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How can we gauge the infinite?

Updated on December 25, 2012

Saibaba in spectacles!


With our little intelligence, how can we describe the infinite? We are finite individuals and with the limited faculty like the mind and intellect, how can we gauge the Almighty. How can an ant measure the Ocean? It will be a ridiculous attempt. Yet we define God as per our own whims and fancy. Here I remember a beautiful story!

Seven blind men, ventured near an elephant. Each man started touching one part of the elephant and started describing the elephant as per their understanding. The first one touched the stomach portion of the elephant and said that the elephant is like a huge wall! The second one touched one of its huge legs and said that the elephant is like a big pillar! The third one touched the tail and said that the elephant is like a broom! The fourth one touched the huge ear of the elephant and said it is like a big fan! The fifth one touched the trunk of the elephant and said it is like a hose pipe. A passerby was watching this curiously and he was hearing the description of the elephant by those blind men. He laughed and told the blind men that none of you have described the elephant correctly since each of you touched only one part and you started describing the elephant!

Similar is the position of man who attempt to describe God. None has perceived God in all totality. We experience some minute part of his grace and start explaining about Him as though we know about him fully. Let us take the example of sky (ether) around us. How far is the sky? Even the greatest scientist in the world can not answer this query. Astronomers and space scientists assert that the light emitted by many stars has not reached our earth so far! We can say that the space around is infinite and immeasurable like God. It is inconceivable. Even with the most advanced electron telescope we could gauge only a little of the space around. Every day we hear the news of some new planet, some new star discovered by the electron telescopes mounted on huge planetariums around the world. We could get only bits and pieces of information. Scientists around the world analyze those photographs and come to some conclusions. Our milky way is only a spic in the whole space. If the sky alone has no boundaries, how can we gauge or form opinion about the creator of the Cosmos? Is it not more ridiculous?


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