it re-occurs, thus producing familiarity and sure recognition. This is what is known as Hindsight. There is a saying “hindsight vision is twenty-twenty vision”. It is the looking back and understanding situations or events after they have happened or developed. Example, “had I known my back would be sore from lifting boxes, I wouldn’t have done so”, looking back you now know the possible results or consequences of lifting boxes again. Hindsight teaches the same way experience does. Knowing the history should prevent us from repeating it.

This next process, using one’s Insight has to do with common sense. The reason I say this is, it takes common sense to see what is obvious and trust the lessons learned from the past. If past experience has taught you what happens when you do something good or bad, then whenever that something does occur, it should be recognizable from the onset. Know, knowing the history should also give a clearer view of the present.

To be able to look ahead and determine the outcome of situations, actions, events, and even personalities should allow you to be better prepared in life. This is the benefit of Foresight. Those of us who study the teachings of Jesus Christ would use Discernment to assist with developing all three views. One can never go wrong when relying on His teachings. The Bible is also a great place to study history, and offers clues on how to view and prepare for the eternity, which is the future we as Christians should be living and preparing for.

Let me sum this up this way. Hindsight, (studying the past and clearly seeing what and why something occurred). Insight, (understanding and immediately recognizing a current event, because it has been seen before with obvious results. Knowing the reason something is presently occurring). Foresight, (the ability to project an outcome based upon information and experiences generated from the first two viewing perspectives).

How is this beneficial? Lessons learned from past experiences should help shape our present lives, as a society and as individuals. It’s how we progress and progression is a driving force behind the evolutionary process. My goal is to use these tools to make my life as efficient and productive as possible, and being able to conduct my life using these viewing perspectives allows me to evolve. Just as with anything, the more you exercise these viewing perspectives the better you will become in using them as tools to avoid many issues, such as, illnesses, (mental and physical), confrontations, disputes, and many other road blocks that can slow or prevent progress. Also using these tools can allow you to peacefully approach obstacles.

For those of us who study the teachings of Jesus Christ we should be able to see how He used hindsight, insight, and foresight to deliver His messages. Because He was “God with us.” He was from a place where there was no past present and future, He saw every event that has ever happened. He saw what led to the event, He knew the outcome, and He saw these acts all at once, thus providing Him with hindsight.

So when Jesus spoke and taught He did so from experience since He was actually there, providing Him insight. His teachings were intended to enlighten or shine light on the benefits of accepting His wisdom and the way to apply it in our daily lives. He also provided us with the hope of a future in the Kingdom of Heaven. Which is promised to everyone who practices Kingdom Worship and Living. Which of course He knew all about, providing Him foresight. I know I am repeating myself again, but; Jesus actually saw the past, the future, and everything in between all at once.

Any time there is a recognizable pattern to anything leading up to something that is currently happening there is a predictable ending. It’s probably why older wiser people can see what a younger person is going through based upon their actions, because they’ve seen it before many times and recognize it instantly. And why they are more likely able to advise that individual on what actions they might take in order to either bring prosperity or prevent a catastrophe.

God Bless Everyone.

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