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How Witchcraft Has Infiltrated the Church

Updated on November 27, 2019
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Lou Tenant writes articles with a focus on mysteries and unexplained phenomen in the search for the truth. Thanks for reading this!

Witchcraft Defined

What is witchcraft?

Could you define it simply in one sentence? When you think of the word “witchcraft“, what comes to mind? You may think of spells or witches or chanting figures in dark robes. Movies and TV have greatly influenced how we think about witchcraft, especially in the cheesy hocus-pocus way it’s often portrayed. But oftentimes in the real world it’s much more subtle and darker than many think. Without discernment, it can seem very appealing, even to Christians.

To define what witchcraft is, we will first explain what it is not. This will help us understand how to view witchcraft in light of the Bible.

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

To properly understand witchcraft, let‘s explain what the opposite of witchcraft is. A key concept you must know first is that humans have no inherent supernatural power. Jesus’ disciples could only do miracles when they were filled with the Spirit. Similarly, the magicians and witches (like the Witch of Endor) of the Bible could only do their magic with the help of an evil spirit or angel.

Here we make an important distinction between the two. When the Holy Spirit indwelled in the disciples, the disciples could do miracles according to God’s will. Meaning, the disciples sought to be vessels to accomplish the will of God, not their own desires.

In the case of the mediums in the Bible, they used supernatural power according to their own desires. So that, in a nutshell, is what witchcraft is.

Witchcraft is the use of supernatural power to alter one’s reality or change one’s current condition.

Essentially, it is the opposite of being filled with the Spirit. One is selfish; the other is selfless. It all depends on what is source of your power and what your will is- to serve God or to serve yourself.

Now that we have properly defined this, let’s move on to how witchcraft has infiltrated the church and deceived many Christians.

Word of Faith and Positive Affirmations

The Word of Faith movement is a popular offshoot of the prosperity gospel. Its focus is about positive affirmations. It basically teaches that unclaimed rewards or blessings from God are just sitting around somewhere waiting to be “claimed”. All you have to do to “claim” these blessings is use faith statements. They teach that saying an affirmation in a certain way or with a certain confidence will compel God to act in your benefit.

Some within this movement teach that we humans are “little gods.” This status apparently comes with the ability to speak things into existence in the same way that God created the universe. All you have to do, according to them, is speak what you want into existence. This can include finances, health, material possessions, and things like that.

This teaching and the Word of Faith movement in general has become really popular with people, especially on social media. You may see posts on social media saying things like “God wants you to have ___ all you have to do is just claim it! Speak it into existence!” And while such statements seem nice on the surface, this isn’t how prayer or God works.

You cannot compel God with your words.

Simply thinking certain thoughts,

saying certain statements with confidence,

or trying to compel God with either of these things

is not faith. That is more like witchcraft. And it’s

important for Christians to understand this.

Humans are not “little gods.” We don’t have the power of creation or the power to supernaturally alter our life on our own. Our faith can lead to God doing these things for us, but we cannot force Him too. Don’t associate God’s will with your personal desires.

Key Takeaways

  • Witchcraft is about the control of supernatural power or forces to benefit oneself.
  • The Word of Faith movement teaches that you can control your situation through confident affirmations (which sounds more like spells than faith).
  • Humans cannot speak things into existence like God can.
  • A good thing isn’t always a God thing, don’t always view material blessings as rewards for faith. Always use discernment.
  • Trials and suffering can often make us better Christians and strengthen our faith.
  • Struggles in one’s life, whether financial or health-related, does not always mean that one is not faithful enough, it is simply a part of life.

It is imperative that the church remains aware and correct doctrinally. If we start accepting movements like the Word of Faith theology as biblical, we are letting witchcraft and occult teachings infiltrate the church. It’s up to those who know the truth to always be on guard against false teachers, doctrines, and movements. Otherwise, our ignorance will lead us to be easily deceived.

© 2019 Lou Tenant


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