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How can we become egoistic?

Updated on February 15, 2013

Jesus and the lambs!

We are all insignificant compared to the grandeur of the Universe!

The life span of “Brahma”, the creator is one hundred years in the time scale of Brahma. One day of Brahma is roughly equivalent to 429 crore years of human time. Likewise one night of Brahma is equivalent to the same 429 crore years. So total is 858 crores of years of human life. Hence one year of Brahma is 365 X 858 crores and one life time of Brahma is 100 X 365 X 858 crore years. We are in the 51st year of Brahma at present. Hence the world has passed roughly 50x 365x858 crores of years so far. Ie. 15658500 crore years in the reign of present Brahma!

This is a very huge, mind boggling figure for human beings. Compared to that, what is our life on earth? Very insignificant indeed! Hence let us become more humble and eschew pride and ego. When you consider the enormity of the entire cosmos, we are just a ‘speck’ so to say. Is it not foolish on our part to become proud and ego filled? When compared with such grand things, our insignificant role in the world can be comprehended. Compared to the insects, birds and other small animals, we may be great but it is often better to compare ourselves and our size with reference to the vast Universe and existence of earth!

We have got more grandeur things to do in the limited life span. We can love all selflessly, help those lesser fortunate beings by sparing our extra resources. We need not get angry with any since our life span is very small to waste our time in anger and enmity. Cultivate the essential human virtues and share with all. Lend a helping hand to elders, guide them at road crossings. Lessen the burden of others with your benign smile and helping hand. You need not spend a lot on others. Physical help, loving and caring words will do a lot to heal their pain. Do not waste your precious times in quarrels and arguments! You are going to gain nothing except making others more miserable. Spread love by soothing words. Avoid confrontations with any. Ever remember our insignificant life in the grandeur of creation and make all efforts to make others happy. Sacrifice your time and energy whenever you can for the service of those unfortunate fellow beings, who have none to look after them!

Protect your environment and use the natural resources economically. Let each one of us contribute our goodness to the society in which we live. Do not chase illusory goals like wealth and properties. Nothing will accompany you to the other world. Be content with what you can earn and live a frugal life so that you can help others!


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