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How a human could measure Divine?

Updated on January 19, 2012

Cosmic Form of Krishna as per Bagawat Gita!

How can we ever understand God?

Yes, this is an intricate topic. Only the scriptures and saints can answer this. Once Saibaba told a gathering, "how an ant can measure the Ocean? In the same predicament, the human being is placed. How creation can understand the "Creator"? He can at best, enjoy the love and grace of the creator. But he can never research on the topic God. In the Bagawat Gita, during the historic Mahabarath war, Lord Krishna has granted Arjuna a special vision to look at the all comprising form of the Lord known as "Viswarupa". The entire visible Universe with all space, myriads of stars and planets were seen inside Him.

Each moment multitudes of beings perish and they enter into the monstrous mouth of the horrible form of Lord. Arjuna could not have visualized this with his ordinary eye and hence the Lord has granted him special vision. In that he saw the Lord as the be all and end all of entire creation and cosmos! All the saints, sages, and holy people were seen as part of the Lord. Also all the demonic forces too found place in him. Constant creation, sustenance and destruction was witnessed by Arjuna and he could not bear the gory sight. He requested the Lord to revert to His original beautiful form!

The creation is vast and expanding every moment. Man is but a tiny speck in the creation when compared to the vastness. Yet the Creator transcends the creation simultaneously and he is not limited to the creation. Hence Krishna told him, that the creation is part of my glory and projection of my will! Jesus Christ has said, "Those who have known me, has known my father too. But it is very much doubtful that "how many understood the Christ". Even the apostles could only see a glimpse of him. He had to show his mortal wounds to one of his disciple to prove that he has raised from the Tomb! When this is the condition of his closest, how can we dare to pass our opinions about God or the incarnations of God? Only people of highest wisdom can gauge a little about God.

Again, the imperfect instruments of man, like the mind, intellect and the like can never understand God since He is beyond the ken of human intelligence and measurement. Hence the adage, "how an ant can measure the Ocean"? Many saints have declared that in the silence of mind, the words of God can be heard. Yes, the mind should be made 'quiescent' and then only the experience of God can be felt in the soul!

Here, i remember the story of a frog which was living in a small well. One day accidentally a frog from a nearby lake happened to fell inside the well. Surprised to see a frog from outside, the frog in the well questioned the intruder, "Where from you have come"? The lake frog replied "I am coming from a big lake! Oh, how big it is, saying this the well frog leaped from one end of the well to the other end and said, "Is your lake this much big? No! said the lake frog, it is biggest and vastest and it can not be measured by us. In a way, our condition is like the frog in the well and the sages and saints explain to us the vastness from their stand point which when compared to the well is really immeasurable. But God is like the Ocean which can submerge all the lakes in the world! Hence none can understand the vastness of God and man has invented a term "Infinite", which is beyond description!


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