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How a sweet dish can enjoy itself?

Updated on October 28, 2012

Supreme sacrifice!

How God Loves Himself?

When there is a sweet dish, some body must be there to enjoy its taste. Otherwise, the existence of a sweet dish itself has no meaning. Likewise, God being Love has to enjoy the Love. How is it possible for the Love(God) to enjoy itself is a big question. The philosophers of East have found out by intuition that God has separated himself from himself in order to Love, in order to share the Love. We are the separated entities from God and God Loves us all. By that act, He loves himself, he shares the love with all beings who are none other than him! This is the central theme of Advaita philosophy). Though outwardly it may look queer, this is the only explanation which hold good when we consider God as the only entity.

In the Hindu scriptures, it is pointed out that the Self alone is real and all else is illusion. The Self is the in dweller of all Beings.As the same Sun is seen in different pots filled with water as separate, we also feel that we are all separate individuals. It is the reflection of the Sun which is seen. Likewise it is the One Self which is reflected as individual soul in each entity. We are all the 'images' of God. If we want to look at our face in a mirror, the reflection will be clear only when the mirror is clean. We don't perceive the clear reflection of God in us due to the tainted mind, vitiated by the sensory impressions and worldly desires. These dusts cover the mind and hence God is not seen. But, to a saint or sage, God is seen as we see each other since their mind is like a blank sheet without any blemishes. Hence first we have to cleanse our mind of all dust and dirt in the form of sensual pleasures and attractions. When we get rid of 'Lust, Anger, miserliness, attachment, pride and hatred, our conscious become clear and we are able to see the clear reflection of God in it.

There are several examples. The cataract in the eye prevent clear vision. When you remove the cataract, you will regain the vision. Sometimes the surface of the water is covered by algae and other water plants which hide the surface of the water, Remove those growth and you can clearly see water. Likewise, our Self is covered by thick veils of body consciousness, Ego and desires. Only when you remove those veils, you can come face to face with the Self! Unfortunately, to day man relies much upon his monkey mind which misleads. From the same mind, conflicting thoughts arise and hence the individual is greatly agitated. This is due to our following the mischievous mind. We have to rely on our intellect and discrimination instead of the mind. The mind should be under the control of intellect. But the mind has become a slave to the senses which drag the man in many directions and he loses his vitality and focus.

Observe the mind as each thought arise. Do not follow the thought pattern. Just remain as a mute witness to all the thoughts. If you practice to remain aloof from the mind, it will give you great relief. Thoughts are distractions to "Peace". Some say that good thoughts elevate. But all thoughts are distractions to the peace. A chain may be of iron or brass, silver or Gold. Nevertheless all chains bind the man. Hence we should gain freedom from the thought process and mind. We may doubt whether it is possible. Yes, it is quite possible. Even the wild animals like the tiger and lion are tamed in the circus and they are made to obey the 'ring master'. We can also bring the mind under our control if we practice aloofness or detachment. Be indifferent to the pulls and pushes of the mind. These are all some ways to tame the mind and go beyond it. Only when the mind is transcended we can reach the SELF!


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