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How Could a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Updated on October 6, 2012
A loving God can also be a punishing God
A loving God can also be a punishing God | Source

God can be kind as well as harsh depending on how you treat Him

Yes, Virginia, a loving God can send you packing for hell faster than you can say the word heaven. You can count on it!

It’s not that God is rude, or that he doesn’t have a heart. The truth is, his heart aches whenever he has to send one of us to the pits to burn for all eternity. When this happens, he probably gets so weighed down his throne in heaven with anguish.

Put yourself in his shoes (or maybe he prefers to wear a sandal). If you have no choice but to send someone you love deeply to hell, how would you feel?

Colleen McCullough, author of the bestselling novel, The Thorn Birds has captured it succinctly in these lines: “But we, when we put the thorns in our breast, we know, we understand. Still we do it!”

So the question is why? The answer lies in the very nature of God himself. God is all good. He is the alpha and the omega. Translation: He is the beginning and the end. No one else comes before him.

And because God is all good, he hates sin, which can be easily defined as breaking the law. The law is nothing but the rules that God himself wrote down to make it easy for us to know what is good and what is evil.

Contrary to popular belief, God didn’t create evil. Perhaps it’s much better to say he didn’t mean to, it just happened! Does he know that it was going to happen? Of course he did. He knows everything, remember? Or else he wouldn’t be God at all! He let Satan happen for a reason!

You see, God is so broad minded that he allows certain things to happen because he does not want to be a control freak. That’s why he gave us all free will. We can choose between good and evil, but as adults, we ought to be discerning enough to know that there are always consequences for the road that we choose to take.

In the Bible, did you notice how God asked Adam and Eve what they had done, knowing fully well that they did eat the forbidden fruit? He was asking not because he was being silly, all he wanted to find out was what the first man and woman thought about what they did.

Before this transgression, God used to invite Adam for a walk in the cold of the night. God even wrestled with Jacob, one of the Bible’s famous patriarchs, and lost. And to reward Jacob for his victory, he helped established the kingdom of Israel. God is no sore loser!

But make no mistake about it, he has all the authority and power. Take note, before the devil tortured the patriarch Job, he had to ask God for permission. Only then did Job get tested, which he passed, despite all the nearly insurmountable hardships he went through.

“Do not put us to the test, but deliver us from evil,” says Jesus Christ in his world-famous prayer. Here God is giving us a choice to go through the same tribulations that Job went through or not.

Would you, even when you have the option of asking God not to put you to the test? Therein lies the Supreme Commander’s reasonableness. Again, you have to put yourself in God’s shoes in order to understand his point of view. A being, which is purely good, cannot mingle with evil.

So this is why you have to go to hell if you’re a sinner. Even a tiny drop of sin cannot enter the kingdom of God. Don’t expect him to contradict the very laws that he himself laid down. It’s not going to happen!

The only exception he makes is if you believe in his son, which he sent over two thousand years ago to pay for humanity’s sins. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, so that that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but shall have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

So make no mistake about it, if you’re bad, you’re going to hell. It will break God’s heart to send you to burn forever in the scariest of all places, but he will do it if you give him no choice!

In the final analysis, many of us humans are thorn birds!

The Thorn Birds: A Novel
The Thorn Birds: A Novel

Colleen McCullough's blockbuster epic, The Thorn Birds was a huge inspiration to me as a writer. It dwells on the life of Meggie Cleary who grows up in the Australian outbacks and falls in love with a priest. "The bird with the thorn in its breast, it follows an immutable law; it is driven by it knows not what to impale itself and die singing. From the moment the thorn enters, there is no awareness of the dying to come. It simply sings and sings until there is not the life left to utter another sound. But we, when we put the thorns in our breast, we know. We understand. Still we do it. Still we do it."



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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven are here on earth. Please end this dualism of God vs. Man. It is all one.

    • coffeegginmyrice profile image

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Richie, first of all, I have seen the TV series Thorn Birds and I bought two copies of it on DVD, one for my ma and one for my collection. We are thorn birds, which could be applied in our lives. But there is always time for forgiveness, repentance, healing and changing for the better self and better life. Yes? I believe in a place called Purgatory (others don’t in their faiths) where man's soul is given the chance of purification before entering the Gates of Heaven. It’s up to man where he wants to go after his last breath and how he plans his life for an everlasting afterlife.

      God is the Almighty God and God is Just, but Man is God’s sheep, servant and subject. Only Man can save himself and God’s mercy is through the prayers of the world, people, community, friends, relatives and family to save one’s soul.

      Honestly, I felt a bit assertive from the title of this hub that seemed a little bit off, but curious to read what you've got to say. No offense to your hub title, but in my opinion, I think God does not send people to Hell. Man falls victim to evil and that makes Satan, well, happy and celebrating for an additional soul to his own realm. Man makes his mistakes and punishes himself. God has always a room for man to repent.

      Interesting hub!

    • RichieMogwai profile imageAUTHOR

      Richie Mogwai 

      8 years ago from Vancouver

      Yeah, I think you're right. Conversion can never be coerced. Let God do the work, in time.

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 

      9 years ago from West Allis

      Interesting and to the point Richie. Not sure if it will win any fans who don't already believe it. I think conversion requires a willingness to change. Coercion tends to turn people off. It's not that I'm not in agreement with what you stated, I'm just not sure if this can help lead anyone who does not yet believe. I hope it does. Peace.


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