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How emotions spoil peace and harmony in humanity?

Updated on February 22, 2017

Sigmund Freud

What are emotions?

Emotions within a particular limit, is never bad, but the problem arises when it exceeds the limit. Excess emotion cause ‘adrenaline imbalance’ in the body! Let us analyze what is the primary cause of emotions in human beings? Human psychology defines various kinds of emotions like ‘love, anger, hatred, fear etc. First of all, let us see where the emotions arise? Is it in the brain or in the mind? Of course the brain acts as a central processor unit. But the output is displayed only on the monitor screen! Though the brain process all the information received from the sense organs, it is the mind which feels the ‘emotion’ directly. Mind is deeply attached to a body and all that affects the physical wellbeing causes fear and anxiety in the mind. All these are perceptions and imaginations of the wavering mind! Is it possible to remain indifferent to emotion? For ordinary worldly people, it is impossible to avoid emotions or to remain unaffected. For the Jnanis or self-realized souls, emotions cause no disturbance! They do not consider the bodies as themselves!

We can say that emotions rule the various happenings around the world. It is the anger of the rulers that reflect on the subjects and their wellbeing. A dictator’s emotion causes lot of hardship to the people of the country. War mongers are driven by hatred and anger against a particular country and the inhabitants. Clash of ego of kings and political leaders resulted in many protracted wars. Religious obstinacy is another cause for hatred and killings. Terrorists are the combinations of varieties of negative emotions that wage war against an elected government and its people! They terrorize docile citizens. Hence, if we look at human beings and their habitat, all that affects them are the results of various emotions! If we could curtail or control the emotions, our life will be better off in many ways!

Some Truths.

The attractions of Western cultures!

There is fundamental ignorance in each and every individual. “I am the body” is the basic concept of ignorance. Really the individual self has no connection with the body. The self is like a witness, like a mirror and the self is never concerned with the good or bad that occurs to the bodies. Withdrawing the mind from all worldly attachments is the first step. But, it is not so easy! In the world in every region, all mothers are concerned about the welfare of their children and they sacrifice their comforts for the sake of their children. In poor families, mother will readily starve to feed few morsels of food to her children. No mother will tolerate hunger in their children. The epics contain many stories to illustrate the love of a mother to her children as well as some children serving their parents in an exemplary way. If affluent people could take care of their parents, it is not a big thing, but if a poor boy starving and begging food to feed his parents is really noteworthy! Indian heritage and culture nurtured many such noble souls throughout the history. Morality and righteousness governed the actions of people of India once. But due to the onslaught of many western cultures, the mind of youth becomes corrupted. Many young persons are attracted to the posh life style available in certain western countries. There is mad rush to migrate to US, UK and European countries with the expectations to earn much and enjoy a luxurious life.

Once they settle there, they face many cultural shocks. First of all, there is no value system in existence in foreign soil. From ancient days, most of the Western countries, nurtured “Capital system,’ which promoted stark materialism in all walks of life. Hence, the ethical values are not cared and love was distorted which took so many forms like infatuation and lust. Every relationship was weighed with money. Sacrifice has no meaning in western culture. Racial discriminations remained in western countries for hundreds of years and even now there is blatant discrimination in many societies of West! In such a scenario, the emergence of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln gave fillip to equality and freedom. Slavery was abolished due to the efforts of Abraham Lincoln and many of his contemporaries. Hence, it has become much difficult for Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela to gain freedom from the Whites! We know how much struggle both leaders underwent to gain the precious freedom of human life! Today, the Countries which thwarted ‘equality’ are themselves suffering from many incongruities. Once a mighty Kingdom, the Britain faces multifarious problems in all fronts. The richest country US is facing terrorist threats more than other countries.

Nelson Mandela thoughts.

Honey combs are guarded by vigilant bees!

I remember here the ‘honeycomb’ which is the handwork of many bees. They preserve the honey and guard it with vigilance. If someone throws a small stone in the honeycomb, all the bees join together to chase the intruder and inflict sting bites. In some cases, the intruders died due to the multiple bites! If we can compare the above analogy with some countries, for instance “Iraq”, the reactions that has set up due to undue intervention of West created more problems than we imagine! It is the sting bites of honey bees. Now the US is thinking of banning immigrants from seven countries. Long ago, the seed was planted during the regime of Bush! Hence each country has the right to preserve their ‘sovereignty’ and other countries have no right to unilaterally interfere in the affairs of any country. By this time, most of the Western countries have learned bitter lessons since a large portion of robust economy is spent on quelling the rise of terrorism everywhere! Trillions of Dollars goes into war unnecessarily.

Had this amount has been spent on healthcare and people welfare programs, people will live happily! Terrorism is the offshoot of interference of super powers in the affairs of West Asian countries! Hence emotions have played the spoil game of peace and harmony! Hence let us not think with our head but act on the inspiration of the Heart. We need selfless love, tolerance and non-violence in human heart!

Bees guard the honeycomb from intruders!

Emotions are mostly negative feelings!

Do you consider emotions contribute to human harmony?

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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 7 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear Jay C OBrien! Your observations are correct. I personally had the experience recently and blamed someone. Everyone acts as per his own conscience and the promptings of his feelings and emotions. Hence none could be blamed for our condition. In fact, our own past actions results in our misery People are mere instruments to cause our sufferings! Thank you for the insightful review!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 7 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      From Article:

      "Emotions within a particular limit, is never bad, but the problem arises when it exceeds the limit. Excess emotion cause ‘adrenaline imbalance’ in the body! Let us analyze what is the primary cause of emotions in human beings?"

      First, set a high Ideal or God. God is good, loving and kind and forgiving. God does not have negative emotions at all. We should emulate our Ideal or God.

      Condemnation of others causes stress (negative emotions) within the person who does the condemning. Therefore learn to Accept others rather than condemn. Acceptance comes with the realization that we do not know what problems the other person has had.

      For example: My stepfather, Jim, was violent toward my mother and me until my mother finally divorced him. Many years later I learned of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I realized that Jim suffered from PTSD from fighting in Korea. I further realized that Jim had a massive amount of stress built up and my mother and I were only getting the overflow of his PTSD. At that point I learned to forgive him. Forgiveness removes Stress.