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How many of these have you experianced

Updated on September 13, 2012

How do you settle it?

When you are having a disagreement with someone, how do you settle it?

Do you fly into fits of rage when someone refuses to bend to your way of thinking? Isn’t that very immature and selfish? Isn’t that a great way to lose friends?

When you see someone succeed do you get jealous and try to tear them down, thereby starting an argument, instead up building them up by congratulating them? How many petty arguments are started this way?

Are you so intent on getting your own way that you refuse to listen to the others needs and desires? Boy has that ever caused a lot of arguments in my life. People wanting me to do something for them talking no consideration of me.

One time a so called friend (who was really a self interested manipulator) wanted me to help him with a project. He demanded I help him early on a Saturday morning. He knew I worked the afternoon shift and didn’t get up early. I suggested a later time in the day. He flew into a rage and called me lazy and inconsiderate. I gave into him but felt deep resentment.

The Holy Spirit has taught me to stand my ground and today would merely inform him to accept the later time or get someone else and hang up on him.

How many times does someone slander someone else? When confronted the slanderer acts like an innocent little angel and professes innocence. That has caused much grief in my life.

Again the Holy Spirit has taught me to calmly confront the offending person, when they do the innocent little angel act. I call them a liar to their face and inform them I will not speak to them until they apologize. It has cost me many so called friends but brought a lot of peace to my life. The same thing is true with gossips, even if they are family.

How many times has someone refused to listen to you because they think they know more than you (how many fights has this caused between parents and their children, including grown children or husbands and wives?) or because they believe they are better than you? Oh how many pompous “Holier Than Thou” twits have I encountered in my day.

Now when I have to deal with them I merely inform them that I pity them. Because of their arrogance they are going to experience a terrible fall from their high horse. If you want to talk with me, FIRST get off your high horse. Then I walk away. I don’t care if it is at school or work I stand my ground. When they crybaby to the supervisor I explain the situation and stand my ground. If the supervisor threatens to fire me I merely thank them because I will sue their butts off for wrongful dismissal. They make not like it, but they respect me.

.How many rimes has a project failed because there is too many chiefs and not enough Indians? I have seen it many times. It is like a comedy routine to me. I try to mediate it but if no one will listen, I inform them I will not be involved until they settle the higharchy .and then just sit back and enjoy the gong show. It’s actually quite funny.

I always pray to God for wisdom in how best handle these situations.

Take time to pray and He will always show the way. Joseph- Anthony: Green

Prayer: I ask You all knowing Jehovah to guide my words and actions today when encountering challenging people. I ask in the name of Him who dealt with these people every day, Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.


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