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What Does Your Lifesong Sound Like?

Updated on April 20, 2012

Introduction to a Lifesong

How many of you have heard the song "Lifesong" by Casting Crowns? In this song, the line, "Let my lifesong sing to You," is repeated throughout the song. Have you ever just took a moment in your busy day and just think about what kind of life you are living? Do you let worldly possessions distract you from God? Are you in a position where you feel that there is no way God could ever forgive you for the things you have done? How does your own lifesong sound and is it a lifesong that you would want God to hear? I have recently began to think about how my own personal lifesong sounds to not only those around me, but how it might sound to the God. There is a simple way to make your "lifesong sing," but allow me to share a story of an individual's lifesong and how that that person's life has made such a huge impact to those in their life.

Think about this while you read:

What does my lifesong sound like?

Zachary LaFleur 1983-2012

Lifesong of the Righteous

I began to really take a look at what I was doing in my life and what I was placing in front of me that provide Satan with perfect stumbling blocks in my journey. This evaluation from within has come as my brother, Zachary LaFleur, was taken home to heaven after a five year fight with a very aggressive form of cancer. It was not his passing that triggered this introspection, but instead the 28 years of his life, especially those trying and painful five years with cancer. Written words could never do justice to the kind of person my brother was in life. In short, Zach was probably one of the loving, kindest, loyal, smart, and determined individuals I have ever known. The cancer NEVER defined the remainder of Zach's life. Instead, Zach found love in his wonderful wife who, knowing the odds, married him regardless. No challenge was to big for Zach and cancer was no different. As the cancer moved to my brother's brain and began to take over, Zach still managed to complete law school and graduate even though doctors said he would not graduate. His love for God was so great that even in the face of death, he did not fear it. Time and time again Zach was a living testament to the power and in the end the mercy of our God.

Isaiah 57: 1-2 says: The righteous perishes, And no man takes it to heart; Merciful men are taken away, While no one considers That the righteous is taken away from evil. He shall enter into peace; They shall rest in their beds, Each one walking in his uprightness.

Zach's lifesong was inspirational to everyone around him and even in death, or rebirth, his lifesong is still resounding throughout the lives of people he inspired from all over different parts of the world.

How to Fine Tune Your Lifesong

So, what does your lifesong sound like?

Zach, like all of us, was not perfect by any means, but his choice to live for God no matter what life threw at him allowed for blessings to surround his life while he was on this earth.

How you choose to live is entirely up to you, but know that God loves everyone, so much in fact that he sent his only Son Jesus Christ. Upon that cross, he bore every sin that you have and have yet to commit in your life. No matter the life you have been dealt, no matter the sins you have committed, no matter the fears you have, God loves each and everyone of us without exception.

If you accept the gift of salvation from death, your life will go through a transformation and you will begin to notice that that unpleasant lifesong you have been hearing begin to change and turn into something beautiful. Like musicians, it takes work and a lot of practice to maintain your lifesong and there will always be challenges that seem impossible. When things get difficult lift up your lifesong to God and see that all things through Him are possible.

God bless

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Does Your Lifesong Sound the Way You Want it to?

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