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How do You Pray?

Updated on April 30, 2015
Prayer defeats the power of the enemy.
Prayer defeats the power of the enemy.

How do you Pray?

After five years preaching on line, and two years serving in the church, the most consistent question from all Christians, all over the globe has two parts. First, "How do I pray?" is asked most often. The second most frequent question is "How do I know God is talking to me?"

This hub compiles the videos I made to answer the first question. There is nearly an hour of video in all eight lessons. Still, the series is only a very, very rough introduction to prayer. The rest you will learn as you continue to draw near to God, which is what He wants.

To answer the second question, I am writing a book about the many different ways God communicates with us.

How to Pray
How to Pray

This is a collection of excellent writings on prayer. Though some are dated, the language is easy to read. The content feels as if it is written for today. The basic truths of prayer have not changed over time! 4.99 stars out of 5, this book is highly and enthusiastically recommended by pastors, Christians and church leaders.


How to Pray Video #1- The Instructions of Jesus

How to Pray #2- Jesus Explains: the Our Father in Heaven Prayer

How to Pray Video #3: Hear and Obey

Prayer Must Always Rely on the Holy Spirit

A few days ago, my wife's mother was feeling unwell. We went in to pray. The Holy Spirit told me to just go in, command the sickness, proclaim it, and walk out. I did that. It felt totally correct. She was up and about in less than an hour.
Today, she was coughing and had a raspy throat. We went in to pray. It was longer than usual. We were in her room praying. Then, I started to command out sore throat and everything I could think of... and finished. But, the Holy Spirit said, "There is more." I asked my wife what else there was. We asked mama. She just listed the original throat problem. But, as my wife began to explain to me how the cough was this and that (trying to talk over mama saying my wife gave her a too-strong drink of fresh lemon), the Holy Spirit said, "feet."
So, I began to bind spirits afflicting the feet. Next, I felt that familiar pressure, a space of the spirit moving up in my chest like a bubble in water. "Legs" I prayed against afflictions of the legs and proclaimed strength. Then, another bubble.. hips... another bubble... spine.
"That was it," I told my wife. "That is what we needed to pray."
Our prayer must always rely on the Holy Spirit. He tells us what we need to know. He is our Ally and a great champion, undefeated in matters that concern Him. Who else do you need at your side?

Top Selling Book on How to Pray

How To Pray
How To Pray

This title on how to pray has an incredibly high rating. It is recommended you buy two copies: one for you and one to give to someone else who wants to learn how to pray better. (E-book is just 99 cents.) I highly recommend this book. R.A. Torrey really knows the topic.


How to Pray Video #4: Pray Regularly and Spontaneously

How to Pray Video #5: Pray with Authority

How to Pray #6: Prayer is a Vital Resource

How to Pray Video #7: Listen for the Holy Spirit

How to Pray Video #8: Beware of the Devil's Works


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Amen, thank you

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      I'm one of those folks who can be driving and talking to the Lord, or cooking or -- well, I'm not very inventive as I talk to Him nearly all the time like He's in the room with me! Excellent Hub! Best/Sis

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I find getting on my knees the best option for me, as it tends to humble me instantly and of course I only ask for divine intervention for others or for help discerning the creators purpose for my existence!