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How can the church recruit talented unbelievers into the church?

Updated on October 29, 2016

How can the church encourage talented non-Christian musicians to participate more into the local church?

Psalm 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him”.

If you ever go onto the London Tube at the bottom of most escalators there are musicians, some raw talent, some who should perhaps be using their time better elsewhere, however elsewhere across the streets of our cities and towns their are people who are really just waiting for their breakthrough as they entertain people busking for money to help them along life’s journey.

It is one aspect these people wanting to be the next famous singer however is there a reason why the local church could not be head hunting these talented individuals, teaching them the gospel and then training them up to minister to people within the church is something that local pastors should be considering as part of their roles. #Undiscoveredtalent #youraisemeup

Questions to the local church:

What gaps do you have in your church on the music team and could these gaps be filled by local musicians busking on your near by streets?

If local musicians busking on the streets have a talent being able to engage with a local audience or have a local following influence how your local church may look in twelve months time?

Should the local church on the other hand be worshipping more on the streets of our towns and cities across this land showing the local community that spirit filled people exist and people may wish to join them? Do you need as a worship team to be worshipping more on your local streets?

How often are local ministers overlooking talent in the local community that could radically change how the church worship team operates?

Lord, I pray that the church would be more receptive to identifying new talent, looking outside of the church doors to how vacancies could be filled on music teams and how to expand the worship team by local talent who may or may not be involved in the local church that could edify and help expand the church. Lord I pray you would bring the church and the local non-church musicians together in Jesus Name, Amen.


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