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How Well Do You Know Your Bible?

Updated on November 25, 2015

As we all know, the bible is one of the most well-known books there has been. Everyone knows how it plays a major role in the lives of us Christians and pertaining to the question of how well do we really know much about it, another springs into scene. Something that needs to be answered arouses as we go to church to hear his word. “Where is your bible?”…sounds like a familiar thing when it actually is. It would be much better to relate to the preacher when he would say “Open your bile…” and then follows the verse or part by which he is referring to and it is my prayer that whenever we go to church, we would have our bibles with us on our side.

Nowadays, there has been many applications and included in this would be accompanied with the bible as through your phone, you can now access it and look to the verse or phrase you want to by the click of a button or maybe just a swipe of your finger for touch screen users.

The bible is actually an interesting topic to discuss to and if ever we are to dig even deeper about it, a whole night is simply not enough for it. There are dozens if not literally hundreds of amazing and wonderful lessons we can get by reading and meditating on God’s word. If we would just have the time to take it up upon ourselves to scan its wonderful messages, we would be astonished by the many great things it presents.

At one time, I tried to share such a topic to a friend. I asked him how much he know of the bible and he told me that he don’t really know much about it. He’s not an avid reader. He has no weekly time to read about it and to open such would mean being in church with a preacher in front telling you to do so. And so, at that moment I shared to him some things about it based on what I already know and it turned out to be a bonding as well as a delightful conversation for the two of us.

Technically, there are many versions of the bible there are now. There’s the king James version, new international version, contemporary english version, new language translation and new American standard bible just to name a few. Indeed, there are lots of translations there are but one thing that I learned about this is that you want to stick to the one close to the real thing. If you would scan each version, notice how some of the versions have verses in them missing. That’s actually right. It was also quite a shock to me when my eyes were opened that I would see some parts out of the pages. Try Matthew 17: 21. This verse speaks about prayer and fasting. Now that is a nice topic to discuss. By prayer and fasting, you can be more faithful to the Lord but the new international version doesn’t have it as well as some versions. The explanation? It’s quite interesting actually and better to live it for your research but the thing that I read about it is that one author knows about this and he recommended that you stick to the King James Version. Notice I actually made capital letters for this just for emphasis. Bible scholars pick the KJV as well as it mostly preserves that of what is true. He only uses the other versions for comparison but makes it a point to prioritize the KJV for passages.

They say that if you have the dedication to decide and read the bible from the first to the last of its books, then better start with the new testament. Hmmm? Why is that? I heard that it’s because if you start with Genesis, you might not get to half of the bible because of the boredom you might get. In the old testament, there includes genealogies and long ones, that’s for sure. In these scenarios, it would be common for you to read phrases such as this, “(Name of the character), son of…., who is the father of…., who is the descendant of….,” and so forth.” And, it’s something that is recommended actually as Jesus’s momentary stay here on earth to die for our sins that we may have eternal life through him is one considered to be a valuable history we should take heed in our lives. So, new before old? That’s a fine matter to see through.

Also, as you read the bible you will be encountering cool facts that you didn’t knew there were. There are nice and amazing trivias to know for. One of these is when I looked up to a passage and knew that God has a prophet with no hair. There is a bald prophet in the old testament. You can just imagine his shiny head but the important thing about this is that he served the Lord truthfully. His name is Elisha. He is the disciple and successor of Elijah. This implies that God looks at what is inside more than what is presented on the outside. If what is inside of you is good, then what is outside of you will simply follow. If goodness is so much within you, then it will overflow to those around you. If your faith within you is strong, then your actions will tell much about it.

1 Samuel 16:7 tell us, “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” So, it would be better if from time to time, we would check our heart. How’s our relationship with the Lord doing? Does it pleases him to sees us by the way we live our lives? Do we acknowledge him daily by the simple and maybe even broader things there are standing on to his word that he shall make our path straight (Proverbs 3:5-6):? Is our faith in him growing as we continue to abide by his word? Let us put him first in our lives.


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