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Beloved America, are the bricks falling?

Updated on January 28, 2013

Watch for the falling bricks.

How do you believe?

Do you believe we are at the end of days and coming into the great tribulation?

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The Bible foretells future events.

The Bible tells us of a time of happiness, abundance, peace and joy. Wonderful and Blessed news lies beyond the bad news of today. Our marvelous and wondrous Creator will intervene and save those who call on His name.

However, before this takes place the troubles in our world will continue to escalate at universal proportions. Unshakable events will move the whole world. The bricks will fall. Civilization as we know it is going to change, forever. God did not leave humanity without a source of answers that reveals in detail what lies ahead.

I often wonder how many people, child of God and not have not come to the resolution that there is an enemy in this world, Satan. Many do not understand there is a devil loose. He comes to bring down to the pits of hell any and all of mankind. He hates that God so loves the world. Satan hates Gods creation. He wanted to be God and Lucifer and his angels were thrown from heaven and have one purpose, only. To steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10 He is now called Satan, the prince of darkness, the god of this world, the enemy of our souls. He will keep people deceived only to destroy them for eternity. There is a war in spiritual places. Satan comes against the church, the preachers, families and anyone that stands and is for righteousness. Why is all this activity stirring up in our world? Many people just do not understand what is happening. Many cover up their eyes thinking things will get better. They continue to pursue pleasure and accumulation of material wealth and goods. Conditions in the world will continue to become far more serious than many realize or care to realize.

The government wants to control us and tells us they have solutions. It is a downright lie. For years, government has been working toward one world order and religion for control, right under our feet. The media surely does not tell us. Some do not know the truth and more are in ignorance. Church we are in the media. We need to shout the message of salvation.

On 9-11, the bricks started to fall. America started to rebuild the tower leaving out GOD. We boasted we would rebuild. Although churches were jammed packed for a short while after 9-11 how quickly we went back to our old ways. 9-11 was a warning sign beloved. In December 2009 President Obama said to the Nation, we would rebuild. The president continued saying that the answers were based on the greatness of our powers and resources (not God), and that “we will rebuild, we will recover”, and that “the United States of America will emerge stronger than before”. Rebuilding the Tower of Babble is very similar to rebuilding the Tower in New York City. Isaiah 9 speaks of the rebuilding of the tower of Babble. Building the tower was a sign of defiance. The people of Babylon wanted to run things their own way, without Gods help or blessings. We know through scripture that did not work just as today in our world, our way is not working. The bricks fell then and continue to fall today.

This is nothing to take lightly. Children of God you know what I speak. The world cannot know because they are not of God. Have we forgotten the fact that the we were founded on Godly principles? Our first president George Washington said, ‘Our Nation would not stand if we did not keep God first place.’ His statement is true with scripture. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you.’ (Matthew 6:32) God will withdraw His blessings on a nation that chooses to deny His name and shine Him on. God stands with open arms. Our demise is not what our Lord wants. Prophecy continues to unfold as revealed in scripture. God tells us, ‘He will repair our land if we repent and come back to Him.’ Is it too late? Will America repent?

Dr. Oral Roberts said before the day of Lord there will be three separate enmities loosened. They are happening right now in our midst. Dr. Lester Summerall said that an evil enemy would be loosed on some screen. In July 2012, the theater in Aurora went under attack by a 24-year-old male. Everyone wrings their hands and says why. This day God is calling the body of Christ to rise above the status quo of church normalcy and shout to the world the good news of Salvation. God wants none to perish.

Over a period of time people, call evil good and good evil. The enemy has been hard at work to pull all and any away from Christ. Destructive thoughts drive children. All this onslaught of evil is to subtle to be of a natural origin. Many call this a dysfunctional family. Carnal minds that cannot know the things of God . The Bible calls it the Spirit of anti Christ. There are two worlds one of light and one of darkness. The enemy of this world is after our children, our neighborhoods.

Jesus has already defeated the enemy church. It is time to be bold put our foot down and say no, you do not to Satan and his demons. God has given the Children of God the authority over the devil. It is time to use our God given authority church. There is much power in the Holy Spirit. He is mighty. If you do not know what God’s promises are then prepare your hearts and search His Word.

Church it is time to sanctify ourselves right now. Whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. There are too many people opening the door for the demon spirits. School administrators pass out condoms rather than the truth. This is telling the kids, go ahead and have sex but for Gods sake be protected. What is escape ism? Our children do not know the truth. They wonder around and try to find it in worldly lusts and our government allows the lie. We need to shout the devil out right now. Instead of handing a slip to Planned Parenthood we need to take a stand Saints. The time is today. The silent Christian needs to come out and share the truth of God. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The devil wants us depressed, overwhelmed, and afraid to share the message.

Where do we get the answer? Well church is a start. A bible based Holy Spirit filled church that does not water down the truth. If a Church let you down, then find another. Get up in the morning and Praise God, shout onto God and take authority over the devil. Drag him out of your household. All we have to do is magnify the Lord. He is good and His mercy endures forever. Irrational levels are running high. Praise God because HE is greater than any devil. Praise Him because He gave us power over the enemy. God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of peace and sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) In the name of Jesus, bind spiritual wickedness in high places. Bind every evil spirit.

We already have the victory over debt, depression and our future because we are blood bought children of the Almighty God. We only need to believe and receive. We need to oppose every devil to get loose from us. Sow seed; get into church, fellowship with others. We need to focus our faith. No step of faith ever goes unrewarded by Jesus Christ. Focus your faith. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) Jesus sits at the Fathers right hand to intercept our prayers. God hears prayers. Get back into the presence of Almighty God. Prayer, Praise, Power from the Holy Spirit belong to children of God. It is time Church to step up and step out in the faith and truth of Jesus Christ.

God’s Word is the one proving source of accurate knowledge of the future. The Holy Bible has described hundreds of future events in fine detail over the span of thousands of years. Moreover, the Bible has plenty to say about events to come. We are entering into the 70th week as spoken by the profit Daniel. The time of the great tribulation. (Daniel 9:24-27) (Daniel 12:1) (Revelation 5:1) (Revelation 6:1-2) (Matthew 24)

May the Spirit of God be on His children as we go boldly into a fallen world proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. I pray He abounds on us today and by His wondrous Grace, we stand forth in His mighty and powerful name. In the name above all other names, Jesus Christ.

My Love, Skye

© Copyright Skye Tudae

Please do not forget the poll above and do vote! I appreciate and love you!! Thank You for stopping into my neighborhood.


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    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      ms dee God Bless you my precious sista. Keep going child of God. U will Phil 4:9 Honored to see you for a visit. Love to you. Shalom, Skye

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 3 years ago from Texas, USA

      Just tweeted this!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      PegCole Hello sister. Awwww Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. I am humbled girl. Truly. I am so grateful you were blessed in the Love of Christ. It is Him who works in me to shine His Light of Love. Keep going precious woman. Many Blessings. Love, Skye

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      You are a true messenger and skillfully remind us of our true purpose here. Thank you for the words of encouragement and hope and faith. It was my blessing to read this today.

      Love to you sister


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      tamarajo Blessings my sister. Thank you for coming in for a visit. Yes indeed bricks are falling. Much is happening quickly in the world of things!! You are right on sister. It is amazing to be here in a time such as this. Praise the Lord we are not under Gods wrath. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. There are many hard hearts I pray many are touched by the Spirit of God. You keep going precious Friend. I love you. Skye. Phil 4:13 I will be over soon to see what is shining on your pages!!

      Your husband could be right. Absent from the body present with the LORD!!! Jesus come quickly.

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 4 years ago

      The bricks are falling for sure. I did find it quite fascinating that the new tower being built and is named "The One World Trade Center" in the shape of an obelisk. I couldn't help but wonder if they read "The Book" and it is intentional defiance or if we are just that culturally far from His Word that no one really knows.

      However my husband has interesting look at these things in that he says it truly is the end times for all of us meaning none of us will leave this place alive. Whether world catastrophe or individual incident we all are to live as if it were our last.

      I think we ought to view these times as privileged ones as those of old wished to experience this. What an excitement to watch the Word of God happen right before our very eyes. May we be faithful through whatever may be.

      Thought provoking article

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      James Watkns I am touched with your visit! It is really nice to see you on my block (-: Thank you so much James for your encouragement it means allot to me. As you know this is not the most popular topic for many. Let us pray that those that have eyes to see, see and ears to hear, hear. You bro keep that light in you shining on these hub pages. We are so blessed to have you here. You have given us so much. Treasures that no one can take away. I have learned much from your fabulous works. Keep on pressing~. on to the mark. U will I know it. Phil 4:13 I love ya James and wish you and yours all the the joy of the Lord in abundance, running over~~~your sista, Skye

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you for publishing this marvelous missive. As always, you are spot on. I could not agree with you more. I especially love this that you wrote:

      "There are too many people opening the door for the demon spirits. School administrators pass out condoms rather than the truth. This is telling the kids, go ahead and have sex but for Gods sake be protected. What is escape ism? Our children do not know the truth. They wonder around and try to find it in worldly lusts and our government allows the lie. We need to shout the devil out right now. Instead of handing a slip to Planned Parenthood we need to take a stand Saints. The time is today. The silent Christian needs to come out and share the truth of God. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The devil wants us depressed, overwhelmed, and afraid to share the message."


      God Bless You!

      Brother James :-)

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      friend of truth, Hi sister. Thank you for a heart warming comment and encouragement. Praise God he will meet all of our needs according to his riches and glory. amen. Keep em coming girl let the light in you shine on these pages!! Love you in Christ sista. Skye

    • FriendofTruth profile image

      FriendofTruth 5 years ago from Michigan

      Amen Sister, the bricks are falling around us, in our own country and around the world, and in more ways than one - from everything to increased persecution of the brethren to natural disasters...There have definitely been tribulations that our brothers and sisters have faced throughout the centuries and even now, that are mirrors and foreshadows of the final tribulation that will come before the great tribulation when Jesus returns. Praise the LORD, that He has given us His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us and to comfort us. I am grateful for your encouragement to look to the Holy Spirit and to walk in faith and to spread the good news, for no matter what bricks are falling around us, we can have peace and joy and strength in Him, for he who endures to the end, shall be saved. Blessings Sister Skye, may you continue to bring forth the sound of the trumpet!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      rolly a chabot my bro. Wow you made it over fast for a visit. Just for fun I wonder if in heaven we will zip around as fast as we do on the computer today,.to go visit our bros and sisters? It is a joy to see you, as always. Thank you for your word of encouragement. Some of the hubs as this i write do not have a whole bunch of popularity. The truth can sting. Many do not want to hear. Anyway I am not in it for for the popular vote. Gods vote is what matters, amen! USA repent and come back to GOD. Our blessings will fall from us as we fall away from the one true God. He has so Blessed the USA!!! Blessings to you and of course hugs back. love ya brother, Skye

    • Rolly A Chabot profile image

      Rolly A Chabot 5 years ago from Alberta Canada

      Hi Skye... you have hit this one right on the head with what you have written. I do believe so many in the world are forgetting where all begins and leaving it behind to accept the call of the world... Thanks for this and all you write...

      Hugs and Blessings from the frozen north

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Knightheart I love hearing from you. You are heartfelt and my bro!!!!!! I know I am not in a popularity contest as you do but sharing the good news of Jesus needs to be spread. If only one links from my page God Bless them,.Amen. Anyway you are such a great writer and speak with boldness I hope many come over. But as you say GOD is the one in control. Oh and I am so grateful of that. My best thinking took me places I never wish to travel again. Anyway I had a revelation from God like breakthrough. I am so grateful for his refining. Ouch it does hurt but so worth it. I am working on a hub soon to be published. Holy Spirit of God is moving on the true church of Christ to step up Cant wait to hug you in heaven. Love you brother. Skye

    • Knightheart profile image

      Knightheart 5 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Hi Skye,

      Thanks for linking my hub to your site. To be honest, I don't think it got any comments and only a few visitors. Oh well, I am not here for reward is in Heaven where it will last forever and be safe! Our job is to spread the TRUTH to an unbelieving world, and the rest is up to God! Leave the consequences to Him, a famous pastor always says! (Dr. Charles Stanley)

      So many people, even those that 'claim' to be Christians are not in complete agreement as to the signs we are seeing everyday. I don't understand this, but it doesn't matter. Some claiming the Tribulation happened in the first century, which is ridiculous. Where is the mass destruction, the demons rampaging, the Battle of Armegeddon, the Heavenly host coming to defeat Satan, etc.? I have no idea how anyone can believe that the Tribulation has been over for 2000 years! That is just nuts! If it did happen, then we all have no hope! I know it didn't and it just irritates me to see people spreading untrue interpretations of the Bible and prophecy! Oh well, false teachers are here as forewarned in the Bible.

      Thanks for your support and I long to see Jesus and go home to the Bridal Feast! Literally, food out of this world as Paul states in Ephesians! I am prepared for the return of the Bridegroom! See ya there! :)


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      SwordofManticorE Hello and thank you for coming to the neighborhood! I would have answered sooner but did not quite understand your comment and not exaclty sure what you are conveying.

      There is an enemy in this world, god of this world, Satan, father of lies and his only purpose, repeat only purpose is to steal, kill destroy John 10:10 He is the mastermind behind all the evil and wicked in the world. Of course his attack on Christians is more evident because true Christians believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ, the risen Savior. and we proclaim the gospel message of truth. There is no one else that saves us or died for us or has a place prepared for us or does miracles and heals and knows us each by name and loved us so much he freely laid down his life for all that would beleive.

      No wonder Satan is roaming to devour the true Church. God is throwing Satan and his followers into the lake of fire. Satan knows his doom. Many claim to teach the word of God. Many deny Jesus and have their own god they worship and will stand before God. Christians that do not teach truth will stand before God one day.

      If you know scripture then you know what is going to come down, how and why. No one knows the time or day but Jesus has fortold us of all things. Jesus is going to return soon. True Christians of God have led billions and billions to Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Yes USA needs to come back to GOD and soon. He does withdraw our blessings as we fall away He will send judgement upon us. We need to keep our eyes on the Word of God and serve Him. I can look in mirror and hope Christ tells me well done good and faithful servant. This is my prayer. I would think for all true Christians this is the prayer. True Christians long to grow more like Christ. May the Light of Christ shine in you today and always sword. Let us be the salt of the earth. In Christ, Love Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      knightheart Happy to see you in my neighborhood. Well we are in the end of days and our falling away from God is reaping evil and wickedness and more is on the rise. Not that I am into doomsday reports but unless we repent and soon we are going to be doomsday, USA. Everything that God forewarned the Israelites came to pass, we are on the same path. The difficult times are yet to come. The good news is this, the children of God are covered by the blood of Jesus. If we are raptured out of here or not we are covered. He will never leave nor forsake us. Christians do not fear Know scripture do not be decieved!!! I beleive true Christians do have an understandinf of prophecy becasue we desire to know more and long for more of the word. Holy Spirit power is on us, teaching us of things to come. Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear. We must open the Bible and read it and be in a Bible teaching, Jesus believing, Holy Spirit filled church. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God! Be not deceived by the anti Christ.

      KH I did go over a couple of weeks ago and read your hub and I did comment. Oops did it not show up? I will check it out. In fact I linked your hub, America which way out from mine, see above. I hope it has sent allot of readers..

      Hugs to you my dear friend. I pray for you often bro. God loves you and understands, he knows your tears. He knows mine. He will dry our eyes and is working all things for HIS Glory and good purpose and our good!!! We need to trust our Lord, stand firm, because He is good and knows all things. His word is truth.

      Later my warrior brother. Love ya. Skye

    • Knightheart profile image

      Knightheart 5 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Couldn't have said it better myself! Yes, we are in the end days and pray Jesus comes back soon and ends the evil and atrocities that happen every single day! I am glad when the Rapture happens and God's people will be taken to Heaven with Our Lord Jesus! Sadly, so many will be left behind to face God's Wrath and Satan's evil unhindered!

      I hope you will read my take on this....Which Way America on my hubpage.


    • SwordofManticorE profile image

      SwordofManticorE 5 years ago from Burlington

      2 Chronicles 7 14if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

      The state of America or the world for that matter cannot be blamed on the Muslims, Those who call themselves Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or atheists. The blame lies totally on Christians. Since the catholic church hijacked Christianity, and introduced their heretical theologies and doctrines. Superstitious rituals replaced blind faith. The doctrine of hell was adopted in the church anno AD500, and the western world plummeted into the dark ages shortly afterwards. Islam became a real new religion and forced many Christians and their nations to convert by the sword. It is the Christian belief system that forms the world, not some entity taught in church called satan. We who should set the example for the world have done a horrible job of doing things. And now unbelievers are growing in numbers because of us and our foolish dogmatic beliefs. When a nation removes God from its system, He takes His blessings with Him. If you want to change America back to what it was before, you need only look in the mirror and change yourself first. Start by showing love for all around you regardless of differences and you will start to see a change.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      shofarcall Back at you sister. I am so thankful you stopped in the neighborhood. It is awesome to meet you. God is so good, amen. He sent you at precisely the perfect time. I appreciate your encouragement precious child of God. It brings me back to my reason for being. It is all about Christ and truth. Keep going shofarcall. Phil 4:13 My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will be over and soon to see what is shining in your neighborhood. God Bless you girl. My love in Christ, Skye

    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 5 years ago

      Hello Skye, So good to see another hub expounding the truth of the times that are upon us. And we, the body of our Lord, need to stand up and shout it out. There is a roaring lion out there seeking to devour His Bride. And that judgement is already upon certain nations. Do have a look at my hubs. Most of them are calling for repentance and a return to God. I Praise God for your presence here.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      cj, brother. Truly I am not at odds. Truly I am like a tree planted by the waters soaking up the fresh living waters of Jesus. I am grounded but I do not know it all only Jesus knows all things. I do know that I am led by the Spirit of God and what God says is true. I know I am the head not the tail. I know I am a Child of Almighty God. We are His crowns. I know when He is for us then who can be against us. I know that much. I will not graduate from this school of life, we keep going from glory to glory and faith to faith and hope to hope. If we stop doing these things for the Grace of God He will pick up His sheep. Our roots will be grounded deep in His living word. He knows we fall short. I know I fall short We are created in His image!! Big Alleluia. I know that HIS word is truth.

      Did I say God did not come at the first century? He came as messiah, Savior. He will come to rule and reign as King of Kings. Not riding a donkey but as mighty warrior!!! God told us we will face tribulation and persecution. No we have not endured the great tribulation but we have had tribulation since the fall Adam. The great tribulation will come when the evil antichrist pops up his wicked head and tries deceiveeve many even the elect if it were possible. He is not in the lake of fire yet and he is doomed to hell and damnation. Praise to God. Covered by the blood of Jesus, amen.

      There is work to do cj. So no problem. I love ya as a sister in the Lord Jesus. Keep going and sharing the living word cj. Phil 4:13 In Christ Skye

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

      Precious one:

      I feel you are still missing my point. It seems to me that you are still promoting the notion that I do not believe in Christ's "Second Coming" or in the "Great Tribulation"...but the truth is - I do.

      Where you and I are "at odds" is that you believe Christ has not returned in the first century (as He said He would) and the Great Tribulation has not yet occurred.

      I, on the other hand, KNOW that the Great Tribulation has already occured and that Christ returned in short order...just like He said He would when He said, "Yes, I am coming quickly."

      I love you Skye, but I also know you have room to grow and even though you have been a Christian for 20 years - I hope you do not believe there is nothing left for you to learn.

      Lovingly yours in Christ - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      cjsledgehammer I really do not think a hub is necessary have at it if you so choose. Gods word really is simple for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see. The Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to His Children. We are covered by the blood, amen. I do not care to go for your challenge as I have numerous, dozens, even hundreds of scriptures referring to the Second Coming of Christ and the Great Tribulation and anti Christ. For the sake of the readers brother I will put a couple below so readers can refer to them as they so choose. To be frank with you I did not include the theory you believe in the poll because in all my years as a Child of God (1992) I have never heard of such an event in scripture. NO second coming and no great tribulation. This is the first I have ever heard of this from anyone. In His Glorious name, Jesus Christ.

      Merry Merry Christmas, cj.

      I have left below two favorite scriptures referring to the signs leading up to the second coming of Jesus Christ, the antichrist, the great tribulation and more. Prophecy continues to unfold at a rapid pace today.


      As YOU seek to understand more about what the Holy Scriptures teach concerning Jesus Christ's Second Coming, it is most prudent for YOU to initially concentrate on what Jesus Christ said concerning His Second Coming

      Read all of Matthew 24.

      Christ authenticated the Book of Daniel in Matt. 24:19. The last seven years of this age, before the return of the of Messiah Jesus Christ, is discussed elsewhere in Scripture, but is most definitively described in the ninth chapter of Daniel and mostly in the verses below.

      Daniel 9:24-27

      My love in Christ Jesus, Skye

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

      Dearest Skye:

      You said, "I do not get what you share nor do I need to. I know the truth. No hard feelings cj. I am just amazed that you believe Jesus is not going to return a second time and do not believe there will be great tribulation."


      I noticed in your poll (with 11 different options) that you did not list the most accurate option of all, "Do you believe Jesus has already come back and the "Great Tribulation" has already been endured."

      Precious Skye, I will piece together a lengthy hub or series of hubs sometime in the near future. But, in the mean time, I would like you to list for me all the Biblical references speaking of the "Second Coming" and "Great Tribulation" as being events some 2,000 years into the future. I bet you cannot do it without employing errant assumptions, while ignoring multiple Biblical verses to the contrary. :0)

      You claim "truth" as your companion and I do believe you have a heart of gold and I would never do anything to undermine your ministry - But I also want to challenge you in the days to a brother in Christ should.

      Peace be with you - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      cjsledgehammer I agree to be disagreeable. As you said the Word is full of scripture telling us of the second coming of Jesus Chris and telling us the signs pointing to the great tribulation and of all things to come.

      Unless one is born of the Spirit of God it is impossible to hear or to understand. We could be here all day long for days going back and forth about Gods word. I know what I read and there is nowhere in Scripture that says Jesus is not returning a second time and that there will be no great tribulation.

      I understand that there are many antichrists and many behind the pulpits in the church today. There is nothing new under the sun. The enemy is tries to deceive many. The church is a huge target for the enemy. He is doomed to Hell already, Amen. Many will be off guard as prophecy continues to unfold. The antichrist comes in peaceably but he is wicked and a liar. He only comes to steal, kill destroy. John 10:10 He will do signs wonders to decieve many. Many will fall from the faith. This is why we need to share the truth and boldly proclaim the gospel. Believers need to open up and read the Word of God. The scriptures will speak to them.

      If you care to show the scriptures you speak of please do so. Otherwise there is no need to write back. No hard feelings cj. I pray the best for you and yours. Truly I do.

      Where is the hope if Jesus does not return for His Church? He is coming to rule and reign and not to save the world this time. He is the King of Kings. The Mighty one, the Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords.

      I do not get what you share nor do I need to. I know the truth. No hard feelings cj. I am just amazed that you believe Jesus is not going to return a second time and do not believe there will be great tribulation. Show us scripture verses, cj.

      Watchman be on guard. The signs are all pointing in the way of Jesus. As much as the ememy is trying to devour like a roaring lion the HOLY Spirit of GOD pours out on His people. I beleive many will come to faith before it is to late. Jesus has HIS HOLY hands on the heads of the righteous and we will be covered by His Blood. We are not to fear. We have authority to cast out the enemy. Alleluia, Allelulia and Amen. NO weapon formed against us shall prosper. Thank You sweet Jesus.

      God Bless cj. Merry, Merry Christmas. The most beautiful gift ever given to mankind. The Savior of the World. Jesus Christ 'Emanuel' and the forgiveness of sin with the promise of eternal life with Jesus for all who beleive in Him. As it is written.

      Mark 4:10-12 and Matthew 13:10-15 hold a key to understanding how Christ teaches. In both places, He explained that He spoke in parables so that His true servants would understand Him—but others would not! “And when He was alone, they that were about Him with the twelve asked of Him the parable. And He said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: that seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them” (Mark 4:10-12).

      My prayer is that in this hub beleivers are inspried and encouraged to read the Bible and get into a Bible based Jesus teaching, Holy Spirit filled church, that teaches truth. Keep going children of God. Phil 4:13

      May the peace of God that transcends all understanding be on you today and always.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

      Precious Skye:

      The New Testament is jammed packed with references regarding Christ's "second-coming" and the impending "Great Tribulation" and "end of the age". As you know, these are very important anthems of the New Testament, but they are often misunderstood and misapplied.

      The problem with many of today's teachers and students of the Bible is they have misunderstood the discussion of the "end times" because they have limited knowledge of historical facts and have misidentified the target audience within the Biblical context.

      If one were to read Scripture as Christ had intended and applied it within the historical context...the meaning woud be entirely different than what we see today in our churches where everyone is still looking for the "Anti-Christ" and Great Tribulation. The true meaning of the end of the age has been lost on most Christians, because they just don't know history and have misapplied Scripture by taking it out of context.

      May God be with you and yours - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      cjsledgehammer, Blessings to you brother. I would like to know where these 25 to 30 scriptures are in the Word of God that you speak of? The ones that say there will be no great tribulation or second coming of Jesus Christ?

      Unless you are speaking of the Kingdom of God that is at hand and dwells in His children who have already been redeemed and delivered through the blood of the Lamb than what you say is not found in scripture at least not in my Bible.

      I find it difficult to understand where you come from bro. The reason I wrote this article is to encourage the Children of God. Many are misled or choose to cover their eyes. l. God has His children covered. Many wring their hands in fear. That is from the devi. We do not need to fear but we need to be ready and know the times ahead. This is why our Lord foretold us of things to come. We are to be watchman. Our Lord will never leave nor forsake us and His hands are on the heads of the righteous. Prophecy is being fulfilled at a rapid pace. What an exciting time we live. I plan to keep going Phil 4:17 It is not always easy but we have the promises of Jesus to stand on and no weapon formed against us shall prosper, Amen. We are told if deliverd up before the anti christ not to fear or pland oin what we will speak. The Holy Spirit will give us utterance.

      Many will be decieved in these days and fall from the faith. There is much work to be done. Allelulia. Glory to God many will be saved. Jesus Christ is the only hope for abundant life. John 10:10

      One day every knee will bow, every knee on earth, in the heavens, in the earth, under the earth, every mouth will confess Jesus is Lord. To say Jesus has come is truth cj. He was born, Emanuel, God with us.. You know the rest of the story. I really hope I misunderstood your cimment cj. I can give you 25 to 50 scriptures on the second coming of Jesus Christ and the sighns pointing to HIS return. . Matthew 24 is probably my most favored chapter Jesus refers to the end of time as we know it to His apostles.

      May God Bless you and yours cj. I pray you and yours have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas, The day our Saviour was born we were given the most beautiful gift in all of tim


      Hugs to yu and yours brother.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

      Another well-written article, precious one, but I am afraid the Great Tribulation has already come and gone some 1,942 years ago.

      Yes, we do live in a fallen world and there will always be evil people around us as long as evil resides in their hearts, but the "Anti-Christ" has had his day and is long has the Great Tribulation. This is not to say that turbulent times and evil people will never afflict the Church again, but victory is ours through Christ Yeshua.

      To believe that the Great Tribulation has not yet occured and that Christ Yeshua has not yet come, one must ignore some 25-30 verses in the Bible, while ignoring history at the same time.

      Best wishes and be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Micheal Adams 1989 Aaaaahhh brother thank you for your kind words. I am touched to see you for a visit. Oh yes our government has been in action under our feet for decades to try and rule and reign with power to control religion, free speech, politics, education so on and on. There are dozens of goings on right now in the making that fall right into place with prophecy.

      Like George Washington reminded us long ago. If we keep God out of the picture we will surely fall. God is not first place in our USA any longer. He is spit at and shunned. It is not secret. The government behind it. The devil being the master mind of the master plan. Many will be decieved in the days to come.. The Children of God are out numbered but not out powered. HOLY SPIRIT POWER and we have authority over the enemy. Now more then ever we need to boldly share with others the truth. I believe the Holy Spirit is preparing hearts to hear. God wants none to perish, no not one. Our world starts in our back yard. There is plenty to do. Most important is to keep our eyes on Jesus our Lord and Saviour and remember who we are and who we belong too!. He will never leave nor forsake us. Oh His Grace is the most wonderful and precious gift. I blow it often and He comes through, His love pulls me up. Keep preachin it bro. Love you. Merry Christmas to you and yours. You my brother have a most beautiful and joyous celebration in Christ. Hugs, Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      North wind. God Bless you precious one!! Living in the world but not of this world, Amen? I am touched to see you my friend. You words are encouragement.

      I pray that all the children of God are encouraged in these times we face. It is a time to go out of the way and encourage and edify our church. The enemy wants nothing more then todeceivee anyone that loves God. May the power of the Holy Spirit keep you bold and strong in the faith as you share the good news and truth to a fallen world.. May you and your family be strengthened in His love and Might today and always. Merry Christmas my friend have a glorious celebration. My love in Christ. Skye.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      teaches12345 Hello precious sister. It is always so nice to see you. Merry Christmas to you and yours teaches. I pray you have a wonderful and joyous celebration.

      You got it girl, no in the world things will not get better and ......unless America repents our hedge of protection will certainly fall from us. We have been the most Blessed nation in all of the world because Gods hand has been on us. Our moral decline continues to escalate as people turn their eyes from Jesus and the truth. The devil does loose the battle and we have authority, Amen! Before his ruin much needs to unfold. The most glorious news is God has HIS hand on the righteousus in Christ, Amen?. We have been given the strength to go through the storms. As much as the enemy is out to devour the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is moving and hovering over Gods people and to touch lost hearts and souls. God wants us to be bold and not shy away from sharing the truth with all the world. The world starts in our territory, Amen. I love you girl, Keep going teaches. You will I am sure of it.God Bless you sister. I am honored to see you. Love, Skye

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 5 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Thought provoking, excellent work. And free speech has been trodden under foot with the government even trying to persecute the pastors who speak the truth from the pulpit. If a pastor stands up and preaches against sinful social issues or politics a church can have their 501c3 non-profit status taken away. Funny, under the original constitution from the first continental congress a church was already granted non profit AND tax exemption.

    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 5 years ago from The World (for now)

      The bricks are falling, indeed and the world does not want to see it. Soon the days will come when men will beg for the rocks to fall on them in order to hide from the wrath of God. His wrath is real and will come but they prefer to paint Him as something He is not. They prefer to reject His role as Just Judge.

      The end of all things as we know it is near. Peter said it because it is true but there is hope for those who love the Lord. He does not leave those who belong to Him alone. He redeems them and protects them and causes us to sing, 'O death where is thy sting? O Hades, where is thy victory?'

      Keep on spreading the truth, skye, as He has told you to do.

      May He bless you and keep you.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I don't think the days are going to get any better, Skye. If you know the Bible prophecy, you can follow the signs that point out what we are experiencing. Great post and hope many look into this truth.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Amen my friend in Christ-I have goosebumps reading about the truth-our dear Lord Jesus Christ. My family and I talk often these days of all the terrible things happening in our sick world and how it's the start of the tribulation. Crimes, natural disasters, believing in false Gods, etc.. thanks so much for the hope in your words. God Bless

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Deborah brooks Hello sister. Merry Christmas back at you precious one. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your darling heart. It means allot to this writer. God uses us in mighty ways Debbie. We just need to allow Him to do it and take what He has already given us. The truth and power through the Holy Spirit. It ain't always easy but worth it. He rewards our efforts to share His good news. Love love love you girl. I will be over to visit soon. Hugs Skye

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Sky how true this hub is.. I love it.. I agree we are in the last days.. Jesus will be here soon.

      I am sharing this so everyone hopeful will read it

      God Bless you and

      Merry Christmas


    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Lifegate my bro. I am smiling. I love hearing from my beloved sistas and bros. I am touched with your comment. I wish you and yours a most blessed Christmas. Time is going all so quickly. Keep going my bro. You will I know it. You will see me in your neighborhood very soon. Hugs to you and yours. In Christ Love ya. Skye

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      McKenzie you precious one are my first visitor. I am Blessed always, by your visits. Yes sireee time is moving fast! I was asking David if he thought time in itself was moving quicker? He said absolutely yes. Just thought to throw that in for you. (:

      Anyway so many babes in Christ do not know the truth. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Amen? I know for me I need to take a stand and tell others. There are times I shy away. Well we have all the power in the Holy Spirit of God. Time is moving quickly and there is much work to do. The message of God has been preached thank you technology, we gotta help make disciples. I am rambling. I love you girl and I pray you and yours are fantastic. Merry Christmas precious sista.

      I will be over soon for a read, count on it! Much Love in Christ my dear friend. Hugs back at ya! Skye

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 5 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Well Sista,

      All I can say is. . . well . . .it's already been said. Up and awesome. Keep bringing it!

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 5 years ago from Michigan

      Preach it Sista Skye! We surely are being ushered quickly into end times and all around the children of God are recognizing the signs. Excellent and bold words we all must heed.

      Our hope is in God and in Him alone. Apart from Jesus we can do NOTHING!

      Love it - keep preachin' sista - HUGS and LOVE!