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How best we can lead our life in this world?

Updated on November 12, 2016

Money and problems

Money should never be the main aim of life!

If money alone could fulfill all our needs, most of us would be happy. But that is not the case; Money is just one part in human life. Of course, it is an essential element in life. In Hindu tradition sixteen types of blessings are given. One is wealth, and others are, longevity, cattle, home, cultivable lands, jewels and gems, grains, children, plenty of water, garden with trees, sound sleep, robust health and many more things. But, today man is more concerned about wealth and properties. In order to earn money, he loses his mental peace and health! What is the use of money when health is lost? Money will enable you to get the best available treatment but none can guarantee health back.

We witness many rich people pass away in spite of best treatment in reputed hospitals. Ultimately, it is god alone who can ensure longevity and health. Prayers will be more effective than medicines. But the faith of people in Doctors and hospitals make them to get such treatments. In addition to routine treatment, we must pray god for restoration of health! In ancient days, people relied more on herbs, roots and fruits. Varieties of plants yielded many medicinal herbs which cured them without any side effects.

Money has not solved any problem

Herbs are more suited for cure!

The entire range of allopathy medicines produces many side effects. Hence it is a common fact that people treated with allopathy medicines get some complications in health after one malady is cured. When money cannot ensure peace, happiness, health and well being, what is the use of wealth? Of course, it is our duty to provide for the family and ourselves sufficient resources to lead a comfortable life. That does not mean that we should hoard money that will last for a generation! Several countries today adopt family planning schemes to control the burgeoning population. But they are not aware that artificial ways to control birth rates will bring immorality amongst the youngsters. Since safe methods are available in market, even younger generation is attempting prohibitive methods to satiate their carnal desires. Rather everyone should practice self-control to prevent more births. But, we safely forget one truth. When a baby is born, it comes with two hands and legs. God has provided the means to work with the hands. When the baby grows, it can use its limbs to work and earn its food. Of course, parents will safeguard it until it reaches employable age. Once a job is procured, it has to earn its needs. Hence it is not at all necessary for anyone to hoard money for their grandchildren. Affluent families are the reason for lazy and easy going children. If everyone needs to toil for the food, the dignity of labor could be learned.

We have many millionaires in each town. Are they happy with their affluence? No, a poor man has few needs which could be obtained with hard work. He is happy if his daily needs are satisfied! If we observe their life, they will earn daily wages, procure rice and other grains, cook their daily meals, eat and sleep soundly. But wealthy people, though eat sumptuous meals suffer many health disorders and sleep for few hours only. They have many worries compared to the poor. Health wise, the daily laborer is lucky since he toils from dawn to dusk. The rich man spends his entire day in air conditioned chambers, travel in car and never exert him physically. Hence he is prone to more diseases like diabetes and BP due to sedentary life style. Hence more wealth means more problems both physically and mentally.

Help Ever; Hurt Never!

Be content; Help ever and hurt never!

Contentment is a best virtue! We never count our blessings but always complain about what we lack. We usually compare our life with those in higher rungs of society. This naturally kindles us to earn more and achieve their status. It is the most foolish thing. I remember here a story of a fox which painted its body with stripes like the tiger! Let us lead our life in a normal way. Let us not imitate any. God has blessed us with many things which we never count or recall. Most of our basic needs are fulfilled by minimum wages. We need not seek luxurious living or sumptuous meals. It would be enough to eat health giving grains rice and green vegetables. If the condiments are avoided, the food will lose its taste but it will become healthy to the body!

Simple living and high thinking must be the motto for life. Less luggage, more comfort! But we are acquiring more and more luggage during the course of living which will become unbearable burden in the long run. Life is a game, play it well. Do not take life more seriously and lead a stressed life. Face all situations of life calmly keeping the faith on the Lord. Love is the harbinger of life. We should not limit our love to our own kith and kin. We must love the entire creation. This expansion of love in the heart will ensure perfect peace in us. Serve more and more with love and compassion. Cultivate selfless love towards all.

Our expectations from the external world are not always fructified. Sometimes we get what we want. Other times we incur losses and affected by many negative happenings around us. Just observe everything as a mute witness. The main idea is that we should never become emotionally upset over the various things that happen to us. We should curtail our desires and have a ‘ceiling on desires’ as directed by Sathya Sai Baba! When you pour more fuel in the fire, the fire will raise its tongue more furiously. The best way is to avoid adding more fuel to the fire. In a similar manner, we should curtail our desires and never hanker after perishable things or relationships. Our physical form will disintegrate one day and none is immortal in this world. Even great emperors have passed away. Great Alexander when laid up with incurable disease after conquering many countries, requested his minister to make two holes in the coffin so that his two empty hands are projected through it. Let the people learn that the mighty emperor, after conquering many nations departed with empty hand. Not a grain of sand will accompany us when we depart. This is the ultimate reality. Realizing this great, we should live in this world sharing our resources with the poor people, helping them to lead their life without much pain! “Help Ever; Hurt Never”

Money is not the summum bonum of life!

Do you consider that money alone will solve the problems of life?

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