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How Would You Act ?

Updated on June 19, 2013

If You Were Told Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong ...

  • How would you act if everything you thought you knew was wrong ? Obviously that would be determined by what the subject matter concerned .

    Suppose your religious beliefs got turned upside down , as seems to be happening with the Vatican ? How would you act ? Would you go in shock with disbelief , would you shake your fist at the heavens and denounce God ? Would you slip into a deep depression and question your very being ? Would it ruin your faith in any hope that anything was what it appeared to be ?

    Say you just realized that our very history as a nation and country were turned upside down by false teachings in our public schools only because some believed it would cost to much to revise the history books and reteach the misinformation , how would you act? Would you seek the truth on your own or would you lose faith in teachers ? Would you blow it off and say it doesn't matter it's history anyway ?

    Suppose you just uncovered the fact that you were adopted , would it hurt your feelings ? Would you feel deceived ? Would you question your beginnings and parentage ? Would you seek the truth ?

    You are suddenly aware that you were intended to be heir to a nominal sum of money or property from a long forgotten or barely known relative and were conveniently not informed , how would you act ? Would you seek retribution or would you blow it off ?

    So you consider yourself fairly well informed on business and government matters concerning local and worldly affairs and you are suddenly aware of the fact that the world as a whole is being blatantly lied to and mislead with only their own well being tended to , how would you act ? Would you write your Congressman or Senator ? Would you do nothing because you can't change it ? Would you quit voting because you lost your faith in the democracy ?

    How would you act if everything you thought you knew was wrong?

    Would you lose all faith in everything , religion , government , family , in yourself , if your world got turned upside down and you found out your world , your life , yourself was not what you thought ? How would you act ?

    How will you act when you awaken and realize all of the above is true ?

    LOOK inside YOURSELF for the answer , it is the truth and you will then know how to act .


    Vagabond Mystic 2013

    Happy Ascension


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    • vagabond mystic profile image

      Tim Sutterby 4 years ago from missouri

      Thank - You so very much for your comment , it tells me I am on the right track myself . I have a couple new ones to add to hub pages as I have not added anything new lately . Sorry so long in answering haven't been on here in awhile , hope you read my new ones and I most certainly enjoy and look forward to reading more of yours .

      Sincerely , Vagabond Mystic

    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 4 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hello Vagabond, You give a person a lot to think about in this hub. You are right ,this whole world is upside down,it seems like so many people have lost faith in just about everything. Who would have ever thought our children would be taught all of what they are in school now? Who would have believed there would come a time the children would not be safe in school; nor would the teachers ?When I went to school and my children ,too, they were allowed to speak God's name in school , we prayed The Lord's Prayer and The Pledge Allegiance every morning but now God is not allowed in school and it has been all down hill since that time.

      Neighbors used to help others out but that is not like it used to be , it is like almost every body is looking out for themselves with no thought of others. I am very fortunate where I am I have a wonderful couple that lives next door and are very helpful ,but that is unusual any more.

      All of the ungodly laws that have been passed and condemned in the Bible , you can only think what God is thinking and wonder how long before He says it is enough. He will not always turn His head at the evilness . He has the Power to put a stop to all of the evilness here one on earth and a one of these days He will . A good hub. Clara