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How Do The Old Testament Stories Relate to Our Christian Faith Life In Todays World.

Updated on May 19, 2016

Does The Old Testament Relate to Present Day Living?.

Throughout the Pentateuch is evidence of the developmental phases in Hebrew religious faith and practice. There was a constant theme; expressed as a confession of faith in God’s saving acts on behalf of his people. This is not just merely a single element of a story or event but more importantly the theme of the Pentateuch. That is told through stories and journeys and covenants; the most significant is the story of the Exodus that was both a physical and a spiritual journey. Where God and His people developed a relationship of trust and faith while escaping from the Egyptians in the wilderness.

Through the covenant of the Ten Commandments developed Laws; following God’s expectations about life-style and conduct. The Ten Commandments formed the fundamental basis for a value system and a corner stone for present-day law and order and also the employment practice of resting for one day each week from working.

The journeys of the Old Testament express a progressive unveiling of God’s personality and purpose through successive covenants, saving acts and foundational revelation. Those acts reached a climax in the New Testament and led to the ultimate sacrifice of Christ through; God's final signature on the final convenant through crucifixtion and the gift of the Holy Spirit. This was a transition from divine prophetic communication of the Old Testament to the charism of self-communication with God through the Holy Spirit and final completion of divine personal foundational revelation.

Throughout the Old Testament communication with God was always through a person who had been given a prophetic gift to communicate God’s intentions to His people.

Individuals do not appear to experience a personal relationship with God in the Old Testament; this is transformed through the New Covenant that Jesus gave in the New Testament.

The Old Testament illustrates the contrast in everyday life of living without the gifts of the Holy Spirit that gives potentially everyone the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God. It does however express the personality, expectations and unconditional love from God that is inter-locked with events, parables, laws and stories of the New Testament that still has a profound affect in modern life by showing proofs of God’s existence as the Holy Trinity and the plan He is still following. It may be said that the media of the Holy Spirit is an extension of God's Intelligent Designs for humanity.

Perhaps if this realisation has a reality then we can all have dialogue and be gifted and moved by the Spirit of the Lord today and everyday of our lives through this precious gift that permeates throughout all life.

Perhaps this was an example of Divine Communication

In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI ended his four-day Poland trip with a visit to Auschwitz and asked God why he allowed the holocaust to happen and prayed for forgiveness. In the background of the televized event a rainbow appeared in what looked like a clear sky.

It may be argued this was a signal from God showing the same Old Testament Genesis rainbow signature of the first covenant at the dawn of a new age in the new millenium; suggesting that it may yeild greater understanding and peace and a new cycle of covenants.

Here is a poem about the Holy Spirit that was written whilst escaping from war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1993 which expresses the communication of the Holy Spirit in each of us.

Hello Innocence and Simplicity

Walk with me for a while

Put your Heart into mine Heart

And Shine through me

For all the World to see

Your Innocence and Simplicity

Now lets all try to start our own shining to overcome all the forms of prejudice in our World.


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    • profile image

      beebong 7 years ago

      The Ten Commandments do actually exist the original text which Moses based it on originated from the Egyptians. The similarities between the two texts suggest that the Hebrew version was based on the Egyptians own code of conduct.

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      Do the Ten Commandments actually exist?

    • beebong profile image

      beebong 7 years ago from UK

      Thank you for asking I shall write more soon....that will connect with Mythology and the links of the bible times through times to the present day.

    • profile image

      khmohsin 7 years ago

      It is quite informative, can you make or point me to any hub, explaining in short the birth of Christianity as a religion.

    • beebong profile image

      beebong 7 years ago from UK

      Thank you very much for your comments that I found encouraging.

    • bearclawmedia profile image

      bearclawmedia 7 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

      What a great article, I like your writers voice and your sentiment. Thanks for writing here on the hub pages.