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How a Fun Prophetic Dream Interpretion Won Me $15

Updated on April 21, 2014
How often do you pay attention to your dreams?
How often do you pay attention to your dreams?

Posted: 2:15 a.m. April 21, 2014
By Teresa | I Bet You Didn't Know

Do you dream when you go to sleep? Have you ever had a prophetic dream interpretation that came true in your real life? Well, if not I bet you didn't know that paying attention to the meaning of your dreams you sleep at night (or any time) can benefit you in real life? I am the kind of person who often times listen to details of what goes on in my dreams when I'm asleep. Well, that is, after I awake and think of the dream I had prior to waking. Some of my family members and friends know that my dreams when I sleep tend to come true in my waking life. A few of my family members and most of my friends tend to call me to interpret their dreams for them. They want to know what they mean. So I offer than different possibilities of what it means. I do not claim to be an expert. I am like anyone else who has taken the time to learn about dreams. That's it.

A lot of times you can learn something about someone or you can get useful information for your own life through the dreams of another person. For example, let's say you have a friend name Susan. She goes to sleep, has a dream and you're not even in the dream, and upon waking she calls you just to share her dream with you for whatever reason. Well, sometimes the dream is about that person who had the dream and you can in fact learn about what's going on with that person by listening to the dreams they have when they go to sleep. Sometimes it's about someone they know. Sometimes it's about someone they don't know. But what we know for sure is that dreams can be interpreted. So if you don't want someone to know something about you, you may want to use discretion when it comes to telling them the dreams you have when you sleep. Dreams really can reveal more about you than you are willing to consciously share about yourself.

Have you ever had a dream when you slept, that came true in your waking life?

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How I Benefited from My Friend's Dream

Nevertheless, this particular article won't be about MY dream that came true. Instead it will be about how I personally benefited from someone else's dream. No kidding.

I was called by a friend in Belize and she told me about a dream she had regarding the lottery. In this dream, her friend told her that she controls the lottery so told her to pick 01. The point was so she'd be the winner, right? So she did (in the dream) and ended up losing because the winning number was 06 instead of 01. Why her friend told her 01 and ended up making 06 the winning ticket, was strange. But that's what happened in my friend's dream. And that's basically all she remembered from that dream.

With me having personal experience interpreting dreams that have been accurate, I asked if that's how the lottery works in Belize (since clearly that's not how it's done here in the U.S.). And by that I mean, that you pick one number and that's it. Our lottery games here in the U.S. have much more numbers. So after asking her if that's how it is in Belize, I believe she said, yes or something. So I suggested she go play the lottery and pick 06 instead of 01, or both just to see which ones win. The purpose was to see if her dream was real in any way, shape, or form. She chuckled and basically said she's not going to play. So I wondered what would happen if I went to play the lottery here in my local area. But I thought it's not enough numbers. Here in the United States, the lottery has more numbers on a ticket. So I initially just left the idea alone.

A Slightly Different Dream Interpretation & The Results

Later that same day, I went to the convenient store to get something. I was at the counter and having small talk with my buddy working there. I looked at the scratch-offs in the counter with the glass over it and I saw they numbered the scratch-offs 1 to 16 I believe. I thought of my friend's dream. In the dream she was told to pick 01. Well #1 scratch-off was like $1 and #6 scratch-off was $2. I said maybe the dream meant the scratch-offs. Obviously, the Universe or God who gave the dream to my friend knew she wouldn't play. But knew I would, while also trying to possibly show my friend -- through me -- that dreams are real. I had a lot of thoughts. But one I was pretty set on was which lotto games (including scratch-offs) did her dream apply to. Well, regular lottery tickets was out since it was just one number, or two if you count the zero. And there are no regular lottery games with just one or two numbers here in Texas.

So the scratch-offs were the next runner up, after seeing how they numbered the games starting from #1 up to I think #16. But, I did not want to spend $2 on a scratch-off. I really didn't. But in the dream, 01 did not win; 06 did win. So as much as I didn't want to spend $2 on a scratch-off, I went ahead anyway and paid the $2 for that one scratch-off ticket numbered 6. It was 06 in her dream that won, so I had to go with it. I was tempted to just get both #1 and #6 scratch-off tickets. But then that would have been $3.00 and since I didn't even want to spend $2, it was obvious I wasn't going for $3. I got it, went home, and scratched-off the ticket.

It was a bingo scratch-off of some kind. I'll get the name of it later. I won $15 from that scratch-off. At first, I didn't think I won anything and almost threw it in the trash, until I looked over the instructions again. I overlooked the diamond and some other stone when scratching off the ticket. So I looked again to see if there was a diamond or some other stone to help me complete any row and sure enough there were two rows. I won a total of $15. I just started laughing. I called my friend in Belize and told her the news and she laughed, too. I kind of look at it (the $15 win) as a prize for getting the interpretation right. Too bad it wasn't a much higher prize amount, but it was fun. I send her money just about every month so of course, I'd give her a cut of the win. After all it was her dream. I just acted on it once I realized I could, since she wasn't going to act on it. So I spent $2 and won $15 for a total profit of $13 all off of a dream a friend had. Cool, huh?

Learning About Dreams

Learning about dreams can be fun especially when your interpretation is a positive. Negative interpretations are not ever fun, but doesn't decrease value of how it still helps. Nobody wants to dream someone getting murdered and you tell someone of the warning and they shrug it off and end up being murdered. That's never a fun way to learn the language and meanings of dreams. But in this case, it was about the lottery and I properly interpreted it and got awarded $15 by the Universe for it. Doesn't mean that every lotto dream will be about the lottery. Just like in our everyday language, there are multiple meanings for one word and you have to put things in its proper context. For example, the word 'yahoo' means a couple of things. One of which means rude and stupid. And on the other hand, it also means a way to express excitement. You can look in any dictionary and see any word with multiple meaning along with the proper context in which to use them. So the same will hold true for learning the different words of what I'll casually call 'Dreamland' or 'Dreamworld' -- the world our spirits escape to when we go to sleep or take a nap. So you may want to keep your own personal journal as you embark on learning how to properly interpret your own dreams.

The Moral of My Experience

Dreams tell us things that we can choose to pay attention to or choose to ignore. Those who pay attention to them are more likely to benefit from them than those who think there is no real substance to it. I bet the next time my friend has a dream about the lotto or anything, she'll be more attentive and act accordingly. The key is interpreting the dream accurately. But you can only do that if you start learning the code of your dreams. There are dream interpretation books that exist online and offline. There are many sites that help provide a dream "dictionary" to help you decipher what a dream means. It's like learning a new language. The more you use it, the better you get at it. And by better I mean, the more accurate you get to interpreting its meaning. You don't have to use books. I didn't. You can learn on your own. Just like you don't need to get a book on how to speak Spanish to learn it. Just being around people who speak that language, you can pick up on what means what -- by listening. It's not as hard as some might think.

Refrain from Letting Your Dreams Go to Waste

Perhaps, I'll share more dreams (my own dreams) with you in the future that have manifested in my waking life. I have a sibling who dreams about a specific hotel in our area. And interestingly enough, most of those dreams she has tend to come true in the waking world. She doesn't benefit from them in any way. So she often asks why she even has those dreams. I was thinking that maybe she should become an intuitive consultant for them. Some companies hire such people, believe it or not. Much like you have some "psychics" working for law enforcement. But she hasn't decided on whether or not to do that.

Having dreams that don't directly benefit you or to whom they are for when you don't share them with whom its meant to be for -- are ultimately worthless. People could be sitting on gold (their dreams while sleeping) and not know it; not knowing what to do with them.

Have Fun Getting to Know Your Dreams

Get to know your dreams. Some can be warnings and some can be pleasant surprises. Some can be used to create the next #1 best selling book and some can be used for other things (big or small). Dreams have meanings and multiple meanings. Pay attention to your dreams when you sleep. They are there for a reason; to benefit you or someone else in some way, shape or form. Learning the dream language is like learning anything -- understanding it develops over time. So be patience. There will be trial and error. But that's a given when learning anything.

Have fun learning about your dreams when you go to sleep.

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