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How animals and birds have become superior to mankind?

Updated on August 31, 2015

Nature's fury!

It is due to the rotten behaviour of human beings!

Have you ever noticed the mad rush of thoughts sometimes inside you? Yes, when we are confused and agitated, when emotions raise like waves inside us, crazy thoughts often crowd our mind. What to do at those times. Simply keep quiet. Do not do anything. Yes, this is the best solution.

We might have noticed the fury of nature sometimes, nothing will stop it. None can control it. Weather warnings will be broadcast frequently. What those who are caught in the turmoil do? Absolutely nothing, praying in distress. If we are fortunate, the rescue team will locate us and lead us to safe places till the fury is over. Likewise, we have to keep quiet in times of distress. If we take some haste decisions, it is likely to go wrong most of the times!

Why these calamities happen? We have seen that some places on earth are more affected than the rest. Indonesia, Japan, Philippines are some of the places, often visited by calamities in succession. Scientists will attribute this to the weak locations. Yes, the Indonesian islands are situated on weak tectonic regions. It is the same with Japan and Philippines. It is not earthquake alone, it is floods, and tsunami and volcanoes combined together haunt the people more often. Of course, the West is often affected by tornadoes.

We have answers to human distress in many religious scriptures. It is the accumulation of negatives in the atmosphere which trigger the weather patterns. I don’t say that other regions are bereft of evil. Evil is everywhere in the globe and hence each region is affected by one way or other. There is no peace anywhere on earth. Even in those places, where natural calamities are absent, man made problems like civil wars, revolutions by the citizens and unrest trigger massive agitations and strikes. The civil administration comes to a standstill. The political leaders, let loose the military to deal with the situations, resulting in the massacre of many innocent lives. Caught unaware in between the forces, are women and children.

We also witness refugee problems elsewhere, where citizens of a country are driven out of the shores and many people, in order to flee the tortures, end up in the oceans. There are terrorist outfits who hold ransom many areas of the globe, threatening the peace loving citizens. Atrocities unaware hitherto, are committed against innocent women and children. No government is capable of tackling the phenomenon. It seems that those terrorists have become immune to the attacks conducted by many countries.

In the above circumstances, when the peace and harmony of the world is at stake, relying on the strength of God and silent prayers alone can save us from such catastrophic situations prevailing everywhere. God is invisibly protecting many from the hands of evil. A tunnel can not go for ever. There will be an end to the tunnel.

This beautiful universe has been created by God out of pure love towards his creations. That love alone sustains the earth in spite of many atrocities against nature by man. Many assert that man is a pinnacle of creation, but the actions do not correspond to the noble birth. Even the insects, birds and animals are million times better than the mankind. They never hoard, they never envy, they never destroy the environment as man does, they never kill their own species. Even a lion or tiger will hunt an animal only it is hungry. In fact, all animals are superior compared to man. In spite of intelligence, man acts in a most selfish manner bringing discredit to human birth. Outwardly, he wear the human garb. Inside, he is worst than the poisonous creatures we see! God alone can save mankind from such evil forces!

Disasters in town!


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