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How can One Love have evil as a part of it?

Updated on December 15, 2012

The inner workings of a cohesive Creation...A whole Creation:

Today a devastating tragedy happened in a little town call Newtown, CT. 28 people were murdered. 20 of the people were children between the ages of 4-10. A gunman entered the local elementary school and just began shooting. He took no prisoners. He acted as a souless being. His focus was anger and hatred.

Many questions surface after such tragedies. One question is, "If God is Love and we are all One Love, how does evil exist?" The answer is complex but ultimately it involves the lack of perfect balance. Good and evil, if one believes Protestant Scripture, started with a creature of deception and cunning, and man and woman's free will born and exercised by eating a forbidden fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil. Whether that Creation story was true or not, good and evil did enter the planet one way or another. Mankind has had no balance since its moment of origin. Our bodyminds have been dying. Our lives have manifest fear, jealousy, anger and other issues related to our undeveloped egos.

But Yin and Yang are the bottom line to solving such imbalance and its subsequent suffering.

If we are living in extremes of light and dark, life can be quite scary either way. We must learn balance and self-awareness. Balance can be found by focusing on the positive, acknowledging and grounding all the negatives, and seeing life for what it truly is. People must seek authenticity internally and externally. This will begin to shift people toward that elusive balance point. In addition, love must replace all dark penetrations of our minds. Love must emphasize itself during negative emotions.

One Love is what it is: Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient LOVE. Nevertheless, illusion is before all human beings. It is our destiny to overcome that which challenges our senses. The five known senses are subject to illusion and if you turn that Maya inward it becomes total delusion.

John Van Auken, a writer/researcher from the Association of Research and Enlightenment, once indicated that "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce said humans have built-in compassion systems. This system guarantees mankind that its free will will never result in humanity's total chaos or endless rebellion. In other words, that system (otherwise known as Karma) will ensure that all negatives we create as individuals and as a collective will ricochet through the energy and eventually be known to us personally so that we can feel what we made others feel. The idea is soul education. Once we all learn what we have always been---LOVE---we will experience that blissful state of heaven, eternal life, nirvana. This is the Way. Life, as most adults and some children know, is a juggle of good, bad and balance. Sometimes it feels futile and even redundant. But God/Source/Spirit is always here for us because He/She/It is Love eternal.

I do believe in absolute evil. I don't believe in a "here and now" Satan. I do believe an entity existed as Satan but it lost all power the moment Christ chose eternal life for mankind---IN THE BEGINNING, before man and woman ever even were .

Satan got anhilated when Christ died and descended into "hell." [I, also, believe "hell" was a temporary junction for humanity's consciousness and its growth and development. The Old Testament or the Torah are similar phenomena. Why??? Light and love have always been Source's greatest objectives. This is process.] I believe Christians experience Satan as real because they have collectively been spiritually supporting idea of Satan, thereby creating a very powerful thought form wthin the belief system---one that has a life of its own.

Evil is an absence of love. Children are abused and can lose all that is beautiful about them. If this happens long enough, pure evil (loveless-ness) can creep into their lives. There are multiple variations regarding the manifestation of evil---as many variations as there are people. The key to dealing with it, is an infusion of LOVE.

As the earth assumes its rightful place, balance will restore all that is.


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